RWBY AMV – Boots on the Ground (JT Music)

♫ Whenever duty calls ♫ ♫ Guess who’s stepping in ? ♫ ♫ Tell the cavalry to saddle up and send ’em in ♫ ♫ You start a tenderfoot ♫ ♫ Harden to veteran ♫ ♫ Pressing on is how we honor all our fallen brethren ♫ ♫ Soldiers – we were born to be ♫ ♫ D-day, this ain’t your normal beach ♫ ♫ Hit the shore, we’re storming Normandy ♫ ♫ Sure looking forward to your retreat ♫ ♫ It’s way too late to sort the beef ♫ ♫ Adolph, you’re nothing short of beaten ♫ ♫ The price of freedom comes with war ♫ ♫ And the fuhrer can’t afford one more defeat ♫ ♫ Your bunker’s not so safe ♫ ♫ When I got a carpet bomb on the way ♫ ♫ I’m raining on your bulls on parade ♫ ♫ I got a pocket full of shells and I wanna rage ♫ ♫ Came to shut down Auschwitz ♫ ♫ Whatcha gonna do now, fritz? ♫ ♫ Got these nazis salty ♫ ♫ Now I know what sour kraut is ♫ ♫ Saw something move in the clouds ♫ ♫ Got recon snopping around? ♫ ♫ Flack cannons – shooting it down ♫ ♫ Nothing but rubble, what used to be towns ♫ ♫ Head on a swivel, boots on the ground ♫ ♫ Back to where my roots can be found ♫ ♫ We’ll all rebuild tomorrow, but we’re starting over now ♫ ♫ I’m not alone ♫ ♫ Not gonna fall ♫ ♫ I know how it goes ♫ ♫ When you want it all ♫ ♫ Eyes in the sky ♫ ♫ Boots on the ground ♫ ♫ Now hold the line ♫ ♫ We’re rooting down ♫ ♫ I’m not alone ♫ ♫ Not gonna fall ♫ ♫ I know how it goes ♫ ♫ When you want it all ♫ ♫ Eyes in the sky ♫ ♫ Boots on the ground ♫ ♫ Now hold the line ♫ ♫ We’re rooting down ♫ ♫ So you wanna start a war ? ♫ ♫ Then we’ll take it to your door ♫ ♫ Only banner you should fly ♫ ♫ Is the one that’s solid white ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for the glory, no ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for my girl ♫ ♫ Not for honor or memorial ♫ ♫ Cuz we do it for the world ♫ ♫ M1 Garand ♫ ♫ Better get one in hand ♫ ♫ I recommend you hit the deck ♫ ♫ Or you’ll be dead where you stand ♫ ♫ The kinda rifle deemed fit for a king ♫ ♫ Empty the magazine, just for the ping ♫ ♫ Tunnel vision, with no distaction ♫ ♫ Trust me, this bolt sees action ♫ ♫ Like a tank, I roll with traction ♫ ♫ Throwing flames with no compassion ♫ ♫ Got that stopping power ♫ ♫ So my shit hits hard ♫ ♫ I’ll whip out a browning ♫ ♫ Just to drop you with this bar ♫ ♫ Slug you with a shotgun ♫ ♫ From an impossible distance ♫ ♫ Sniping with a double barrel ♫ ♫ Now we’re talkin’ the business ♫ ♫ Look out !♫ ♫ Don’t let me tag you with an STG ♫ ♫ That’s not an infection ♫ ♫ But a way that you can remember me ♫ ♫ Cuz see, I like a weapon with a little kick ♫ ♫ Low recoil, still ripping you to bits ♫ ♫ MG15, full metal jacket ♫ ♫ Add that attachment into the mix ♫ ♫ So which division you pick? ♫ ♫ You think you’re sticking with it? ♫ ♫ Vive la résistance, send in the bombs ♫ ♫ Let that artillery hit (boom) ♫ ♫ If victory is out of reach, flip the script ♫ ♫ Given our history ♫ ♫ And the mortars we’ve been stricken with ♫ ♫ Impossible’s an obstacle, over which we’ll get ♫ ♫ Unite this infantry, and in the face of Hitler spit ♫ ♫ So you wanna start a war ? ♫ ♫ Then we’ll take it to your door ♫ ♫ Only banner you should fly ♫ ♫ Is the one that’s solid white ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for the glory, no ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for my girl ♫ ♫ Not for honor or memorial ♫ ♫ Cuz we do it for the world ♫ ♫ Dark symbols hang from banners ♫ ♫ The sickles and the hammers ♫ ♫ Tear down the propaganda ♫ ♫ When duty’s calling – answer ♫ ♫ So you wanna start a war ? ♫ ♫ Then we’ll take it to your door ♫ ♫ Only banner you should fly ♫ ♫ Is the one that’s solid white ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for the glory, no ♫ ♫ I don’t do it for my girl ♫ ♫ Not for honor or memorial ♫ ♫ Cuz we do it for the world ♫ Subtitles: Apotheosis Thanks for watching ! ♫


