Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Flop-Flippin’ Ninja Turtles

RT Animation Intro Speaking of flip-flops… When we were in Hawaii I convinced my daughter that it’s pronounced flop-flip and that she’s been saying it wrong this whole time. And that it was really embarrassing. And I got her so god damn confused about it. That’s one thing you can only get away with once, though. Cause she asked to buy some Tic-Tacs the other day, and I was: “No, they’re tac-tics.” And she’s like: “I’m not doing this again.” And I was like: “Alright…” You’re risking your credibility with her now, though. Cause she not gonna listen to you on anything. She already doesn’t. You’d be like: “Don’t run in the street while there are cars driving.” She’d be like: “Pfft.” “Like I’m gonna believe that.” We’re at a point now where if she asks a question and I tell her something she looks over at Griffon and looks for a head nod. They want to, as part of that program, get more people to stay and now start to be able to work in Japan for a while. Thats cool. I’ll see you guys later. I just imagine Kerry’s solo travel blog style videos. Just popping up. Uhh, I’m at a ramen place… Couldn’t order it cause they didn’t have pictures on the menus. So, I’m hungry now. Yeah, I’m just pointing and screaming to feed me and they wouldn’t do anything. So I just grabbed a handful of noodles and ran. I wanted to take gymnastics as a kid. It was step 2 of my 3 step plan to become a ninja turtle. Ok, what was step one? Karate. Ok, did you take karate? I took karate. Ok. Um… And that’s as far as I got. Step two was… Gymnastics. So I could do flips and stuff. What’s step three? Ooze. The End RT Animation outro


  • I read igirisu in those ramen signs A. Should be in katakana, B. What does a ramen shop have to do with england

  • Your playing halo 4

  • Same dude 1:15

  • I don’t wanna waste my time
    become another casualty to society

  • I miss the fan service show…

  • Great plan

  • They are not flip flops they r thongs THONGS

  • In Straya, they're just called Thongs.

  • Is that Halo 4 in the background?

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