Replace LG Front-Load Washer Door Boot Seal #MDS47123604

repair clinic encourages you to perform
this procedure safely in this video we will show one or more of these icons to alert you went to use caution as with any repair be sure you’ve unplugged
the appliance before beginning your first step is to use a flat head
screw driver or spring expansion tool to help remove the clamp from the door
boots seal peel the boot seal off the lip of the
front panel and move it out of the way now depressed the tab to release the
wire connector from the door latch next opened the pump filter cover and
unclip the drainage tube remove the filter housing mounting screw and pull out the housing with the housing out remove the lower
front panel mounting screw remove the screws at the rear of the
main top now slide the main top back
approximately one inch then lift up to remove next pull out the dispenser drawer depress the locking tab and remove the
drawer from the control panel remove the front control panel mounting
screws and the rear control panel mounting
screw now moving left to right detach the
control panel mounting tabs and move the panel out of the way next remove the upper front panel
mounting screws and lift the front panel up and out use pliers to loosen the clamps on the
steam and circulation hoses and pull the hoses off of the seal ports loosen the clamp securing the boot
seal’s drain port to the drain tube and pull it off use a flat head screw driver or the
spring expansion tool to remove the tub boot clamp now peel the old boot seal off of the
outer tub prepare the new door boot seal for
installation by transferring the steam and circulation
nozzle from the old seal to the new one then apply liquid dish soap to lubricate
the seal’s groove with the indicator on the seal pointing
upward push the boot seals grooved edge over the lip of the top and work your way around the entire tub
opening secure the seal with the tub boot clamp using the spring expansion tool will make
this step easier connect the stem and circulation hoses
to the seal and secure the clamps reuse the old clamp to secure the new
seal’s drain port to the drain tube reinstall the front panel by aligning
the tabs in the cabinet base with the slots in the panel now secure the front panel mounting
screws reposition the control panel and snap it
into place reinstall the mounting screws in the
front and in the back replace the dispenser drawer aligned the main top and slide it
forward into place secure the screws at the rear replace the lower front panel mounting
screw reinsert the pump filter housing and secure the screw clip the drainage tube into the housing
and close the cover snap the door latch wire connector into
place and realign the door boot seal on the lip
of the front panel reinsert the boot clamp into the seal’s
outer groove with the spring at the bottom again the use of the spring expansion
tool will make this easier you’re now ready to plug the appliance
back in to make sure it’s functioning properly


  • What is the parts number for the drain tube? My drain tube looks like it cracked.

  • Hi I think this is a good video but I didnt have time to do this so I called a repair man. My wife went to use It and it right away it began eating away at the new boot seal at the rear of the seal where it is closest to the drum. it was making a rubbery squeak noise and pounding terrible, smoking and rubber particals everywhere. I looked inside and it didnt look like the seal was pushed on all the way. I pushed it in and though that might do it but it still does the same thing. any advice would be appriciated. thanks

  • My trick for getting the spring clamps on without the special tool was to use a zip tie. Loop it in the end of the spring and the you have some big loops to pull on. Once snapped in to place, clip the zip ties and remove. Great video. Watched all the way through once. The. Watched and paused for each step. Total of 30 to 45 min.

  • awesome video easy step by step process the only thing I wish I had was the spring expansion tool could of save me hours of frustration take it from me it's worth the money to buy the tool your blood pressure will thank you in the end

  • What if i see no tears or holes in the boot. Just alot of crud. Do u think that was the promblem ? ( lg tromm wm1814cw )

  • Will this work on LG model lg wm3875hvca ?

  • I get a lot of useuful information..

  • we have an LG WM2010CW, our boot seal ripped off and left some burnt rubber smell. We were able to remove it easily following your video Thanks! our problem now is that we don't know the part number for sure. We see 4986ER0006 on it but NO letter at the end ('B' nor 'F'), what do those letters stand for?

  • thank you.

