running shoe price and market review in Dhaka Bangladesh

Lets have a look at the market of running shoes Its washable Its also comfortable its made of pylon sole what is pylon sole? it will not be broken this is made of rubber sole we can run it better with it?… yes.. what is the price? its 890tk. (12$) these are all rubber sole The rubber sole shoes will cost 800-1000tk then? (10-13$) there are expensive too this is also washable its 1290tk. (14$) its made of fabric… what is the facility of this? the sole will not be slippery it has a elastic system and its washable so… who’s legs sweats most.. it will be helpful for them no, these will not create bad smell whats the model? this is apex 94513 its 3490tk (40$) this grip will help runner not to get slipped he can run more its very comfortable too its 3290tk (almost 40$) its 801 it can used roughly and it has also strong grip this can be used for running as well as casual usage and this will fit with gabadin and jeans

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