Romney Abortion Flip-Flop:’s Justin Elliott

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telling as a nation we recognize the right of all people to believe that they
want and that will close our police and other
people i believe that abortion should be safe
and legal in this country i have spent the time that my mom took
that position when she ran in nineteen seventy at the u_s_ senate candidate i believe that since roe v_ wade has
been the law for twenty years that we should sustain and support it and i sustain and support that walk and about a woman to make that choice and my personal beliefs like the
personal beliefs of other people should not be brought into a political campaign
on the question of the choice issue i have supported the broke the way i’m
culturally but all this multiple choice probably about the second rebound on the
idea multiple-choice backpackers pot i have my own beliefs and those beliefs are very clear to me
one of them is that i do not impose my belief that other people many many years ago i hit a deer close
family that was very close to me who passed
away from illegal abortions it isn’t that time that my mother and my
family have been committed to the belief that we can believe is we want but we
will not force our beliefs and others on that matter okay mate was actually sixteen years old when
his close friend family frantically at the theater of running brother-in-law uh… in nineteen fifty three died at
from an illegal abortion japan what made you when i get into the
story yeah well uh… edge medical probably
know ah… since beckwith which was uh… from his died nineteen ninety four debate with the fact ted kennedy and
that she simply was romney’s first on political campaign which he’ll obviously uh… candidate i think that that debate
he change his position and entirely any now or uh… opposed to a legal abortion uh… deficit which he made several
years ago but no one ever abscam uh… you no doubt that he opposes legal
abortion um… what’ll be you know whether it be
exchanged about his relative who if they wanted and he did who died in the sixties from an illegal
abortion and i am so i think it’s relevant just look back at that dot
please pull hai it useful way certain look back in that
way with like a wet abortion was illegal which is not something that beleaguered talked about a lot of the
debate uh… so i think all of the state and when one of the reason i think it’s
relevant now which is that a lot of states are now putting so many restrictions on abortion that
it’s functional illegal uh… in kentucky state you know i left and sap and he had been at interviewed women who art go around the world into uh… different countries like chile for
example where abortion is criminalized and uh… help
those women there are two have here uh… medical abortion and what they’ve been telling the
activist ad we learned from the netherlands what
they’ve been telling me is that that you know that that women who really needed
services are are um… service mikhail women who are starving overseas who do not have any access to abortion who are in iraq and
afghanistan aren’t that like the more that we tried to make abortion who’ll be eleven legal them what they
did it uh… it’s actually the help affect i mean from from the mother’s uh… ara become greater and ready thank you if you look back as as you know historic have done at that in at the years before uh… wrote the weighted naked seventy
three uh… they were you know process killed
many many abortions happen every year in the united states ticket that may have
played in the nineteen fifties it around a billion a year or something like that i think that there’s on thing dot great
date on it but the estimate but at the difference was that many many many of
those abortions were hurt you care about where work done at the
end uh… and unsanitary circumstances uh… and decaffeinated that five
thousand women a year dyadic you know from from problems associated with
abortions usually so the most common bob copycat with
infection you know from usa unsanitary judgment and that sort of thing and
actually in this case of robbie dropped it and keep them uh… she died of protection uh…
weirdo all the details of what happened but that was that was sort of the most
common elect it’s not like it’s not like when abortion was illegal
that you know before seventy three air at least before it uh… early seventies
it like there is no force of the country there is plenty of portion they were
just you know not mostly done hospital and and really danger uh… yes executive bright-eyed and and i think that it that itgi advil left access to abortion ban
actually mean fewer abortions it just means that
there’s a left act that to safe abortion i’m because now with r_u_ four eighty
six which is two different hope and uh… i havent you bet you can’t buy out with the
prescription for different things about it and getting a chemical abortion i think that done and to provide is
actually what you know the new in kind of dark alley uh… unclean surgical
equipment uh… equivalent is now and it’s just
not talked about because we’ve kind of got into this that he did uh… overwhelming pro-life message allow life if they
created a new when uh… and we kinda left behind the story that these women who us email
have portable health complications uh… and we were not even looking to
places where abortions criminal act and integrate red appointing you made that you know just because it was
illegal didn’t mean it didn’t happen and it you know to look at them to
america i mean there’s there’s women who are having all sorts of uh… hell you know and meaner they’re dying in math in you know uh… from these basic medical pretty dirty
and unnecessarily uh… anything other than a political
admits quickly is ultimate and we see that in the united
states um… again that pretty roe v_ wade era there’s also a lot of class and racial disparities in
terms of access to pay for abortions um… because if you are upper-class
orbital upper class and white there is a chance that we take you to
