Ronan SLAMS Harriet’s Velcro Sandals! | Magic Breakfast

Ronan: You said that you had those sandals…
velcro sandals Harriet: I don’t see anything wrong with them. Ronan: I just said I don’t LIKE those… things. Harriet: I have worn a pair of sandals
with velcro… he says ‘those holiday shoes’! *laughing* Harriet: So… because… if you’re… Ronan: Did they have colours on them? Like
little colours… Harriet: Yeah, like an ‘aztec’ print! Ronan: No, not those ones! Not the aztec print!
No, anything but those… Harriet: But if you’re climbing over a boulder
on holiday, it’s more than a flipflop, right? And you need to be strapped in. And I used
to have some adventurous holidays back in the day! Ronan: Barefoot? Harriet: No, not barefoot… Ronan: You were better off going barefoot… Harriet: So I went to places where I needed
a shoe with some velcro action. Ronan: Can’t believe it… Harriet: Do you think that there’s like a– Ronan: We have to re-think this partnership! Harriet: No we don’t! Ronan: Yep! We have to re-think it!

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