  • You make the best Rwby AMV I see

  • Not bad!

  • firee ???

  • Another masterpiece for this American anime

  • this AMV is very badass and inspiring, I like the opening and keep up the amazing work

  • Amazing as always

  • Great thumbnail

  • This was so amazing, I don’t know how I will ever get this amazing quality with my amvs. You’re just too good at this, keep up the good work ❤️?

  • Loved this!
    The addition of that flash of light alongside the blurmocurves bits looked great, as did the multicolored film reel overlay (at least that’s what it looked like to me).

    The Bumbleby propaganda made me laugh, also. (Don’t kill me but it kind of feels like that in the fandom, as a Blacksun shipper lol)

  • Did you make fun of the bmblb ship

  • I love it, it's fantastic, and keep up the amazing work

  • Awesome as always. Don't worry about us, you have a life too, live it the way you choose. And AC Odessey looks badass, happy gaming.

  • Now, I can't remember if it was you or some other AMV-maker who said they didn't take requests, but just take a look at No Fear, a collab between NerdOut (it's on their channel), Halocene, and Divide. Just take a look. Also, great video here, as per usual.

  • La miniature XD cette amv est géniale comme d'habitude, j'ai bien aimé la partie entre Ghira et Sienna. Les deux camps adverses qui se préparent pour s'affronter et j'ai vu le petit easter egg

  • Not my usual choice for an AMV song, but let's see what we have here…

    First thing I loved about the AMV was the fade away transition you mainly used at the beginning. It definitely served as a solid attention-graber, as it did to me.

    Additionally, I love how you grouped certain clips together either from the same character being shown or the group that said charaxter belongs in. It creates a structure for the AMV, instead of simply adding random clips together.

    Furthermore, you did a very good job of syncing cuts with the song's beats, as well as showing certain clips to represent the song's lyrics. I rarely found any syncing issues and could tell why certsin clips were shown thanks to its representation of the song's lyrics.

    Minor issues I had included the flashing light overlay used to represent the sirens, which personally I felt diverted too much attention from the AMV, as well as some clips moving too slowly due to how long they were lasting or how fast the character on screen is moving. If you are aiming for an Action AMV, one key thing you want to do is to always try to keep the viewer entertained: slow clips are the AMV's worst nightmare.

    All in all, a well made AMV. I'll be keeping a close eye on your future works.

    Keep up the good work,

    – Pyrothemusical.

  • Jolii❤?

  • deep inhale
    I love thisssssss!! You used all volumes eEeEeEeE that’s perfect¡ daMn ????

  • I will watch this some time tomorrow.

  • LOVE IT!!!

  • One of my favourite songs from JT Music + the best series I have ever seen = A drooling numbskull who had subscribed to channel who deserves many more!

  • ww2 but with anime op characters

  • And anime waifus

  • This music is excelent and it combined with the scenes, keep with the great job

  • Have fun playing that game.

  • Not bad it's cool

  • see the thumbnail

    Get The SHOTGUN !!

  • I don't think Ruby could handle the front lines.

  • I love this! And I saw that BumbleBy picture w

  • This… this is glory.

  • I haven't even finished watching this masterpiece, and yet I can still say, with heavy conviction, that this…. God, I can't even find the words to describe it… is FUCKING AWESOME!!

  • Hooah

  • The one dislike is from adam

  • Do you always us a it music song?

