Rich Kids Arrested For Yacht Club Break In, Urinating On Woman’s Boots

depends the ashes the son of roger
penske who is a nasa car at team owners have a wealthy gentleman and apparently
as he was participating in coolly and in some with his brother mark uh… and got
caught trying to break into a yacht in nantucket no i love the trucks that business as
that that is a billionaire well they were issued with federated
media step but thank light because their crime is well i think i was trying to get an idea
on uh… you know i have several million
dollars winters was among a lot now that the whole situation started
when they are the two brothers were urinating in a parking lot of course
axia women cop in doing so and when they confronted them by the way to still
confront guys it here in a in a parking lot not a good idea hip-hop but when they did and and j
penske proceeded to urinate on her butt and some fortunate network this could happen with any drug to
mysterio now at the same time you know it’s again the sense of
privilege right deferral so apply for different folks
and so the entire family as a over a billion
dollars so they bring in any way like uh… in on anybody’s out there like
then and your mother millionaire in your book because there is the good news is they got a recipe did
they are us and also to happen to them about and feel like whatever rich people interested in it at
the winds will eventually and maybe like thirty five seconds in jail but it was the real prison earlier we did a story on a woman who is
a program will you’ll citizen was kept in jail for for a half months bob a son false charges any chance those guys ifor happens
please on charges assuming that they did right invaded is it any chance they want to serve four
and a half days interest there which are sport eleven magnified there because they’re finding some other
than that all so they’re you recruitment order for that gently give even if i
might warning house and i was about the uh… there you’re in a ton of fun the car put both days


  • Lets start charging fines at 2% of the persons annual income, then it will hurt/not-hurt some people

  • I get what you are saying, but all I am saying is that the law should be changed because the law is completely silly. No one should be charged with it is my point :p.

  • Sentences for spoiled rich fuckers. Three months in a one room trailer. No cable or wi fi. And a job on a farm bailing hay. A cupboard full of raman noodles and water no caviar and prime rib

  • Don't take @ecwaufisxtreme seriously. She hates men because she's never had one in her life because she's a a femi-nazi bitch. She's also a psycho, crackhead, alcoholic, slut, liar, KKK member, coward, lesbian and Sarah Palin's puppet, plant and employee. ecw knows Palin will never be President but says she will because that's wht Palin pays her a ton of money to do. Plus, ecw's scared to death of getting a real job because she's too stupid, crazy, high and drunk to get one.

  • @sstan1337 Preach it. It isn't anymore fun living the idiocy with these fuckers. Ugh

  • "Hooliganism", Ana? Those atrocious ruffians! They were nothing more than layabouts and ne'er-do-wells…lol

  • @paul19781105 Alriiiiiight look at the big brain on brad.

  • @GENERALJOHNNYREBEL Hell of a name by the way.

  • Roger Penske's Dad told him to start his own business and go to work. So he rebuilt and sold race cars. Do you kinda' get the feeling these two brats didn't get the same real world lecture from their Dad? It did Roger a lot of good. He's learned that it takes lots of work to be and stay successful. There's no event on record of Roger doing what these dummies did, so methinks these two brats have the kind of reckoning coming that money can't insulate them from.

  • @ucdeBZ Believe you me our history corresponds with the rest of the world, we do not however have any history on my aboriginal american ancestors. Due to the fact that they never bothered to learn our history. Quite a few of us are tired of these dumbasses also not all of us are nationalists just to throw that out there.

  • Cenk, thats the problem with our legal system: there really is different treatments for the same crime…all it depends on is how "powerful" your lawyer is…which is crap!!!

  • And I agree with you.

  • Who didn't know Cenk would hit the "I do declare" joint! Fuckin hilarious every fuckin time!!!!

  • @Jon Savant Not all rich people only the ones that piss in parking lots and steal yachts then we could spread the wealth.

  • that would be so funny being arrested for hooliganism

  • Cenk you make an interesting point about fines. A $500 fine for instance may be rather severe for a family on minimum wage but like you said it means nothing to a billionaire. I heard recently that in some parts of Switzerland traffic fines are based on percentage of income. If a guy earning $50,000 say had to pay $500 then someone earning $1,000,000,000 would have to pay $10,000,000. Wondered what you thought of this method of proportionate justice.

  • It sounds fair to me, but the way Americans worship the rich here, it would never happen.

  • Ehm Floyd was rich and served 2 months in jail. They don't get away with it that easy. (I know 2 – 3 months isn't much but compared to Lohan and others it was pretty big.

  • I'm surprised that the police even let this become public. My guess is that the woman that got pissed on was rich enough to make the police take action.

  • all i saw was "rich kids arrested" and i was like "holy shit thats big news right there!"

  • rich and rich, these hollywood clowns are like that!

  • Im not rich, but i love cosmically ANA MARRY ME !!

  • you must be thinking just how well the communist revolution worked out for those poor Russians. You must really admire the results in Cuba

  • Kids with too much money and too much time.

  • I use to that all the time when I used to be a pirate. I'm a recovering ex-pirate now.

  • watch the movie THRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kids can do pretty terrible things when they're bored.

  • And not a single fuck was given that day

  • don't feed the troll.

  • LOL, me and my poor frat brothers did far worse than this amateur shit

  • They don't have their own yacht?

  • America times are tough… Clearly the rich need more tax breaks, things are so bad they're stealing yachts, next they'll have to start filling up their Rolls Royces with regular

  • Are you really raging that hard over something so silly? Go see a psychiatrist.

