Robert De Niro Explains Why He Rocks Giant Platform Shoes in The Irishman

-Welcome back to the show. I appreciate you
coming back here. You were my first guest ever in my whole experience
being a talk show host. -Yes.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] That was supposed — Most of your answers
were one-word answers, yeah. But I remember,
I was so nervous. Thank you again.
I’ll never forget it. Thank you for doing that. And I was so nervous. I was talking to your publicist
or something. He said, “Bob wants to see
the questions.” First of all,
I can’t even call you Bob because I was so nervous. And I go, “Okay, whatever.” He wants to see the questions
before you ask on the show. I said, “Okay.”
Here’s his e-mail address. And they had some — probably
some dummy e-mail address you don’t use anymore.
Anyways, I was so nervous. I sent the questions,
like 15 questions to you, and you go, “Pretty good.” [ Laughter ] “What else have you got?” I go, “Uh, okay.” So I wrote up
another 15 questions or something like that. I’m sweating.
This is how hard it is. I sent it to you
and you go, “It’s okay.” [ Laughter ] “Getting closer.
What else have you got?” And I go, “Oh, my goodness.” Now my questions
are getting bizarre. And as I’m typing, I got
an e-mail from you that go, “Ha ha, just kidding.
See you on the show.” [ Cheers and applause ] You totally got me.
My first ever guest. Oh, gosh. Thank you for doing the bit
today with the dog. I love seeing you do comedy. You were great on “Saturday
Night Live” this past weekend. -Oh, thanks.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Was it fun teaming up
with Ben Stiller again? -Yeah, it was great.
We had a good time. -Are there talk about another
“Meet the Parents” maybe? -I don’t know. That’s a good question. I don’t know at this point. -We would be into it. [ Cheers and applause ] You guys have great chemistry. It was good to see
the lie detector scene. It was great. Speaking of good chemistry,
you guys always work together. Everyone’s eyes are on
this new movie coming out you have called “The Irishman.”
-Yeah. -Now, that is directed by
Martin Scorsese. -Yes. -And it’s you
and it’s Al Pacino and it’s Harvey Keitel
and it’s Joe Pesci. [ Cheers and applause ]
What?! I mean, I’m so excited about it. There’s been a couple of photos leaked about you guys
filming scenes. And there was something about
you and Al Pacino’s feet that people were obsessed with.
-Yes, yes. -Do you know what
I’m talking about? -Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. -There’s a photo of you
on the street. Can you explain what’s going on? This is — Zoom in.
[ Laughter ] First of all,
I don’t understand this at all. If you told me that was a
Jerry Lewis movie, I’d go okay. But then,
what is happening here? -Well, those are kind of things
we made to give me a few more inches
in height, because the guy was actually
much taller than — not much. Yeah, he was about five,
six inches taller than me. -Yeah. -And so just to show the
relation to any of the actors or characters
that I’m heavy — taller. So that’s what we used. When we had a wide shot, that wasn’t the shot
we were shooting. -The camera would cut that off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. What’s happening with Al’s feet? Was it just an odd pose? -I don’t know.
-Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] Let’s talk about
the Tribeca Film Festival. Congratulations. 17 years.
-Yeah, 17 years. -Holy moley.
[ Cheers and applause ] Ah, but it’s — I was there,
the first one, and every single year, it’s just grown and grown
and gotten bigger. Last year, you set records
for attendance. I mean, it’s a giant, giant
festival now. -Yeah, no, and we’re very happy
that it’s doing so well. It’s doing even better this
year, the way I understand it. And hopefully it will be
part of the fabric of New York for decades to come. And as long as the city is here,
the festival will be here. -Yeah. People will — Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] I love that. The opening movie is a
documentary about Gilda Radner. -Yes, yes.
-Which I’m very excited about. You always kind of like
to launch new directors. I appreciate that as a fan. -And we have 46% of the films
are done by women this year. -Oh, is that right?
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s fantastic. Did you ever meet Gilda Radner? -I did. I spent a night with her
after the show, “SNL.” Must have been 30 years ago. -Is that right? We went to her apartment with
some friends, we go, hung out together. -I just heard the best stuff. Everyone said she’s so charming. You just want to hang out
with her, like, just fall immediately
in love with her. But — So, the festival,
when you first started, it was all movies. Now you branch out and you do
TV shows, TV debut. It’s a big deal. I know Ralph Macchio’s
Karate Kid TV show “Cobra Kai” is coming up.
-Yes. -I cannot wait for that thing. Ralph is coming on Friday. If you haven’t seen
“The Karate Kid” — Anyways, Daniel starts his own
dojo up against John. Anyway, you’ll see it. [ Laughter ] But that’s debuting
during the festival. You also do — Remember you were
here once, you had an AI thing, or, you had a computer
virtual reality thing that you were doing.
-Yes, yes. -You were in a prison.
-Yes. -And this year,
you’re doing video games. -Yes. -So, “God of War”
is going to debut, which is going to be
a giant, giant — [ Laughter ] Trust me. That’s going to be
a giant video game. Do you play video games?
-No. -Have you ever played
video games? -Pacman. That was it. [ Laughter and applause ] -Yeah. That’s a great one to play
if you’re going to play one. [ Laughter ] You’re closing the festival with the movie called
“The Fourth Estate.” -Yes.
-What is that film about? -That’s about — It basically,
it was certain writers in “The New York Times” and about how they deal on
a daily basis with stories. Today it’s the administration,
a lot of the stories, and how to get it right, especially with what
the administration will call fake news
whenever they get a chance. So it’s a necessary movie
to see. It’s one of four parts. And it’s closing the festival, which feels like
the right thing. -Absolutely.
[ Applause ] Well I can’t congratulate you
enough on everything. Thank you for doing this. If you’re in New York, go to
the Tribeca Film Festival. If you are traveling or want to
come, come this Wednesday. Starting Wednesday,
you’ll have so much fun. It’s great. The legendary Robert De Niro
right there.


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