Runners Knee? Avoid Stiff Running Shoes!

Hi everyone its Bretta Riches here from and Im going to be talking to you about why it’s very important to run in a running shoe that isn’t very stiff. You need a running shoe that is extremely flexible, that moves with the natural motions of your foot and the reason why you don’t want a running shoe that is really stiff and inflexible is that this can cause outer knee pain. Now most runners think that the reason for their knee pain is because they have weak hips or its a problem with them, but chances are it’s a problem with your Footwear and i’m going to talk about some studies which found a link between running shoes that are very in flexible to runners knees and symptoms such as outer knee pain before 1i study by Gareth 2008 found that strengthening the hip abductors a little effect of preventing underneath pain when running the old belief was that if you have we kept man you had a great hit risk of developing knee pain but this particular study completely debunk that myth and what the researchers found was that dynamic and static strength did not differ between healthy runners and runners without any pain suggesting that running related out her knee pain doesn’t really have much to do with hip weakness so what is causing me pain another study found which i will link below and that runners with outer knee pain had abnormal movements at the equal in these abnormal equal movements was highly influenced by this footwear the researchers found that when these runners ran and highly stiff footwear this increased or Donald stiffness in the acyl joint which resulted in rapid movements of the heel during running so having a stiff running shoe what it basically did with them led to greater rear foot movements or donation so the foot ten to pronate more when the runners wore a very stiff running shoe by the result already became more disabled eyes especially at the ankle joint but this also cause the ankle joint work harder to reinforce balance and it’s actually projected more stress on the IT band so if you suffer from IT band syndrome this could also be due to the fact that you’re running shoes are two step another study by back off at all researchers found that highly stiff running shoes force the feed into extreme position which is in line with the other study that I just briefly mentioned that if running shoes resulted in unwanted we’re from oceans in runners because the eagle was very stiff in what stock off 1991 found in their study they found that rear foot or the heel moved around too much which resulted in ankle instability during running so essentially running a very fit running shoes these stabilizes the foot ankle complex which places more torque in more abnormal or sit on the knee joint the researchers concluded that if running shoes resulted in fast motor actions within the ankle joint because of the extreme side to side motions in the flats when asked if writing she was born and was directly related to out Ernie pace during running so what all this data means is that very fit running shoes without any pain in running because they’re running shoes induces horizontal movement of the foot which compromises ankle stability and this is how reading becomes very damaging to the knee joint in these types of shoes so the main central approach to protecting the knees when you run is by writing an issue that is very flexible that moves with the natural motions of your foot and ankle and that doesn’t restrict the ankle not only that running barefoot or running in barefoot and fired footwear right additional stimulation on the foot that doesn’t host kinematic changes that have implications to injury in another advantage to running barefoot or running and benefit inspired footwear is that it will force the feet to develop adequate muscle strength needed to control abnormal rearfoot emotions during running and you enter ended up developing your own ankle control stability rather than relying on a shoot to the dirty work for you which based on the injury rates obviously these running shoes aren’t working for recreational joggers this research also means is that when running shoes fitness is removed from the equation angle stability is not a problem for a runner and neither are running injuries like runners knee or IT band syndrome because it is more natural conditions running barefoot may reduce ankle internal rotation and give you more controlled coordination which again becomes is destabilizing on the knee joint and so you end up with having happy healthier knees when you run for more information as to why traditional running shoes is so damaging please head over to my blog 14 com where you will also find tips on Fort running as well add information on the dangers of heel strike running and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated on the latest research on running and happened out there on the road bye for now


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