RUN – Inspirational Running Video HD

Sometimes it’s gonna HURT! Sometimes it’s gonna be PAINFUL! Sometimes you not going to be able to WALK! Are you hearing me? Sometimes when I run on that treadmill, I don’t feel as good as I normally feel. My leg HURTS! Sometimes, sometimes I’m SICK! But this is a physical sport! And if you want it, You gotta GO GET IT! You gotta play hard for it! Are you hearing what I’m telling you?
Because if you QUIT right now, YOU AIN’T NEVER GONNA SEE IT! Listen to me if you work for it! If you willing to put in that sweat, that blood and those tears! It’s about No Days Off! No Weekends! No Holidays!
No Birthdays! Listen to me No Days Off! You gonna take one more STEP! You gonna run one more LAP! You gonna throw one more PUNCH! UNTIL YOU REACH THE TOP! You start it,
You get through the middle of it, the doldrums, And you finish it. Are you hearing me? And not just finish,
YOU FINISH STRONG! It’s DO or DIE! No matter how bad things go! My heart my mind will carry my body when my limbs are too weak Who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!

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