Running Tips : How to Choose Running Shoes

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. Today, I’d like to take
a few moments and talk to you about how to choose a proper running shoe that will meet
your needs for the activities you’re about to begin. In choosing a running shoe, there
are several key important points that you want to go into with. Number one is what you’re
going to be using this shoe for. Is it going to be sprinting, long-distance type running
or just kind of an all around general-purpose training shoe. There are different types of
shoes that will meet different needs for that depending on your level of wear and your level
of activity. Number one when you go in to a store or order a shoe, make sure that it
fits properly from the very start. Get your foot measured, not only in length, but also
in width to make sure it fits appropriately. Try the shoe on, move around in the shoe,
not just for kids to run around the department stores anymore. As an adult, we need to make
sure we take time, try them on and make sure they feel good. After all when you leave the
store, if the shoe feels uncomfortable, chances are, when you get out and begin exercising,
it’s not going to get that much better. The break-in period for shoes now a days is much
shorter. So, again feel the shoe, the comfort level, what you’re using the shoe for. Fit;
look for, on a shoe, the arch. Ideally, you want that arch to match up with the link of
the arch in your foot. If a shoe is designed where the arch is a little more fore-forwards,
you need to make sure that that fits your needs. If the arch is set further back, make
sure that that fits as well properly. The other thing is width of the shoe. The toe
box which means this part of the shoe. If you have a very wide foot, you want to seek
a shoe that’s wider in the toe box. If you have a more narrow foot; again, for feel,
make sure that it’s fitting that width of your foot as well because in side-to-side
movement, you run the risk of developing blisters that can be very painful and limit your activity.
So, again, get your shoes sized appropriately by talking with a professional. Your foot
care professional will help out or doing your research on line. Either way; take time, consider
the shoes that you’re wearing and the activities you’re going to be using them for.


  • You're kidding with this stuff, right?

  • get asics

  • You obviously haven't worn the type of shoes I have to be able to say I am wrong. Running shoes offer Shock absorption?? Isn't that the point I was arguing? They both do that but one does it way more than the other. They both use the same methods and materials but whereas one using 1/4-5/8 of an inch of it the other use 1/2-1 1/2 of it. All my running shoes I have had don't offer much more than other shoes, but the deck boots feel like i am walking on a cushion. You cant feel a thing.

  • once again rely on a one sided comparison….I never said that "professionals" should not wear running shoes and everyone should switch over. Just that the proper boots offers more support and damage prevention. Even if you didnt like or use either you have to look at the facts. They are both designed to absorb impact and one is thicker than the other, so which does the job more? Its just my opinion that it is more effective and comfortable.

  • Like I said, if an extra 2 lbs keeps you from making time or completing a lap then you need to vastly improve something else anyways. Plus I said "For training" Its like swimming with weights. Take the weights off and you feel like you can fly.

  • yes I know lol, so its bad for shoes to weigh a little more but you will purposely go out and buy ankle weights….w/e

  • yes, I would especially pavement or something hard. A rubber track isn't that big a deal because the track absorbs alot. alot of people don't have a track or run on the sidewalk because they are going somewhere and see things, so its not as boring. For PT sessions the military uses shoes like these, for forced marches they use boots. running shoes don't offer the support needed for marching miles and miles when loaded packs.

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  • Are you serious? We've managed to turn a PSA on running shoes into a political debate….God Help us….

  • @sidescrollin These people fail to understand that today we have combat boots that are made to run in. What do you think happens when the bullets start flyin? You run! That's why companies like Oakley and Converse and several others have designed combat boots that feel like a tennis shoe. I love running in my converse boots with my ruck! Best way to train up for a half marathon….What's harder 12 miles with 50 lbs. on your back, wearing boots or 13.1 with running shoes?

  • yeah for some reason people think the only thing a boot can be is the typical Lugz with a flat sole which is simply made to take a beating and have a steel toe. They aren't even close to the military counterpart. Runners train on different intervals, WHEN they want to, if they are injured, they don't train.
    When you are out in the field, if you have to go somewhere, then thats all there is too it, and you go practically everyday. Combat boots are made to withstand alot more than running shoes…

  • finally a trainer who knows what he's saying -_-

  • Lame

    Wear Vibram Fivefingers!!!!

  • I have never heard so much detail on a running shoe, very critical information. The wrong shoe could lead to long term knee and foot problems.
    I wear Nikes right now, although I like them for running clothing, I am not huge on their shoe line as they have alot of mixed interest in casual but runnable shoes. I trust asics, new balance, and mizuno.

  • ASICS hands down. Nike always comes up with new , weird, and unconventional designs just as a marketing scheme. They change their shape and form more than Honda changes their Accord model.

  • Write this down: Running shoes are like ice cream. There are many different flavors out there all of which will fill your belly. It's just a matter of what "flavor" (brand) you like the best to know what shoe is for you. There is no one brand better than the other…it is about finding what works well for you. Visit your local running specialty store (not Dick's Sportking Good or Foot Locker) to get fit properly.

  • nice shoes

  • two words: "Running Huaraches"

  • good ol Japanese sandals!

  • great tips, I wear a B width so usually order New Balance, they are a co. (not many of them) that make running and general purpose in a B-narrow widths…..

  • for training, i gotta admit nike makes a decent fit, but for any competition or track meet… i gotta stick with the 3-stripes

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  • run with shoes… why would I do that? :]

  • @stairmaster3001 i know this is wicked old but… mizuno's where its at

  • I run with dunlop volley's.

    It's a $20 shoe and helps you practice barefoot running. our bodies were made to run but today's modern shoes encourage to land on your heel which increases injuries. A flat sole that is flexible is the best and it helps forefoot running

  • im doin track right now and my shoe right now hurts my feet after a race. not fun

  • BARE FOOT RUNNING -'barefoot professor", check this out

  • go get "Kayano 18" settle no lesser than tat!!!

  • KAYANO 18…settle no lesser than tat..!!!

  • what's the best shoe to run from cops?

  • How come feet smell and noses run?

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  • @ashuezy2 "he things the world is dumb" this makes me lol.

  • @modjaffamodjaffa puma's

  • Adidas!!!!! FTW get em!

  • hey..i bought i running shoes to run on a trade mill…and they are half of the size big for me. (just thought that feet is going to swallow a bit after the running)..i confused now (cause shoes sometimes strech)..or should i change them for the exact size?thanks

  • you wont regret choosing asics or mizuno if you have egyptian feet

  • I have wide feet so i prefer new balance.

  • I have wide feet so i prefer.. barefoot! 🙂

  • keep your feet clean? 0.o

  • wll this by a fast shoe

  • Does socks really matters ? My current shoe when i wear thinner socks the shoe kind of lose and the size is UK9 when i wear thick socks it just fit my foot and the size is UK10. So what size should i choose ?

  • Make sure they fit basically? Wow thanks.

  • get apparels and accessories at amazing discount rates…ships free world wide.

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