Republicans Flip Flop on Medicare

one of the the sticking points in the
pacific with the decisions right now is what’s gonna happen with medicare and
it’s interesting to see how will the republicans are speaking now compared to
how they were before the election as the first with a mashup of what they were
saying out during the election before obama one let’s hear those the uh… the payment said to go to
medicare by seven hundred billion dollar and when you need bombings cut seven
hundred and sixteen billion dollars from medicare and medicare for correction retirees he’s cutting seven sixteen billion
dollars for the program because of the seven hundred and sixteen billion
dollars in cuts seven hundred and sixteen seven sixteen billion dollars you’re gonna see a seven hundred sixteen
billion dollar cut to medicare this rate of seven hundred sixteen billion dollars
from medicare to pay for obama key elements ratings seven hundred sixteen
billion dollars from medicare changing to program through medicare should be the promise that it
made to our current seniors period and of story have andropov armand is taken seven
hundred sixteen billion on him that simple that simple and said he wants election
you would think but the republicans were the protectors
of medicare they were outrage that all bomber one of the country which by the
way is not true communicate might but well course will no in the sense that what it does is a gift for the medicare
is a vanity litigator medicare advantage which is just skimming off the top and
giving it a private insurers for no reason it has been zero extra benefits for the people actually receiving
medicare so look ivoire protect medicare or
hundred-percent so and and i think that was a good way
to big erode away some form anyway bucky the report was like hitler like if this anyone who wants to save
medicare it is possible to do not want to cut ok yeah understand it is your watch the next
clip which is after the election entitlement reform means entitlements are medicare so security and medicare andrew for me and contact them so but see what they want after though for entitlement reform entitlement
reform how we reform the entitlements this
coupled with rail entitlement reform and it’s gonna take our cuts in entitlements polyester mcrae respondent armory for
making real changes to the financial structure of interment programs to
change the model for medicare along with her out spending cuts in
entitlement reforms can be impossible to address or countries debt crisis sixty seven sixty nine and social
security you know the retirement age has to be change maybe some of the benefits
have to defect in charlotte entitlement programs that are of the
primary drivers of order entitlements have to be slow down and
contained about online as bala cuts and a lot more painful for
both democrats and republicans but they’re going to have to do it to lower people’s expectations the entitlements
and what people think that they’re going to get so while other miss how we put in the
republicans the c_e_o_’s and boxes and and burn it because they are one of the xin down
katie reunited in we must cut your medicare so security because the rich people attacked but that’s really interesting disciple
all you guys said you want to protect medicare demeaning collections or what we have
remarks his value border guard we must medicare highly combine man these guys are not honest brokers you
know the we treat the party’s at at face
value like other democrats say this in the republicans say that but the republicans powerful allies i mean anybody before the election when i was
screaming of course they want to cut medicare erode objectives such apart in october is a hot issue of bias they have to just read what the
republicans say with with as if they’re honest actors and like no there say they want to protect medicare
so they probably did we’ll look at that they change their
mind collection was over of course dust of course the political that’s applicable xin played out in that bit of integrate
mashup though say anything to get elected and then after the election the agenda comes forward and even within
that after election period there there political deals being made it so that actor actually writing your column
about part of the election that part of a general election in the dispensary and uh… debited called again i think that there are poor elderly
people been skating by long enough it’s time for them to figure out what’s in
boot straps are has free money from the government

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