Rude teens berate parents while shopping at a sneaker store | What Would You Do? | WWYD

David remember we’re living off of one pay check now. Okay. Hey, we only have $100 to spend. Okay. Mom I get it You’re getting divorced. I’m not an idiot. All right, like it’s my problem. Oh my you’re so annoying. Oh Ma I want these they’re only $200. Oh honey. I’m sorry. They’re too expensive We have bills to pay.You never get me anything I want it’s exactly why I wanted to live with dad Please clear your voice No, you’re like the stupidest most selfish mom ever No wonder dad left. An angry and abusive teen throwing a tantrum in the middle of a store and Exhausted and embarrassed mom who just can’t keep him under control Do you tell the boy to step in his mom’s shoes and show some respect? Do you give the mom some parenting advice or do you simply sneak away from this very personal situation? What would you do? Please don’t say such hurtful things. Stop being such an idiot and just buy me the stupid shoes We’re at Sneaker room in Jersey City New Jersey where usually it’s the shoes that have attitude but today it’s mostly David These are nice. They’re black like that . Mom,why are you so dumb? I’m telling you what I want To achieve ugly. It might look like this guy is too tied up to hear what’s happening But he’s all ears for being selfish and stupid He’s a parent himself and his patience with David’s rude behavior is hanging by a shoestring We can’t afford them. I need you to understand that we can’t afford yes, we can I You re being such an idiot She’s being dumb dude the only 200 We send Lorraine back in so you giving me the money See if I was trying to agree with the way he was talking to her on like that at all. to have children myself I’m just so overwhelmed. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how But you you shouldn’t allow me to speak to you like that Or she could just buy me to choose I would stop she should have it She shouldn’t have to. she can only give you a hundred dollars to get the sneakers. That’s it. you should be grateful for that. Time to introduce ourselves Anywhere, anywhere in the world, If I were to saw that going down. I Would have thought the same exact way I would have said the same exact thing a lot of parents feel like they have to be Their child’s friend these days That’s another thing. I’m not your friend. I’m your parent. David’s back at it This young man just can’t look away I told you what I wanted I want these. They’re 200 that’s not that much. I only have $100 dollars. we’re just gonna get these You’re so stupid. No wonder why dad left As it turns out, he’s 24 not much older than David, but he’s certainly far more reasonable Would You believe my mom didn’t actually let me get these. what she’s by herself, right? Yeah, but these are the ones I want And like an older wiser brother he seizes this teachable moment I’ve gotten to the point where I can make my own money now, so so I can buy my own shoes but until then yeah, my mom bought me stuff, you know Just say thanks Caught between mom and her combative son. Is this next woman- you stop being so stupid telling her stuff, you’re so stupid – I’m sorry I need a minute. She tries to play peacemaker your mom is stupid as mine is she is not a good mom. I don’t think so What is this,a hug Now that things have settled between David and Lorraine what will happen when our mother son duo is now daddy and his little angry girl. You never get me anything I want, you’re so selfish. I hate you As this mom looks on, Sophia is busy walking all over her father. Give me the money I’m not gonna I’m getting these shoes. Give me the money. I’m not gonna give you that, it looks good. Chastise What are we gonna do because I’m not leaving without these shoes. I can’t get them. I wish I could I just try these on and maybe they will look good on you. They’re ugly I’m not putting those on my feet a deep breath seems to help her stay quiet until She hears this my dad is so stupid He is not stupid. Yes, he is. He’s not buying me the shoes. He works hard for what he has. Don’t call him stupid You’re embarrassing him right now. He’s embarrassing me. He wants me to put ugly shoes How old are you I’m thirteen Don’t act like that You look really spoiled right now I really wanted these shoes. Why don’t you get a job and then get them yourself? Uh, uh, Okay, so you got a job and you can get them yourself,duh Not getting anywhere with Sophia. She offers some advice to the put-upon pa. Hi there My name is John Quinones. And it’s the TV show. What would you do? You’re a mom How old? 4 years old and my stepson.That’s my heart broke for him. She was humiliating him your advice to other parents who face this sort of thing You know love your kids and do the best that you can life is hard But you’ll get through it and you don’t have to get them everything they want all you gotta do is love them. And they’ll appreciate that This next woman is quick to object to Sophia’s abusive language You’re being so difficult. I’m being difficult, if you were just buying me those stupid shoes, and there would not be a problem I can’t get those shoes Excuse me and When Sophia directs the abuse towards her she won’t back down next time You need to mind your own business cuz now I’m not getting the shoes because of you We roll one last time. Stop being cheap I can’t afford those. Dad,this is why mom divorced you because you’re so freaking cheap Sophia, Shinae and Thomas clearly hear what’s happening I’m sorry. My dad is so stupid. I’m sorry you had to see that He’s being stupid he’s not getting me the one that I want Maybe Shanae will speak up for Sofia. What do you think? Wait, so you’re not on my side You’re not supposed to be yelling at you dad in a store Would you like the kids to yell at you For being stupid sure .What’s the definition of stupid,my dad With that they’ve heard enough Time to meet this couple You told her some advice. Back in the day father talks to my mom like that. You remember the switches on the trees I had to bend over so I was like If my mom’s ain’t tolerated for me, like why should I tolerate it for you know much hat Imagine go make a million now


