RT Life: Kung-Shoe Grappling Hook

Blaine: FUCK! Gavin: What did you just do!? Blaine: I just kicked my shoe on the top of the studio Gavin: So, I just Kung-shoed Blaine and I missed Gavin: He tried to fling it back and it went on the roof Barbara: All of a sudden I heard NO!!! NO!!! Blaine: I literally bought this shoe – these shoes yesterday. Burnie: DID YOU REALLY!? Are they one day old? Blaine: YES!!!!! Burnie: They went right up on the roof Blaine: Look how new they are! Maddy: Oh my god!
Blaine: Fuck! Burnie: I’m going to get my drone to get footage of it up there Gavin: I thought he was gonna say, so I’m gonna help. He’s just gonna film it and land the drone Barbara: Of course Blaine: I’m gonna get that shoe back because I just bought it
Maddy: It’s new! Gavin: That’s true
Blaine: I can do it Gavin: It pokes holes in the roof Burnie: The batteries are charged this things like at Burnie: Like 18% and now the phone that I need to run it is low on battery so now I can charge my phone Burnie: It’s pretty close to the edge Blaine: My baby Blaine: Yeah, looks real good up there. Gavin: I mean the grappling hook would reach that Blaine: Do you wanna get the grappling hook? Burnie: You’re gonna hit my fucking drone Blaine: I promise you I won’t Burnie: This is the guy that couldn’t kick a shoe straight, and now we’re gonna let him throw this pointed metal anvil Gavin: Hey remember when stage 5 didn’t have a piece of rope hanging from it Burnie: Dude, it’s kind of far Barbara: God, I want them to get it so bad Barbara: It’s never gonna happen Gavin: Watch out! Gavin: He just threw it at the building Burnie: You want to – low battery, uh oh Gavin: It just adds the tension, it’s like a timer Burnie: DUDE! I think you fucking got it Burnie: I’m not joking, I think you fucking got it Blaine: Alright Maddy hold still – hold still Maddy. Burnie: I think you actually want to come this way Burnie: There’s your goal Blaine: This is the most extreme game – claw machine game Burnie: Get a hook – get a – get a – get a shoelace Burnie: Get a shoelace [Cheering] Blaine: OH MY GOD! DO YOU BELIVE IN MIRACLES!!! Blaine: YES!!! Blaine: YES!!! Blaine: Oh my god!
Maddy: Oh my god! Gavin: Holy shit Blaine!! Blaine: My feet are so happy!! [Gavin laughing]


  • This has to be the greatest achievement in Roosterteeth history

  • Lol that was the luckiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. That could have taken at least an hour of trying

  • wow

  • God, I don’t wanna be THAT GUY. But Maddie is super cute

  • Achievenment hunters first good job ever

  • That was intense

  • I can't stop lol'ing at Blaine's outburst at the beginning. "FOCK!" XD

  • I got that same pair – those are bloody comfy running Nikes!

  • Gavin looks like a lezza with that hair!

  • This reminded me of when my friends got there shoes stuck in a tree because they tried getting a ball down and spent the whole day trying to get it down and had everyone dying

  • Does anyone know what type of drone that is

  • What kind of drone is that ?

  • 1st second of the vid and all I hear is Blaine yelling “F*CK”

  • who is the brown haired girl shes cute


  • yooooo what an insane interdepartmental collaboration!!!!


  • One long Nike commercial.

  • Blaine with darker hair is a total Daddy

  • oh my god

  • 1:18 a casual bottle of jaegermeister is sitting beside the desk…

  • Never knew I could hear that hey u know where my grappling hook

  • OMG

  • How bad do you have to miss to go on the roof

  • Imagine this as an episode of RTAA…. lol

  • No way that was crazy

  • I subbed for this

  • "My feet are SO Happy"

  • I got the chills when they got it this needs more views goddamnit!!

  • This should’ve been on trending.

  • HOW

  • Americans don't believe in ladders, or..?

  • It’s the most frustrating crane game on the planet

  • probbaly to old of a video to find out but anybody know what the name of Blane's shoes are?

  • Do you believe in destiny?

  • What kind of drone does Burnie have?

  • Yer a wizard `arry

  • And from that day on, Blaine has never reattempted the Kung Fu Shoe Kick for as long as he was employed.

  • This… This right here is a story of redemption boys and girls… shed's a tear

  • what city is your studio in???

  • I do love the fact that Burnie immediately thinks, "Achievement Hunter does have a grappling hook." Because those boys (and lady) have everything.

  • I love the casual “achievement hunter has a grappling hook” bc of course they do

  • No wonder they haven’t made a vid in a while…..NOTHING CAN TOP THAT

  • The inspirational soundtrack at the end absolutely made it.

  • A mighty feat was done today, and it was overkill!

  • normal people: how about a ladder?
    rooster teeth: have you seen the grappling hook?

  • 2:22
    Was the best throw ever.
    Of all time.

  • this will forever be my favorite rt life

  • 0:00 satisfying

  • "How did that happen?!" You see, about fifteen years ago someone started a web series…

  • Did this remind anyone else of sandlot 🤔

  • When I'm sad I come back and watch this video and it makes me realize… anything is possible…

  • 1:55 I'd like to point out that Gavin's Hair is red from the "Glow Job" Between the games…What a day for Gavin.

  • Best RT Life ever

  • 2:05 ‘that was the worst throw, ever, of all time’ ‘not my fault, someone put a wall in my way’

  • So all the random equipment and weaponry of AH is actually useful sometimes.

  • Kung Fuey Shoe Doey


  • I'm still not over that !!!

  • Can anyone tell me what drone that is

  • "That was the worst throw ever. Of all time."

  • This could happen only in a co op videogame

  • I love this company

  • this video changed my life

  • A triumph of the human spirit

  • Is Rooster teeth just on an old airport

  • Who throws a shoe honestly?

  • Not all heroes eat grapes.

  • I always imagined Burnie being against these crazy ideas, but then I see him start one xD

    I love everyone at RT

  • *drone battery dies-crashes on roof


  • Does anyone know the drone Burnie used ?

  • This was so funny

  • it's ok, the shoes are nike, he is western spy

  • So this is what Sinclair’s been doing

  • Name a more inspirational story, I’ll wait


  • i have never felt more proud of rooster teeth

  • That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in an RT Life vid that I can remember!!!! I woulda lost it upon recovering the shoe

  • was this an advert for the drone

  • This is a good rtlife.

  • How did I miss this?!


  • I love Burnie’s child look of glee when he says he’s going to get his drone.

  • You guys are the greatest group of people ever lol. I wish I was apart of that!

  • Miracles CAN happen…

  • Blaine u idiot

  • I think Blaine needs to join Achievement Hunter lol

  • I maintain that this is one of the greatest videos ever made

  • i think monty helped with retrieval no way that hook would have snagged a shoelace that way

  • Someone needs to put like The Avengers theme right when they successfully pull the shoe off the roof

  • the Adventures of Rooster Teeth, they may look like adults but the reality is that they are all really big kids

  • Has anyone bought the film rights yet?

  • This is amazing!

  • Content

  • Only at rooster teeth will you see someone kick a shoe onto a roof then grapple hook it off lmao

  • I dont wanna be that guy but. Maddie is thiiiiiiic.

  • Everything always goes great with achievement hunters

  • Shouldn't there have been a maintenance ladder?

  • Any problem caused by Rooster Teeth can be solved by Rooster Teeth.

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