  • Good write up. for the spring clips I forked out a whopping £0.24 for a 120mm M6 bolt, two eye screws and 3 nuts to make my own spring expander. a bit cheaper than the LG tool and worked perfectly

  • Hello, is there any material or glue to seal the trim / rubber machine wash and dry samsung?
    It is with a small cut on the edge and is dripping water. Thank you.

  • no

  • Thank you, thank you . . . thank you. Could not get a repair person out to fix our LG front loader, leeked and wouldn't drain. I was totally intimidated with the thought of doing it myself. BUT after watching this video, I gave it a go, paid the extra for overnight shipping of the gasket and it worked, at least the leak – still wouldn't drain. BUT by watching another of your videos, pulled the drain pump (took lots of pictures) and cleaned some clogged hoses, and blew out everything else. Put it together and still didn't train, but no leeks. Ordered the drain pump, again overnight, and just finished putting it in. We are up and running. Thank you. This isn't my favorite thing to do, but without your videos, I would have been at the mercy of Sears – ugh.

  • Where would it be leaking? Water is coming out the bottom of my washer could this be the issue?

  • great video absolutely perfect!

  • This tutorial to replace the boot was absolutely spot on. I don't have the exactly model as this particular LG but it's an LG and I was able to replace the boot within an hour. THE ONLY PROBLEM…. If you don't have the spring clamp to put the wires back around the boot to seal it… You'll be scrambling a way to stretch the springs. Figuring that out took awhile but that was the only hang-up. If you have the tool shown, you'll be able to replace the boot within an hour or less. Absolutely perfect video tutorial! Thanks.

  • Perfect! Did this myself in 45 min.

  • what size the main for the top of the washer in the back

  • sad, the dryer is sitting on top of the washing machine, so I can't freely lift up the top panel. I am sad, because almost everything in the house never was designed for easy maintenance at later time. I'm already having a headache about the clogged dryer vent, that the pervious owner never bothered to clean. I'm just sad for tones of the design in the house.

  • the narrator displays the nicest, most efficient description than several others I watched. thanks

  • Saved us $600! It was a spring that came loose with a large load. Found it following your tutorial. Thanks

  • You guys are always so helpful. Thank you.

  • I followed these step by step instructions and replaced the boot seal on my LG washer machine. This is not a hard procedure thanks to these instructions. I will tell you that if you don't have the spring removal tool (as I did not), it is a tad bit harder. You will need two people for that step. I actually used the ends of a bungee cord and pulled the spring apart while my wife fit the spring in to place. Also, this washer doesn't have a drum light, yet the boot seal has a place for it. If you have a drum light, make sure to have an extra zip tie. If yours is like mine they cut the end off so it can't be reused. Last word of advice…when putting soap on the seal, you only need to put a little. Just enough so there is less friction when putting the seal in place. Thanks RepairClinic for this video. I'm sure it saved me a few hundred bucks.

  • IS ALL THE WATER SUPPOSE TO DRAIN OUT OF THE DOOR BOOT SEAL????? Thanks mine doesn't drain!!

  • i have the one with steam. i forgot which nozzle had the cap. on the yellow connector. i have 1 hose coming out and two yellow connectors one says steam on the gasket. is that the one i put a cap on or is it the shorter tube

  • i bought the tool i hurt my arm struggling for 2 hours… works in seconds


  • re set control board

  • Loved the video ordered the new boot seal on Amazon and I think I might of ordered wrong one because the original one doesn't have a drain port and the new boot deal does. According to the Amazon description it was one for my model # can someone help me??
    My model # is WM2487HRM and I purchased part # 4986ER0004G do I need to return this one and get the right one and if so what's the CORRECT PART #

  • how can u do it on an AMANA WASHER ???

  • at 4:25 What was that wire connector for

  • We spent 2 hours last night trying to get the boot gasket on the outside drum! What are we doing wrong! Never been more frustrated!
    The original gasket is in great condition, we just needed new bearings but the gasket almost seems too big to fit on the drum.