  • I don’t want to get the shoes I was planning to get now

  • Mannnnn if I had a kid and they talked to me like that I woulda started beating they ass with my belt or something. But brooooo if I ever talked to my mom like that I'd be DEADMEAT.

  • Girl: speaking rude to her mom
    Random Guy: don’t talk to your mom like that
    Girl: I have a boyfriend

  • Damn that girl must be a really good actor or a real hoe cuz that is some top notch attitude I mean her duh face is top notch ?? give her an Oscar or if she’s a real hoe giver a spank

  • 2:49 A- Flashbacks

  • That woman with her hood on wasn’t having it she choose not to talk to her and walk away because she knew she wanted to teach that child a lesson herself ?

  • Ngl those blank shoes ugly asf

  • Yo if my mom gave me a hundred dollars for shoes u would be so happy and thankful Bc she tries hard for everything I have and I’m thankful Bc of her and my dad I have such good things and ik this is fake but not even I could pretend or act and talk to my dad like that

  • Those yellow shoes aren’t even cute tho

  • How is David the boy around 20 something he looks more like 15 ish

  • The girl part was the worst even tho I knew they were acting I got emotional ?

  • 1:21 that guy has appeared on WWYD before

  • If that was a black paret or myn or would of got a slap

  • “The more you keep giving her the things that she asks for like this the behavior will continue”

  • That girl actor is great, because I really wanted to skin her alive.

  • “Just buy me the stupid shoes!” If theyre stupid why do you want them ? lol

  • Man: What’s the definition of stupid?
    Girl: My dad
    Woman: Oh f*ck

  • david is stupid

  • She plays the brat role super good

  • If there is acctually teenagers who talk like this to there mom, they deserve to get they ass beat

  • If im talking like that with my parents i came out the store with bloody mouth ???

  • That girl is a good actor man

  • I grew up in a working class family so all I got was one or two pairs of shoes from burlington, value city, or even swaps. I'm grateful to my parents and I'm glad I'm able to buy them the shoes they like as thanks for keeping me clothed.

  • How in the world did this make me awkward

  • wayyy this guy so rudeeee

  • David his good actor

  • If that was my mom she would’ve slapped me ?these white moms need to start discipline there children no wonder why there’s knife. crimes and shit,and then when a blacks women hit there child they come mad say it’s child abuse

  • If i would've done that i would've been in a adoption center the next day

  • His mom:I'll give you $100 for sneakers
    My mom:I'll give you $1 for SNICKERS

  • The boy and girl: Just give me the STUPID shoes!

