Run For Your Life: Obese Man Running 5km Races To Shed The Pounds

DEREK MITCHELL: I love 5Ks now. I do them any chance I get, which is probably part of
my craziness but… DEREK MITCHELL: Running across a finish line and getting the medal, it just, it makes the
entire past hour just kinda melt away. I mean, that, it’s just, it’s totally worth it.
Absolutely. COMM: Derek Mitchell might not look like the average athlete, but the 35 year old from
Kansas City is defying expectations. DEREK MITCHELL: As of today, I’ve finished 17 5Ks so far this year, my goal is to finish
30 by the end of the year. COMM: As well as raising money for charity, Derek is determined to reach a healthy weight. DEREK MITCHELL: My goal weight is 225lbs and so now I am at 564, as of this morning. I
wanna get down to where I’ve lost a total of 400lbs. And these pictures are where I’m
starting to get bigger and this was my, these are my high school senior pictures. COMM: But for Derek, controlling his weight is not straight forward. DEREK MITCHELL: About 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with a non-cancerous tumour on my pituitary
gland called a Prolactinoma. And this Prolactinoma, it secrets an enzyme called prolactin that
essentially blocks my body’s ability to produce testosterone. Well testosterone controls
energy levels, it controls mood and the biggest thing is it controls metabolism making it
extremely difficult for me to lose weight. COMM: While waiting for treatment to start working, Derek’s weight soared. DEREK MITCHELL: I didn’t really exercise. I mean, I spent a lot of time in front of
my computer playing games, I didn’t pay attention of what I ate, I just ate whatever
I wanted, sometimes it was pizza, a lot of fast food. In November 2014, I went to the doctor and
the scale said 625lbs and that’s when I knew that I just couldn’t wait anymore.
There was a lot of points where I did have some depression to an extent. COMM: Derek knew he had to change and help was at hand to get him going. DEREK MITCHELL: Person who first got me interested in running was actually my sister. She is
a marathon runner and a former roller derby girl. I started with a block, and the way
my mom puts it, when I got back she thought I was having a heart attack, but I got back
out there and just kept going at it, and pretty soon I was averaging around 2 miles a day. COMM: Further medical treatment could boost Derek’s metabolism, helping him lose weight
and cross the finish line quicker. DEREK MITCHELL: They are hoping to get me on testosterone replacement therapy to get
my testosterone levels back where they are supposed to be, and the doctor said once they
do that, it should be a lot easier for me to lose weight. I’d love to finish a marathon
someday. I’m actually shooting for Honolulu. COMM: A permanent reminder of his achievements, Derek’s been inked for every 5K run he’s completed. DEREK MITCHELL: So it has 37 little dots on there. Each pixel is a representation of each
5K that I’ve done so, which is now outdated as of this morning. It’s good that I have
a visual representation. COMM: And the marathon hopeful has already inspired others to follow in his footsteps. DEREK MITCHELL: One of my favourite things about this whole journey is just getting massages
from people who say they started doing 5Ks because they saw my story and everything.
To motivate other people, to show them that it doesn’t matter how big or slow you are. That actually helps motivate me to keep getting out there.


  • This man right here is a legend

  • He is amazing!! I hope this amazing motivation lasts for the rest of his life!! Can totally see him with this attitude making it to that Honolulu marathon 😉

  • 2:18 Man that… that really hurt me. Just.. It's guts all fell out

  • Couldn't he of taken test boosters like over the counter stuff? Or would that not work with that condition?

  • Good for him

  • Strong ??❤️

  • Testosterone doesn’t not control metabolism… the thyroid gland has everything to do with that. It secretes TSH… that’s what effects your metabolism. Testosterone effects muscle development, body hair, voice, aggression, sexual desire etc. Not metabolism. So…. that has nothing to do with losing weight.

  • he's actually noticing what's happening, and is showing his best effort.

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  • Good on you dude, I'm a big guy around 350lbs and I enjoy doing 5km runs as well.

  • You go man your an inspiration

  • I didn't know they were making skits of me and my family.

  • Respect man ✊

  • Okay but have you seen Amberlynn Reid

  • MAN or WOMAN

    Me: HMMmmMHMm

  • He use 10 000 calories while running but must eat 20 000 to be this size… and it ruin his knees, better doing elliptical machine…

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  • I sweat just from looking at him why is he wearing this much clothing

  • any one else looking for comments about 2:17?

  • Good for u

  • He ran over 85 kilometres and is still super fat.

    Edit: omfg nvm this guy is a hero

  • Good job he’s trying 🙂

  • You go derek! you go glen coco

  • Im so proud of him

  • Who thinks he looks like a girl

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  • Give this man a cheese burger! Oh wait…

  • This man deserves the best

  • Stop eating alot and do workout and you will stop become fat

  • I'm proud of you sir.

  • wait this guy does the absolute most. props to him

  • Good luck to him, a big man with a Big Heart

  • I'm sure he'll get below 150 Kilograms in no time

  • I like this man he is determined

  • I’m overweight, not by much, and I hate it when overweight people use excuses. Congrats to this man doing his best with a bad situation.