know if if you were woman we want to get abortion than
you at least went through your doctor or are ahead after family act on your family was
called mark there’s a good chance that you would be able to get um… you know quality care uh… peter from a doctor or somebody who it
do it they were doing um… but that ally and immediately might
still be quite length of time you know that auctioneers not available
to poorer women m non-white women now in that case
indicates that romney relativity and keenan time it if you’d like from what i can tell
the family and she went to a rotten exclusive private school in detroit i
would family lives anti sailing from that the family theater opera upper
class or at least middle class um… lead i’d what probably happened
that that she didn’t tell her family and either try to do it yourself or what
uh… somebody you didn’t know what they were
doing and as a result of that you know uh… quick dot this infection and and very tragically died so it wasn’t like
all wealthy people and but women were at the
injury buddy there were waived top democrat disparity
the basic point that they can b_l_s_ waited now here there’s no i mean
when government funding for abortion i hand in poorer neighborhoods and
healing girl area as their art there is no access to
abortion uh… you know daniel i would say that
the addictive soldiers were their minorities in iraq the female falter
they are arguably look blue clapper blue collar middle class and americans and they have no accent to abortion services selleck he lied that read it absolutely
perfect if you can look for nothing more than
one other thing that week certification back that was what was notice how difficult thirty dick
abortion which work that would be pretty exception to the lot was said that um… that you know we keep the doctor or
hospital could could legally provide abortions if it was medically necessary to you know
uh… fit like a woman or any other
circumstances and the definition of of of what was allowed under curfew
proportion sort of buried and hardened you know that i can fifties and sixties if he could detainment permitted fifty
five he went to a psychiatrist and they said you know you were suicide risk or
something like that then you could legally get divorce intercourse um… a lot of people just lied and at
their word alright considered to effect were able to get abortions that way but
again this was wealthy people who could afford to teach psychiatrists and you
had a system worked and fell onto the connected there there was a lot of that
kitten to mediate the beyond the amending from romney in
that first debate back but that we watched was with it to me a very genuine mellman and then
it’s a very personal thing uh… can have abortion i don’t think
that abortion should really be a a political wedge issue i think that he did
absolutely with the cited by roe versus wade infinite abortion with legal affair
with private uh… and it would be filmmaking to watch and if if you know in the nineties kind of
how the fight very personal story and that makes a lot of fen-phen dragon
eight with uh… with especially women uh… empathy handy turn into what he has now which is feel like party-line denied it kind of like you’ve
got a big deal pro-life bra might can we confirm at
this clip dictated illustrate what i’m talking about i’ll
be a pro-life president alachua just what kind of pro-life governor alachua and fight for justice is to
follow the law the competition who understand judicial restraint and it won’t let us live from the bench but being a pro-life president also
means promoting policies the respective antipsychotic outpost taxpayer funding of abortion outpost partial birth abortion aliquots opposes abortions in military
planners our postponing abortion internet
international aid programs and i’ll work to ban embryonic cloning alert to increase production by making the adoption tax credit per
minute and also all raise awareness about
embryonic adoption or snowflake babies snowflake babydoll and lighting you
don’t get any more pro-choice or pro-life that gone gray hair you gift history are you
thinking if you look back at nineteen ninety-four debate he can bring up the
death of this woman who didn’t name uh… but still bring up this incredibly personal uh… and incredibly tragic
allied chapter from a family history again it’s really an actual in the
evening moment i think i mean there’s really pissed too if you look at what is that’s particularly heavy january how
you felt that that decapitated uh… he formed his condition in which a time wasted
favorite legal abortion although i he he did always
stated he was personally opposed to rebut that our policy level he thought
that it should be safe legal or if you can also look at it look at it and status was just um… you know itself cervix story that he used search
and hopefully to convince skeptical but she fits pro choice voters
that he did he agree to diminish i mean you know and we’ve never think that what
was it at that time but yet it at that point and i i’m going
to probably be a little bit about in under their straight at the curb it but didn’t get done a good thing that i
want to ask him and i i think acted out his campaign declined to
comment from an article by ok somebody athletic obeyed erakat some parts of it in shipping the argument that he made in nineteen
ninety-four with that because i think that this woman and kyun
showed why at a public policy question that there
should be taken legal abortion and that seems like a very compelling arguments
statement history uh… because the question now is what what
what did he think about that incident now that he doesn’t think there should
be safe and legal abortion and the no indeed never addressed that and i think
it’s a question that that it’s an important question that
should at least the act i i’d love that you brought it up and it
was a fantastic p unformed dot com right now i just in
elliot thank you for joining us elected to talk to you he hollered please

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