    Me: If they are so stupid why would you want them? STUPID brat?

  • I would have been kicked out of the house and slapped on my ass if i talk to my mom like that fr

  • I HAtE YoU


  • I feel bad for the mother I would've beated his as– ima shut up…but yeah I would do it

  • My mom would not even give me hundred dollars she would give me like 25$

  • HIS MOM: here’s 100$

    MY MOM: here’s 1$

    ME: mom?


  • Girl: I’m not old enough. DUH!
    Woman: When you get older, you can get a job and buy them yourself. DUH!

  • Me:talks to my mom like that
    My mom:*Takes off chancla*

  • JUst get air force one lol

  • those University blue 12s the dad was offering, I spent months trying to get when they first launched, then the actress “they’re ugly I’m not putting those on my feet” ? well damn.

  • I’d rather have 12s than Foam Posites?

  • Bro I get up every day and work outside with my dad and I’m 12 and I get my own stuff DUH!!

  • My Mexican people will understand this.

    If I ever talked to my mom like that, my mom would be hitting me with her sandals and two belts

  • If that was my mom she would slap him so f**king hard tbh

  • Brooo I be buying 10 to 20 dollar kids shoes because they fit me and they are cheaper and clearance clothes. Honestly I would rather help my parents save money than to make them spend money. We got bills to pay. The best my siblings and I can do is lift off some stress from their shoulders.

  • Stupid doesn’t mean anything of buying shoes

  • this made me want to hug my mom lmao

  • It the girl talki like the I would say she Sorry but bred my like girl

  • The yellow foamposite are so ugly

  • Bruh, $100 is a lot…

  • “They’re only $200” My ass can’t even afford Vans.

  • My mom literally screams at me in public if I don't smile?Imagine if I said those stuff to my mom

  • My mom would've screamed at the parents for allowing their child to speak to them like that?

  • If my dad can’t afford it I’ll get a other ones i will be nice

  • that momma loraine is a milf for sure

    that little girl was gold tho lol

  • If i talked to mom liked that my mom would literally kill me and i would have less living days i would never ever disrespect my parents/grand parents/aunties and uncles

  • 100$ for sneakers and our days kids buy 700$ yeezys

  • My mom would/ still does spend whatever she could afford. She always wished she could do more, but I was just grateful to have clothes and shoes.

  • Her: I’m not old enough to get a job Duh.
    Me: You can be babysitting right now DUH.

  • If I was a millionaire and was in the store I would've bought those stupid shoes and tossed them on the ground and said, "There you go you ungrateful idiot."

  • If I ever spoke to my mom like that…I wouldn't be here to post this comment

  • Wait you call that stupid shoe then you hate them get them away manager

  • While watching this I felt like smacking those kid

  • Seriously, my mom would have smacked me in public and then spank me at home and THEN throw away all my shoes if I ever said that stuff to her.

  • This hurts to watch because my sister feels and acts the exact same way as this teen. She's already cutting, and I'm really unsure what exactly to do about her at this point.

  • When the woman said don't get her anything look at the way she talk 2 you…. I was waiting on that comment…. Walk out and get them nothing if they can't be thankful 4 what you get!

  • My feet are tiny so I get all my shoes for like 20-50£?

  • Man: I’m not ur friend I’m ur parent

    His kids: are we a joke to you

  • This women forgot what a hug was ??

  • I think the 24-year-old man was actually amazing tbh. He seems like a grateful dude, and I think it was nice that he tried to teach him in a way that didn't humiliate him or the mom.

  • I sometimes forgot that these people are actors . But low key if I spoke to mom like that …Jessus

  • Children suck don't have any ugh

  • What a mouth he will grow up to be a rapist

  • jesus christ if ı were that little girl my dad would take away my phone for a year

  • If I were acting like this to my mom I would be in big trouble

  • your like the sToOooOopidst mom ever

  • If it was a black mom this is how it would play out

    Mom: only 100$ bucks.

