Reverse Bell Bottoms | FLIP IT CHALLENGE

Hello again, dear friend. Now, everybody seems
to just accept that many things in life
are the way that they are because someone long ago
decided that they should
be that way. Like, all
the experimentation is over. Well, we’ve got news
for you, folks! – It’s not!
– Yeah. Today we’re gonna take
popular fashions and see if maybe, just maybe,
they’re better in reverse. It’s time for… All right, first up,
we have a favorite of glamorous women
and short actors– high heels. Now in
the “Book Of Mythicality,” we feature mythical beast
inventions, and one brilliant mind
thought of flipping the stiletto concept
before this segment was even a twinkle
in our eye. So today we are bringing
Hannah England’s
invention to life with her patent-pending
low heels– AKA, high toes. Show us what you got, Link. ♪ Ow! ♪– The low heel.
– Coming. Oh, you look great, Rhett. – Oh, so do you!
– If you look at these
from the side. Yeah, the profile
is really where all
the action’s at. You can see that
I’ve got these black heels
on the front. What kind of mobility
did you have? – Could you?
– Some high toes, man. Could you follow me around? Um, I’m getting a really
good stretch in the calves. But I think if, you know,
it’s one of those things where if there’s a moment
of emphasis that I want make – in a conversation with you.
– Uh-huh. I could be like,
“But what I really mean is…” Whoa-ho-ho-ho! “Blah, blah, blah,
blah, blah.” Look!
It’s the heel-less high heel. And it becomes
heel-less high heels. – I’m almost jealous.
– And then I can just
revert back. Back to my normal me. It’s just– it’s just
walking and walking. Walking on the–
ooh, it hurts. I’m just going to
go ahead say, after having them on
this long, I’m in severe pain. Like, my calves are being
stretched to the limit, They look like the Dutch
wooden shoe a little bit. Okay, Link.
Uh, you be the judge.
Does it flip? Absolutely not.( buzzer )It was the illustrious hipster who popularized
the deep V neck. But lately I’ve observed that
a whole bunch of crew necks are walking around on
the hip streets of Los Angeles. Maybe deep V necks
need to switch it up
by getting flipped up. Make way
for the deep V belly. Okay, there it is. He’s strutting his stuff. It’s not very slimming. But I feel so free. You look like you tried
to turn a superhero cape into a t-shirt. Or it’s flirting with
becoming a superhero cape. And it– you can’t.
I mean… You can’t pull it
together even if
you wanted to? Almost.
Okay, there you go. You can show up
at a party like, “I don’t know what
kind of party this is.” Oh, now I know what
kind of party this is. It’s that kind of party. ( laughter ) It’s a little awkward
to have to hold it. But then once you
let it lose, if it’s that kind
of party, are you feeling good
to show the flesh pyramid? I feel like a zipper
would be nice.
I feel like– – Don’t backtrack.
– No, I– what
I’ll say is that I feel like I would want
to be amongst friends,
you know? I feel like
I wouldn’t feel comfortable
among strangers like this. Me personally, you know? I feel like I wouldn’t
want to be friends, “to be amongst”
if they were doing that. Well, you know how a dog
that really trusts you will expose his belly to you? – Yeah, just kinda.
– That’s how I am. And it’s like,
if I trust you, I’ll be like,
“You can see the belly.
I know you want to.” But that’s only if
you’re a good friend
or a confidante. Maybe if I get
a closer look at it, I’ll see the genius of it. Oh, oh. Gosh. I see your future. It involves us
not being friends
if you keep this up. Okay, uh, so does it flip? –No, it doesn’t.
( buzzer )Okay, fashion goes in cycles, and it seems like we’ve
neared the end of the skinny
tapered jeans trend, meaning that bell bottoms
are coming back. I think I look
pretty good in ’em. Let’s see if
they’re just as trendy flipped upside down! Take a look at Link’s
bell top jeans. Hey, guys. I’m a little to the party. Don’t know what kind
of party this is, but I wanted to make sure
I had a lot of pelvis room. – Oh, wow.
– Whoo. You look like Humpty-Dumpty. I mean,
you just need the egg, you just need the egg
to fit– make an egg– I forgot to wear
the top half of my
Humpty Dumpty costume. It’s like, bloop.
It would go right here. Photoshop it on,
mythical beasts. – Um.
– Uh, I don’t know.
It’s very comfortable. I feel very secure.
I got some– a little secret elastic
bandage happening here. Oh, that’s how there’s–
it’s not magic. It’s keeping them up.
Yeah, it’s not like,
constant, like, – kinesis of the “tele” variety.
– You got anything in there besides yourself?
I’m afraid to look. No, but, like,
if I, you know– if I get cold,
I could just be like, “Ooh, I’m cold.
Brrr! My arms are warm now.” I can be a t-shirt
and britches man
all year round. It’s not–
I mean, it might be
more unflattering than the, uh, V bottom.
Let me see the back. Let me see what
the butt looks like. Wha-bam! It doesn’t do anything
for your butt either. You could an ad on it. Like, lots of room to sell
big billboards. You know what
you could do, though? You can put your phone
and your wallet and you’ll never
actually sit on them. You know sitting
on your phone and wallet
is bad for your back? – What I– I–
– They’re on the outside. I could also put
my backpack and my date. And, uh, I don’t know.
Think about all the things I could smuggle in
to a movie theater. Yeah, but it might
poke out the top. Like,
buckets of chicken, man. I could have
two buckets of chicken. I could walk around
parties and be the chicken bucket man. Okay, so, does it flip? Link:
I love this!Lastly, we’re gonna
take on the iconic ’80s hairstyle,
the mullet. As you can see,
I’m rocking the classic business in the front,
party in the back, y’all. But what’s a flipped mullet? Please welcome Rhett
and his brand new fullet! ( laughter ) Oh. I’m right here. Stop. – Aah!
– Here I am. Okay, now give us a– hold on, give us
a little turn first before you part
the hair seas. Oh, see? Look at that. Both:
Business in the back. – Link: And then…
– Party in the front. It’s very emo,
like original Smosh if they didn’t want to see. Well, I think it’s finally
time that I told you all. – I’m Sia.
– ( laughter ) Sia doesn’t have
a beard, man. Um, well, just a couple
of observations. It doesn’t seem like
you can see anything. Uh, I actually can see.
It’s like a muted view
of the world. Like, if you’re
having a bad day and you don’t really
want to take it all in. That’s emo. And also,
I kinda feel like, again,
it’s one of those things where I can choose
to reveal myself. It’s like I’m constantly
at a costume party. I didn’t think
that anyone could look less intelligent than me, – and then you came out here.
– ( laughter ) “Hey, man,
come out here and top
how unintelligent I look.” I can’t even see
what it looks like.
That is a problem. – You just look–
– But I feel so safe. You look like
you have a wig
on backwards. It’s like when
an alligator, when you close
an alligator’s eyes and it thinks that
it’s by itself and it’s safe. I feel so safe right now. But then when
I come out of the world,
I’m like… “Oh, turns out I’m not safe. But I can make
myself safe again.” Like that, safe again. Okay, but does
the mullet flip? Rhett:
Yes. Yes, it does.
I– okay, fine. I’m glad you can
live in that world,
but I’m not joining you. But if you ever
want to get in my pants,
there’s plenty of room. Oh, gosh. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Bryce.
– I’m Isaac. – I’m Jayden.
– I’m Alex. – And I’m Isaac.
– And we’re all in Resurrection
Pass Trail in Alaska. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! Be careful out there.
Click the bottom link to watch today’s episode
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