  • COD WW2 love that song also rwby my favorite careiter is Blake

  • 300th like & also this song`s sick beats were loud and awesome enough to wake me up from a dead sleep lol !!!!! Great job!!!!??????❤⚡???????

  • "ping!"

    love it

  • I would love to see a amv with rwby and Tom casey rainbow six seige combined, wondering what it will look like ?

  • Oh my gah…. GGWP

  • I thought this video would be terrible because people try to make AMVs of JT songs and screw it up. Thank you so much for proving me wrong on this one and other AMVs you made!

  • Make one for A Blade with no name Please

  • I like how Blake and Yang are (inadequate individuals)

  • Can please do one with the song My mistakes from Witt Lowry

  • One of your best amv’s yet and it’s a masterpiece

  • This…this.. this is the best RWBY amv I've ever seen. Nice work!

  • How can anyone dislike this

  • Probably the thing I like most about this is that the ping from the m1 garand is included
    God I love that sounds. I will empty my clip just for that

  • can you do one with their Black Ops 4 rap?

  • Did anyone else notice that Weiss's Dust for Dummies pamphlet showed Blake and Yang with the captions "Inadequate Individuals" beneath them?

  • This was so beautiful! Like seriously ? the lyrics and video kinda tugged at my heart. Especially the parts with team jnr and rwby. They may have lost pyrrah, but they didn't lose everyone. They're not alone. They still have eachother. Amazing video ???????

  • Somebody edit a soldier helmet and some cigars into this video for a good laugh or make the enemys dressed as nazis lol

  • Why did you put a ww2 helmet on all of them, oh and you forgot about the Germans!

  • Gotta love the not-so-subtle Whiterose pamphlet.

  • I Must say,Pilot. You've out done yourself yet again. Continue your Masterpieces

  • Lol I’m watching Rwby amvs so that I can find good inspiration songs for my book

  • the original song (and a couple others) are from jt machinima (or jt music it's called today). a group that those music based on video games & movies. this song is based on call of duty: WWII

  • Bro using this rap for ANYTHING is badass and it fits them so right!

  • that ping tho

  • Alright, now it's serious question time: does this Pyrrha's smug face at 3:22 appear in the real show, or is it an edit?

  • 1:00 sienna and ilia straight up aren't animated here

  • 4:01 Weiss was a bumblebee fan. ?

  • Why is weiss wearing an ACH helmet? And what's with ruby wearing an abrams tank driver helmet? I like your style

  • (Imperial knight lands) let the emperor rain TERROR ON THOSE WHO OPPOSE HIM!! (Fires gatling cannon) FOR THE GOD EMPEROR! (Kills entire horde of Grimm) DONT OPPOSE ME EITHER.

  • Well made!

  • 4:02 my favorite

  • i watched this amv with a bleach ost treachery it was epic after that i watched it normally was also epic

  • Can we just appreciate the moment where it shows Oscar, with the lyrics "started from a tender foot, hardened to a veteran"? That part gave me chills!

  • I never watched this anime but it looks awesome as shit

  • The "Empty the magazine just for the ping!" Part has to be my favorite part in any amv I've seen. The edit is so subtle and well timed that, if you didn't know what this song was for beforehand, that part feels written specifically for the clip.

  • A warning to all who see, Jesus Christ is coming, repent b4 it's too late & believe the gospel, don't want to take the chance of going to hell. Pray to Jesus Christ sincerely & he'll answer with a sign

  • This is a cod song

  • I love it! ! ! ! !

  • Amazing work

  • bumble bee is propaganda?

  • That thumbnail is gold

  • So i don't think this will get noticed but if you wouldn't mind one of these songs go well with rwby

    The Score- Glory
    The Score-stronger
    The Score-Born for this
    The Score-Who I Am


    click up link to watch my playlist !:)

  • awesome song and awesome moments in the show

  • Good animation,i lobe that song by JT

  • We are completely outnumbered.

  • Fight till the end.

  • This is breathtaking

  • This is going to be copyrighted

  • I just found this channel today. And all I have to say is amazing work.

  • oora

  • Why do I love this so much

  • I get the feeling this is partially based on ww2 as in hardened to a veteran and D DAY referances etc but it suits this anime perfectly imo

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