  • Thanks, for this. Really helpful! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I would never have figured out how to replace the boot seal on my own, but with your video I got it done in a little over an hour. The spring clamps were the hardest part of the operation, but with a little elbow grease and a lot of cussing, I finally got them on. Thanks again!

  • I just replaced the door boot seal on our LG thanks to the information in this video. If you can afford the spring-removal tool then it might save you some time and cussing. The front spring-wire clamp is easy to get off and re-install, but the inside spring-wire clamp is a "mo-fo" to reinstall. It comes off easily enough, but it was difficult to re-install without the special tool. I had to enlist the help of my wife, and we used tie wraps around the spring ends to expand the spring. Also, I purposely stretched the spring while it was off to allow us to more smoothly pull it apart. That inner-spring is a strong one. But everything is fine now and no more odor. YAY!!!

  • Thx

  • I just did it. Thank you very much

  • Thanks for the video!!!

    Followed your steps exactly for my LG washer and worked like a charm. I did have some issues with getting the stupid retaining spring in as I did not have the special tool but I got it to work. Took me about 2.5hrs to do, so its defiently not a light task. Did not help that we have stacked washer/dryer combo so I had to deal with all that too.

    Great video, could not have done it without you!!

  • Thanks you saved me a ton of money!

  • The metal boot seal spring popped off so this video helped a lot! Didn't have the special tool but used a clamp to hold the spring at the bottom. Make sure the rubber seal is set correctly then place the spring on from the top and slowly go clockwise. If the rubber seal pops out pull out the whole metal spring ring and reset the rubber seal then try again. Really fiddly but it can be done without the tool.

  • Great video, very professional. I changed the boot seal on my LG washer using this video and it went very well. Thanks! I didn't have the spring expander tool so I created my own using simple parts I bought at the hardware store for about $5. The tool would have made it faster but my tool worked fine and was MUCH cheaper.

  • Amazing how clean this one is! obviously never used ! 🙂

  • thanks so much!

  • It is NOT necessary to remove anything but the door boot seal and everything connected to it. It may be easier to replace the retention rings with the front removed, but I did it very easily (after buying a spring expansion tool) without taking anything else apart. Those of you who figured out how to install the retaining rings without the tool have my admiration! I think the best advice was to make two large rings out of zip ties through the loops on either side of the spring. Brilliant! It took me two hours and $28 to locate and buy the tool.

  • Lots of good ideas in the comment section about how to install the outer boot clamp without having to buy the spring expansion tool.
    I used some 6'' Trigger Clamps to hold the boot clamp in place, which freed up my hands to slide the spring section into place

  • Anyone know if you don't have the old boot where you can get another set or replacements for the yellow/orange steam and circulation nozzles?

  • This is an excellent how-to video. However, nothing seems to work for getting the outer spring back on. Zip ties, vise grips, nothing worked for us so we stretched the spring out a little (maybe too much) and then we could get it on. It's not as tight as original, but doesn't leak. We'll see. Next, I would like to see the techs work on a 10-yr. old machine. New appliances are always easiest…no rust, no stuck parts, no seized up screws…easy!

  • My water door seal case undone while I was washing and this just saves me from getting my ass beat

  • I have this washer,soap box is a mold collector more than anything.. LG is a brand id avoid in the future

  • This video has me feeling like a champion. Thank you I followed step-by-step and couldn't have asked for a better tutorial. We make tutorials at work and I feel like I could learn a thing or two. Excellent!

  • i just want to sat thank you for the video work like a charm

  • Very clear and helpful video. Big note: the holes I see in all these repair videos, are in the bottom of the seal near the small drain tube. Guess what? That comes from the sharp clamp on the tube. I saw that when re-installing, and wrapped both clamps with 4 layers of duct tape. I hope that will stop the contact between the two!

  • Great! Mine are stacked. Sigh.

  • Incredible DIY video.

  • If your washing machine drips from the front, you drain is probably clogged like mine was. It was full of dog hair. No need to replace the boor seal unless you want to.

