Running in Sandals vs Shoes: Running Sandals Provide Richer, Self-Strengthening Inputs


  • This is great information

  • High pitched sing-songy voice – quite difficult to listen to – sorry to have to say.

  • I tought you was going to appear on your videos running you should make some videos of you running on those sandals your videos are very informative and interesting but some times is annoying to hear talking and talking on all the videos of your channel please no offense is just a suggestion. (Less talking and more videos of you but running) thank you.

  • You should try to make at least 5 minute video of you running with the sandals that will be helpful thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing this. I started running about 2 months ago, and guess what, I run in cheap sandals, £19.00
    I could not run in trainers and I don't know how people do. I would run bare foot, but because of the danger of glass or grit have to run in sandals. It seems more natural to Me. I have tried trainers but did not like them. I read born to run, and guess what, the Tarahumara were running in a race and a company asked them to run in thier trainers.
    At the first stop point, all over the Tarahumara changed back to thier sandals.

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