Running Errands In My Chinese Slippers | Golden Minette’s Vlog #SSSVEDA

Good morning you guys, so I just woke up I’m about to get ready to head out because I have so many errands to run. I got to go to the eye doctor gotta go to hair store and shop to get my friend Harli and I don’t know if you guys remember my vlog from last year I went to Kentucky but she’s getting married next month oh my god pretty much put it all together that vlog too but yeah I got to get her a gift and just really shop around so I have no time to waste I have worked tonight mm that’s pretty much today just running errends today there’s no place like home there’s no place like home fanny pack didine they have fanny pack’s you guys I have an obsession with brand I am obsessed actually I like the non salted ones better. Ouch!! RUDE. I like the none salty ones better but it’s pretty good my favorite snack Just came from walmart and I’m not happy because I didn’t expect to buy anything I wasn’t trying to buy anything but I did anyways. I saw a fanny pack I had to get it and my brought my favorite snack and this drink I’ve been drinking a lot lately it’s like a tea it’s pretty healthy. didine: it’s pretty nasty it’s pretty good. So now we’re going to the hair store and I got to drop off these glasses at the eye doctor cuz I’m getting glasses now well I been wearing glasses but zoe chew up my last glasses so I got to get knew ones the next day was a very simple day I didn’t do much because I had to go to work that same evening but I had the pleasure photographing these amazing models I I look like a dude don’t I guys okay so that instagram story you just saw that’s what I did today I had like a photo shoot session with models my sister’s friend had messaged me was like oh I need a photographer pretty much for.. cause she’s starting a fashion line like necklace and fashion I hooked her up with some photos for her I’m just going to start putting my vlogs together because it’s pretty short as I stated before I have work at night so like I start work around 4 so what I do basically is just really get as much recorded throughout the day with where there is day light and then kinda edit it a little bit come back from work I do some more editing and then upload on youtube alright guys I’m outta here have a good day this vlog was very short simple so sorry


  • Nice video keep up the GOOD WORK

  • I like the way your hair styles looks just like it looks here on your video it's that's wild looks only it's nice without the hair store

  • I've subscribe you please sub me back

  • your vlogs are so entertaining

  • Rock that morning hair due!!! Lol???. I always love watching your videos.??

  • You are a real beautiful ebony woman… Nice video… I always been a fan of chinese slippers me being a male is a good thing to know… They look nice on your feet. Do you have more colors of them?.

  • where’d you get your slippers ? ?

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