Running Tips : How to Break in Running Shoes

Hi I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you
right now about how to break in running shoes. Running shoes again one of the most key components
to your running program. And they protect your feet and keep you moving forward while
you’re in contact with the ground. A running shoe again should fit comfortably from the
start. If you get into the store or wherever you buy your shoes from and the shoe’s a little
tight or it doesn’t feel quite right, chances are that when you get out of the store and
when you begin your running program that’s only going to get worse with time. Find a
shoe that’s very comfortable. Then start by walking around in them. There’s a difference
between breaking in a shoe and breaking down a shoe. Shoes the way they’re made now are
depending on the volume of your running and frequency of your training will last you anywhere
from two to three up to six months of time before those materials begin to break down
and become compressed. The type of runner you are whether you are a foot striker on
the forefoot or if you strike on the heel. You may look at your mechanics of running,
your style of running to maximize the efficiency as well. The type of shoe is important. With
the composite type materials that the soles are made of nowadays as well as the uppers
whether it’s a mesh or a heavy leather. The heavy leather may require a little more time.
So walking around time without actually running to help loosen that leather kind of like the
old baseball mitt. The more it gets used the better it begins to feel. The softer that
leather becomes. Most running shoes nowadays are built utilizing a mesh upper for maximal
cooling effect of the feet. As you run, they do become hot. So pick the shoe that works
well for you. Make sure that they fit comfortably upon the first time your feet slide into them
and train smart.


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