Running Shoes

You think you can just take what you want? What? You think you can take what you want without any consequences? Well… my friend, your days of thievery and self entitlement are over! No, you dont understand, I’m not a thief. Save it! I’ve heard it all before. Lady, they were just shoes Don’t you see? Thats your problem right there. You dont understand ownership. Let me teach you a lesson boy. No, no. I do I do. I understand ownersip. Oh really… You say you understand ownership but the shoes your wearing on your feet are screaming hypocrite. And I hate hypocrites. Don’t you think your overreacting just a little bit? Overreacting? *laughs* Overreacting? I am not overreacting! I’ll show you overreacting… You stole something from me, and now I’m gunna steal something from you. What else comes in pairs? Socks Shorts What else? Clippers? What else? What else comes in pairs? A couple of golden eggs? Two peas in a pod.. I’m gunna show you what it feels like to have something taken from you. Whoa whoa whoa whoa hey hey okay stop stop! I’m sorry okay I’m sorry I won’t steal anymore, I promise! I had gotten away with it too many times and I became numb to it. I stole because I was lazy and I didn’t want to work for what I had, I won’t do it again, I’m sorry! *clippers closing* Well We’ve made some serious progress today *throws clippers* What!? Yes You can go and I wont press charges for the shoes as long as this little encounter doesn’t leave this room. Who would believe a thief anyway?

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