  • The only difference between a rich kid and a normal/poor kid is how good of a lawyer their dad can get them. Rich kids don't shit on money like that lol

  • meh even if you do that and you're not rich they'd prolly give you a ticket for the public urination and drop the charges for the yath thing…or give you community service..

  • Rich think the law doesn't apply to them.

  • hahhahahaa…. I love Cenk's Native American moment: 2:02
    … i love it.

  • more like 2:03

  • Wow, haven't seen the words "rich" and "arrested" in the same sentence for a while now.

  • It takes no rage to call you an idiot.

  • This has nothing to do with them being rich. How is this news? I know plenty of people that have done similar things and it wasn't because they were rich, most likely because they were drunk

  • Did he do it on purpose or did she like tap him on the shoulder and when he turned around… it's happened before.
    Also did they do any damage to the boat, if not then who gives a fuck? Seriously.

    Now if he had held her down and pissed in her face while calling her a cunt, then I might see a reason to get pissed, but a splash on the boots is something every New Yorker has come to expect.

  • I called you a grammar nazi and you got majorly butthurt. Get over it. Mental case.

  • Why would I get butt-hurt? Being a grammar Nazi is not a bad thing. I take pride in not writing like a fucking moron. Some idiots can't spell, some idiots can't detect sarcasm, i.e. you.

  • Holy fuck you have issues. Even by the low standards of the internet, you are pretty fucked up. Seek help, seriously.

  • If you take pride in correcting minor grammatical mistakes on youtube comments, then you have a sad life.

  • Sorry I didn't catch the sarcasm. But it was to make a point. Don't need to get butthurt about it.

  • *Sorry I didn't catch the sarcasm, but it was to make a point.


  • Nantucket native right here!! Represent! (P.S. It's a MUCH different place in the winter.)

  • Look at the title again…it doesn't mention NASCAR.

  • Touche. Well any sport where people drive in circles is retarded.

  • I'm butthurt by all this bickering.can we not have a civil discourse about the intense eroticism of urinatiing on a rich woman's boots. I'm wetter than her boots right now. Did I mention butt hurts?

  • They are the two sons from The Ballad of Ricky Bobby all grown up.

  • I agree…I think rally racing is better.

  • Dammit, why do people keep getting pissed off at the super-rich? Don't the super-rich have things hard enough as it is? 🙁

  • Damn, i went to nantucket for a couple weeks this summer.

  • Of course. She had a yacht.

  • Ideally, Jay and Mark should've been beaten up by those women too.

  • No. Not nearly enough. Not until their influence and power have been ground away. Not until their superpacs and donations are limited. Not until these fucking maggots learn SUFFERING.

  • "Here I'll urinate on that fine." Lmao.

  • yeah awesome southern accent

  • are these the Penskes of Seinfeld Penske File fame?

  • They did that in Finland, they'd pay equivalent in fines to their income, I.E if fine is 1% of Gross income, than their daddy would need to fork out 10-20 million dollars in fines. And no, in Scandinavia people frown rich, especially rich who abuse their power and, so they'd go to jail and not have their daddy save the day.

  • he was probably trying to mark his territory. In the animal kingdom whatever you piss on becomes your property

  • How old are these Penske sons?

  • How dare you people.

  • Sheesh, a bit old to be pissing on people's shoes then..

  • He's just a troll who, at some point, went a little permanently overboard. Maybe he finds this funny, who the fuck knows…

  • Maybe Taffykill's advice should've better been directed at you… O_O

  • the closed caption is funny at times it says " he urinated on her butt" instead of boot

  • No, no, no. That happens all the time. Big news would be "rich kids convicted."

  • Dude… get help.

  • I love it when Cenk uses his "rich person voice"

  • All the money in the world can not buy class and (or) dignity.

  • I remember when Rory Gilmore did this on Gilmore Girls after she had gotten in with the rich crowd.

  • Rule #1. If you see guys urinating in the parkinglot – don't confront them about it.
    Rule #2. If you choose to disregard rule #1 – do so outside of maximum urinary distance 😉

  • You can't urinate in public and expecially on someone. Also they broke the law and broke in someone's boat. They need to serve some time in jail.

  • Why would she fling their pants around like rag dolls? That makes no sense. As a matter of fact, all of youtube is more stupid for having read your comment. Well done!

  • why are rich or famous people so attractive =

  • If anything the pissed-on lady will get four months in jail.

  • he's trolling, don't bother..

  • This guy is on every video saying almost the exact same thing about Palin with only slight variations. I think he's paid to say stuff about Palin just to keep her name "in rotation." Either that or he really is insane.


  • *Jayar

  • Who goes up to someone urinating in public, to say you shouldn't do that? You better hope they're drunk, because otherwise your dumb decision just got a whole lot dumber!

  • ahem….theyre called trolls

  • For doing their job?

  • What are you smoking?

  • Yeah yeah yeah Ana at 0:45 we know by now, men are ready to rape at the drop of a hat.

  • Were their Uggs.

  • Haha Urinate On 40,000 Dollar Fine ….

  • click show comment to see why you shouldn't be on the internet whilst tripping on shrooms.

  • When I first saw this is saw "urinated on woman's boobs"

  • Ana's main purpose in the show is "fan service"

  • Just tax the rich lol!

  • i didn't even watch the video but i know you guys will ruin it with your high handed lecturing of obviously in the wrong people. Brilliant minds you guys have

  • I love Cenks British accent lol

  • That is why I don't fuck with Sarah Palin.

  • Rich people get away with anything they do. It's not "justice for all" by any means.

  • They are assholes and always have been

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