Run Around The World Episode 2

(upbeat music) – The start was like a disco party at like 6:00am in the morning, large in scale, it’s big. Quite possibly the best
warm-up I’ve ever had. When else do you get to do this? To be a part of that energy? – One by one, we went up to the start line and there’s smoke and
lasers, it– (laughs) – Like, Oh my Gosh! This is really big, look
what we’re gonna go do. (upbeat music) – [Jason] That’s the nature
of this kind of adventuring. – [Meredith] We had two
days to scout this mountain and to put all the pieces together. – Things are moving. – [Meredith] The ecosystem changed, I think about four times. – The biggest challenge
of my life, living raw. – [Meredith] I think this is
what gives you magic power to get up the mountain. – That really is where my heart is, is in wild ass mountains. I’m in a position where I can go to a
lot of different races. – [Announcer] Three….Two – [Announcer] One. Go! – [Jason] What I’ve been able to do is really pick races
in a part of the world, that I wanna go explore and see and China has unbelievable,
untapped, magical mountains. (happy music) We did the 55k. There is
a lot of steep grades, these trails weren’t made
for leisurely walking. Where we went through it
just kinda weaved and curved through these kind of rolling mountains. – So much hype and so much going into it, everyone was just really,
really excited for this race and for the different lengths of the races that were going on. (upbeat music) In my head, I’m thinking, “Oh well we’re gonna try and do an FKT on a 5000 meter peak next week, I think I’ll just keep it in check.” (fans cheering) (camera clicking) Ah, fastest known time is basically, you know, start and a finish up a peak and whoever gets up there the
fastest and comes back down. – This race is in a great place and it’s competitive and it’s cool. We had the master plan of going out there and doing something really
special on a mountain, that’s way higher, scarier
and fun and gratifying for both Meredith and I going
over to Haba “Snow” Mountain. I gave my full on everything and you know, I was proud to be able to do what I did and get that second place. – It’s a really beautiful course, a lot steeper than I thought it would be so it was pretty challenging but, overall, it was a really good day and I just thank all the people here. You made it really special. We just have a lot of fun and it’s great when the
people that you hang out with all have the same passion
because, there’s no explaining it, we just all get it and we’re there to cheer
and support everybody. (fans cheering) – [Jason] It’s nice to have
a little bit of community of being that most of the
time when I’m training, running and being here in
Durango, I’m by myself. – When you get to travel abroad and then link up with
people who like, get you and you get them and everybody
just has a good time. It’s a wonderful experience. (lively music) – [Jason] After the race,
we headed back to Lijang and to a really, just
beautiful place for us to rest and recover and kind of
almost like a mini base camp. (upbeat music) If visibility is bad, if it’s windy, that’s another one of those little things. Huang Chao was the guy that owned the kind of hotel resort place. – He’s done Haba “Snow” mountain, he says, 30 times so I really
trust whatever he says. – [Jason] Haba “Snow”
mountain, it is a 5396 meters. We had over eight, eight and a half thousand
feet of vertical climb. – And this is, so this is base camp. – [Jason] The FKT that we knew of, was set about 7 hours and 45 minutes. It’s so difficult to understand
what that really means before you’ve been on the mountain. – It can’t be that steep if there’s really no avalanche
danger on the mountain. – [Jason] Gotcha. Thank you so much.