    Me: ok!

    Me: gets $101 dollar shoes

    Mom: too much!

    Me: but mom…

    Jesus: aye you tryna hop into heaven right now or…

    Me: yeah.

  • That girls a really good actor to be fair

  • What’s the definition a stupid?
    My dad

  • Mum: Here, here’s £50 for a day out with your friends.

    Me: Mum, that’s too much!!

    Mum: just take it.

    Me: No!!! shoves money back

    this is how i act. when i think it’s too much, i say it and i don’t take it and spend it.

  • $100?! i’m lucky to get $20

  • Hol up Sophia’s actually a really good actor.

  • I swear If I talked like that to my mom she would give me the face and the ‘I swear when we get home…’

  • Me: God, i hate drama
    When drama happens: ☺☺?

  • Little girls talks to me rudely
    ME: chases her street with daggers

  • Oof if i talked to my Jamaican mom like that I would of been humiliated for the rest of my life

  • i usually buy shoes that are like 20 dollars lol the most expensive shoes ive bought are 60 dollars

  • Damn … if I had a kid an he was actin up like that I woulda been like "If you have a problem with it how bout go get a job an earn the money yourself" then I wouldnt have bought him shoes. Ik fr that woulda happen to me if I was actin like that???

  • My mom would have murdered me by staring at me

  • my mom would beat my ass in the store if i talked to her like that

  • What is the definition of stupid ? ''My dad'' . That kills me. amazing acting. how does she even come up with that line so suddenly.

  • Someone: drops phone
    Me: picks it up and gives it to him
    John: hElLo ThIs Is WhAt WoUlD yOu Do

  • whoever be disliking this video yall be retarded asfff

  • If I talked to my mom like that, I would not come out of that store alive!

  • I would never talk to my mother like that or my father. But now that I’m older I realize that in a way I acted like this as a 12 or 13 year old we used to go to the store and what I wore and fit me I would want I didn’t care about how expensive it was and if I didn’t get everything I would want nothing and my mom knew I needed clothes so she bought me everything even if it was super expensive. I was such a pos and i know my mom loves me and that’s why she spent so much on me. As I’ve gotten older I have realize how wrong that was. Now that I’m 20 I literally buy clothes on clearance some of my clothes was like 2.99 and I realize I’ve never needed any of the expensive stuff.

  • Buy me the stupid shoes
    Why would you buy stupid shoes

  • This is a bit personal, but my mom died when I was 10. If I was a kid yelling at his mom like that, it would not be a very pleasant sight…

  • I feel for the kid bc he’s going through a lot and is upset bc his dad is leaving and he probably had his dad his whole life and miss’s his dad so I can relate even though this didn’t happened to me

  • the black man at the end…yum

  • Bruh this makes me SOO pissed, if I would be there I would have make my point then cry (cause I’m the emotional type). Cause I’m 19 and helping my mom pays bills, and a divorced dad that came back with not help with any bills. I want to go to college and continue my education But with a stubborn little brother who is asking for money for little things and stuff, all I say is. “I don’t have to the money, I have to pay bills with ma” with only 2 out of 4 people that pays for bills in the house. It gets to the point where I would have a mental breakdown every 2 weeks. Thinking that this is reality, wishing I can go to college. I can go, but least hours less money to help us. It frustrate me to see kids or even people who don’t know that getting money is your hard labors, hours, sweat, you name it. As a young adult facing this right after high school, it’s quite overwhelming. Growing up with money to not having any money at all, is a whole change.

    But we all have to move on and continue to work and get better.

    Ps. This is exactly how my little brother act, and I would be the one that talk cause she’s also at work.

  • That little girl it’s such a good actress, she got the latino mom out me, I wanted to smack the shit out of her with mis chancletas and I’m only 17. God.

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