  • There is fat, fluffy and Damn

  • you can do it sweetheart keep up the good work way2go

  • I like that he’s trying to lose weight! Unlike others that just beg for bigger sizes because “nobody should be discriminated because they are 500lbs!” or something like that.

  • He’s one of the only one who actually tries .. Good job ??

  • Drink a lot and run u lose weight so fast

  • Dang, watching this makes me look like a lazy skinny man. Lol

  • He's already a winner just by his efforts! Good work, buddy!! Incredible.


  • Good for him

  • Father bless him in the name of Jesus keep his heart strong

  • I'm 39 just hat heart failure. I weigh204

  • So….. What's your excuse as to why you can't better your health? Much respect to this dude!

  • All the best. U can do it Derek. ?.

  • At least he cares about his health and Is doing something about it, unlike all these obese people saying that it's hard to exercise and therefore they cannot lose weight


  • Awesome dude…very positive and willing to do all it takes to get healthy

  • So proud of his efforts most people complsin and sulk about it, I've done it to

  • Any updates on them?

  • Good on this guy! I wonder how his knees are doing. Hey man, keep it up brother!

  • why would anyone dislike this

  • Just goes to show: if you believe you can, you can.

  • I don't get how people even let themselves get over 400 lbs I eat a ton and can't even gain 10 lbs

  • That's fantastic, you're worth it

  • I always come back to this video to keep myself motivated ☺️ I find it very inspiring

  • how is he now in 2019?

  • If you're as big as this person, you could lose a lot of weight quickly by intermittent fasting and fasted running on a somewhat aggressive calorie deficit (low carbs, higher protein) the fat stored and amount of leptin hormone means the body will be happy to use all that energy without fear of famine.

  • I LUV U

  • this guy is actually a legend

  • Me: I'm gonna laugh at this.

    Sadistic me: Hah look at him wobble!

    Me: That's awesome though.

  • It honestly do not matter If you are fat or skinny. There are plenty of skinny people who can do a lot of things yet are lazy themselves they also tend to make excuses
    just as any fat person would. You can be skinny and still have health problem. It is better to be little fat than to be skin and bones people who are skin and bones to me
    those type are the most ugliest human being. Yes being over weight is not good for you however being too skinny is not good for you either. You can disagree all you like
    you do need some fat and what really important is accepting you. If you do not like how you weigh you tired of being over weight than do something like this guy is doing.
    There is no such thing as 'I can't" You not going to lose weight in a day or two it will take time and effort a lot of effort it is a commitment. If you are not happy change it do something
    that will make you happy complaining will not solve your problem. Yes fat people do complain, do make excuses however skinny people do as well yet no one seem to want to point them out
    fact is we all make excuse once in a blue moon rather you are skinny or rather you are chubby, or rather if you are fat.
    Learn to accept you there is no shame in wanting to better your self and just because you are skinny don't give you an excuse to not take walk or exercise and I am not saying you should be skin and bones what I am saying it don't mean just because you are skinny won't mean you will not get fat set a goal and a weight limit you like to be at and if it raises above a certain limit you don't want to be at than exercise do something to get back to the weight limit that you want to be at like I said just cause you skinny don't mean you have to stop exercise it just mean you don't have to work as hard as fat person will have to.

  • Have him chase an ice cream truck. That will make him run.

  • If he chases an ice-cream truck he would win the race.

  • I'm proud of him and I hope he isn't too harsh on himself. Having a pituitary gland problem is often the reason people reach insane weights over 600lbs. For a man, he's have to eat 4,500 calories every single day. Over 6,000 if he included a little bit of daily exercise.

  • what an inspiration

  • 5 K= must be 5000Km, nor 5000 meters lol.

  • peter griffin?

  • Does anyone know how Derek is doing nowadays?? I'm watching this three years later. I'm so proud of his effort and courage to keep himself healthy.

  • He should play some basket ball I used to be a little bit tubby and It helps I’ve lost some weight

  • keep it up ! I am gonna lose 5 KG myself for you! good luck to us

  • he has motivated me

  • Well done

  • Well done

  • Respect ??

  • No matter how slow, as long as keep moving forward ?

  • repsect ?

  • This dude is a badass!

  • Still gonna be unhealthy with all that meat

  • And here's me
    In my bed watching YouTube for the past 6 hours with a packet of chips in my hands

  • So much heart, this is what it’s about

  • Fat boy for real

  • Coo smh

  • I did the same ?

  • Is it just me or are the people that judge fat people saying they “do it to themselves” and “they need to exercise” are those people that are born skinny and have a super fast metabolism that eat all day because they can and can’t gain weight.

  • Video: pretty good
    Me: doesn't focus on the video at all but realizes that the cucumbers don't have seeds

  • Umm is it sad I'm smaller than him by a ton but he can run longer then me

  • I hope you reach your goal positive attitude great job man!

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  • Fat ?

  • Noodle arm squad where you at?


  • The fact he can carry all that for 5k!! Damn!! Thats strong!

  • All the disslikes are assholes / fuckheads/you get the idea ??

  • If im 250 and 6feet em i too fat for my height

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