(Meredith speaks foreign) This is good to see, visualize. – If I have never been somewhere, or I don’t know what something’s
like, I get very nervous. I think in my head, I’m making it a lot– – [Jason] Of course. – steeper than what it probably is. – The fear of the unknown. We need to just go see the trails. See the earth. See the exposure. Then we can guess how long it will take and what time we start. – I just didn’t really know what to expect and I was just really anxious
just to get up on the mountain so I knew what it looked like. (light, happy music) I get really excited when
I see snow on mountains. So I’m pretty thrilled at the moment. – Yeah, I appreciate this, kind
of like almost, cabin, hut. High altitude, you know,
we’re almost at 9000 feet. Hanging out in like, kind of local, I dunno, just like a real
down to earth Chinese village. It’s really, really neat. – [Meredith] Where we stayed
in Haba “Snow” village was really unique. The husband was the guide
and the wife was the cook and she took care of us. I don’t know of too many guiding services that start at someone’s house and goes straight up to the
top of a 5000 meter peak and then just comes right back down. – [Jason] It’s cool to be able to like, eat the food of the
area that was around us. – I think this is what
gives you magic power to get up the mountain. You get an extra foot. – It had feet and it
had gizzards and livers and other organs I wasn’t even sure about. – [Meredith] Is it a kidney? – [Jason] I dunno – [Meredith] We don’t know what this is – Kidney, or maybe
– but it’s something that I wouldn’t normally eat. Oh it’s great
– pretty good. Surprisingly good. – It’s very smooth. Wow, I’ve never had a
texture like that before and I’m a textured eater. Wow! – I love the vibe and
the amp of Gaoligong, this is where I feel at home. (upbeat music) – Glorious day. It’s a glorious day. I’m excited to go see
what we’re up against. I always get that kind of
nervousness of like, “Oh my Gosh, it’s a perfect day today, I
hope it’s like this on Friday.” But, you gotta play that game (laughs) Going up to almost 18,000
feet or 5300 some meters is a bit dangerous and
you need to make sure that you know where you’re going, you know what you’re gonna
do if something goes wrong and then also get your body acclimated to that kind of altitude after only being at 5000′
to 8000 feet at Gaoligong. We needed some acclimation for sure, before we attempted the FKT. – We just took our time going really slow and trying to memorize as much as you can. The ecosystem changed,
I think about four times going up that trail. The forest there is so radically different you know, from 1000 feet to another. Blew my mind, I’m like,
I gotta memorize this beause I’m gonna have
to do this in the dark. It starts snowing pretty
hard and the wind’s coming in and it was really warm at 9000 feet but now you’re at 14000
feet and it’s pretty cold. – It’ll be an early morning,
probably pretty chilly, but maybe I can get back down and rest up and get prepared for the big push to try to see how fast we can do it. – Considering the fact
that we had a 55km warm-up and now we’re on this peak
that we’ll attempt to do twice, I feel pretty good and hopefully tomorrow I’ll feel the
same like I did today. (slow, heavenly music) Slow like molasses. – It’s nice. It’s really good. Things are moving. – I have never done anything like this. – Last night, I won’t
lie, it looked so windy and stormy and far away. – Yeah. – But now it’s like, oh yeah. – [Meredith] And the sun’s hitting us. – [Jason] Got it, got it, got it. – And the sun feels nice. I like the sun. – More confidence built. (uplifting music) (snow crunching) (wind blowing) (snow crunching) Whew. It’s a long day to spend at altitude, even though you’re not walking fast. It’s just a long, tiring day. Okay, I’m ready to go run now. – Yeah we’ll go do that downhill stuff. Decided to come back Friday. This is a cool mountain. It’s a cool run. I hope the weather’s half as good as this. This is absolutely perfect. (lively music) – From the time we woke up to the time we made it back
to Haba “Snow” village, it was 10 and a half hours. Like we had two days
to scout this mountain and put all the pieces together, which isn’t very much time. (slow, guitar music) That rest day was a little bit, I was just very anxious and trying to figure out
ways to just calm down. At home, like baking’s
really soothing to me because you get a final product. But same goes for washing your clothes. ‘Cause you accomplish something. It’s done, you did it (Jason laughs) I really take pride, I
like stuff like that. Like when there’s a final
product and I did it but, Yeah I’d say it’s pretty soothing before a big effort for tomorrow. – [Jason] Yeah. (relaxing guitar music) – The plan was, for the FKT attempt, that I would start ahead of Jason. Music on for the run. GPS is ready. Whew. A little nervous but–. All right. One, two, three. Adios. It’s pitch dark. You can’t see anything. – I wanted to try to time our FKT so that both Meredith and I were near the summit about the same time. It’s not that cold. Everything’s good. Everything’s on track. – Doh. I’m already lost and
it’s only 12 minutes in to this damn thing. The signs are a little
confusing, but whatever. And I’m like, I don’t
know where the trail is. – Start in the dark by myself to do some kind of crazy missions. It’s different than racing. It’s exciting and kinda
scary at the same time. I definitely live for this
moment in a lot of ways. This is cool. – I figured out where my mistake was. I did not see this one turn but– now I’m on it. Here we go again. And then, I saw it and I come
all the way back to the start. I went back and I tried it again and I thought maybe I get back down here that maybe I’ll be all good. He looked a little shocked, like “Oh Gosh, why are you still here?” The trail’s a little confusing. (laughs) I can’t get on a trail then I, then I don’t know where the hell I was. – She was ready to restart. You know, and that’s tough when you have something
really scary ahead of you. To not just be crushed
if everything’s not right and just break down and so, she did that. – I keep thinking that maybe
the trail’s right here but it– – Okay.
– But I remember like a distinct trough the entire time and I can’t find it. – Okay, Okay. It is 6.37 right now. – Okay
– All right. You ready?
– Yeah – Let’s go
– Okay – All right, thanks guys. – Bye (lively mysterious music) – I feel good. I’ve already done over
5000 feet of climbing. I can see the peak. I was happy to know that Meredith was moving and
she was going as well. Ah, Meredith’s a trooper. She’s inspiring me. You know, she motivated me ’cause
I was just so proud of her. – Peak’s all the way up there and I have put on hand warmers
in my pants and in my bra, So that I can stay warmer. Both Jason and I had walkie-talkies and I got nervous for him because, knew he was ahead of me, I knew he was gonna be
going for the summit and you could see the
clouds just like coming up around the mountain and the
peak was gone at this point and both Jason and I
had walkie-talkies and. – [Jason] Okay, I’m good. I’ll pushing and hear your
call when I’m further up Love you and if you can hear me, keep pushing if you’re feeling up to it. – Okay, Love you. Be safe. (slow dramatic music) – It’s 10:06 and I’m gonna head down. This has been the adventure. This has been quite the adventure. I’m so proud to be doing
this with Meredith. The biggest challenge of my life. Living raw. Just pushing myself and my motions, within the bounds of
safely and experience. Love you guys. God bless and I’m headed down. I started to feel that deep, kind of pain, of pushing hard for hours and already putting in
thousands and thousands feet of vertical climb and you
know, partially running and–. The struggle is real. Level nine. Level nine right there. I was wearing little running
shorts and a t-shirt, all my stuff in the
back and at that point, you know, I went into
the savage animal mode. (fast intense music) (cow bells) Whew! Yeah! All done. All done. Let’s see. What is the time? (breathing heavy) Just before I did that
last step of descent, Meredith decided that, you
know, the window was closed. – So, I’m not gonna make it to the top. It’s too bad, I tried. So tell my Mom that I love her and that I’m thankful for everything and Jason kicked butt. – It is 11:40. Five hours and three minutes. Hats off to Meredith. She’s the real — She’s the real hero today. Yeah, she just didn’t think she could
get up there before 12:30 and the weather’s changing. It’s a lot of running and a
lot of danger and risks and–. – [Meredith] You know, some rangers aren’t gonna fly a heli up and come get you if you break your leg. – You came back which is
the hardest thing to do. You know, the most
challenging thing to do, it’s the right thing to do and- …..she’s inspirational. Made it so much different
and more valuable than if I was just out here, jogging around the mountains by myself. It’s pretty special. To be able to share this. Super pumped. Got it done as a team. It’s awesome. I’ll never forget this. Never forget this. – Having th FeKT kinda not
go the way I wanted it to was not, you know it sucked. – But you know, there’s
tears and it was tough but that’s the nature of
this kind of adventuring. – I have to think like,
it was a successful trip. I came back. I’m healthy. I’m not injured. I didn’t die. – [Jason] We live to go do
another FKT attempt another day. (upbeat music)


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