  • That should be plugged into a GFI ;P

  • J

  • Zip ties worked like a charm!

  • Thank you, Repair clinic. Great video. I got the spring back on without the tool but it was true test of determination.

  • Just installed a boot door seal without a $90 LG spring tool. Took me 1hour 30 min. My wife held in place one side of the wire and I the other with left hand while using a plastic pastry mixing spatula under the spring to pop into place. Both wires were a breeze to install. Rubbed liquid laundry detergent on seals to help fit easily. No leaks, no extra noises and no screws left over.

  • I'm surprised I did not see this mentioned in any other comments but be sure you are seating the seal correctly. There is another way to install it where you're kinda tucking it under the white plastic tub. It fits in-there perfectly so you will think that it's correct. I did it this way and it cost me about 3 days of really bad times. I ended-up buying from RC a new seal, new expansion ring, and the tool and the only reason I removed the seal was to clean the mold from it. I could not understand why every time I tried to install the ring, the seal would pop out of the groove. Further research showed me the mistake I was making. The zip tie tricks did not work for me, nor did the 90 dollar tool so I was pretty pissed, BUT I had the seal installed incorrectly. Once I figured-out the problem the tool worked OK but I have a feeling the zip tie trick would work too. SO….if your seal is popping out of the groove when you trry to install the ring, you have the seal installed wrong.

  • After a lot of cursing and sweating, my trick to get the spring on without the tool was to actually use two small screw drivers. One is used on the metal loop in the ring to hold it in place, then the other one I loop though the spring and through the hook to leverage them. If you do this the right way (from the inside of the ring) the gap in the spring's metal loop on the top will slide into the hook and lock it into place. Good luck!

  • Spot on video, thanks guys. Wish my local shop had the spring tool! Made do with some long handled needle nose pliers, hooking one side around the seal and leveraging against my thigh to stretch the spring around the other side. Still a PITA, but got the job done! (wish I would have read the zip tie trick ahead of time!)
    I will definitely take a look at your cleaner, we were not diligent enough and the seal got incredibly disgusting after 7 years of use, embarrassingly so! New seal, new start!

  • I remplace the suich of the door an have an error de .. What can be…. Thank s

  • Wear gloves, you won't regret it.

  • I have the washer dryer stack version. Do I need to remove the dryer off the washer to remove the top of the washer?

  • Well, just like every DIY video, it’s never that easy when you are actually doing it yourself. The inner ring is the most difficult for me. Almost went nuts. I ended up separating the steel ring at the spring hook, connecting them with zip tie and pulling them closer by pulling the zip tie loop. When it’s close enough, I used one pair of nose pliers to hold the the hook end while hand pulling the zip tie loop at the spring end. Put the hook into the spring eye and done. For the outer ring, I just used vise grip as the other video suggested. It took me a few trials before getting it done. The key is to pull the vise grip side ways while pushing the ring in with your other hand plus a screw driver probably. A little too much pulling outward, the whole thing fell part.

  • I took on this job today. I heard expletives i didn't even know existed spew forth from my own mouth

  • sue the shit out of the maker of this problem they were well aware of this could people or make children sick or die and people with health problems so please open your eyes! They don't care to tell us or knowing from the start of this killing weapon!?! real

  • Sir, can I get the entire Tool Kits and let me know the price and also let me know whether I can place order with Amazon. In

  • Thank you guys. I'm really happy that found this video that helped me a lot!

  • Perfect video. But where do I buy the seal?

  • Very helpful video. I used two screwdrivers and a piece of 2×4 wood with a notch cut in at each end to substitute for the expensive and elusive spring spreading tool.

  • Thank you you saved my day.

  • I smelt burning and this seal was all chewed up.  What would make this happen? Please and thank you

  • Such a huge help. Perfect step by step walk through.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful video, the clear instructions made it very easy to get the job done without needing a Handyman.
    I did buy that special spring-tool, and very glad I did, as I found my spring to be somewhat rusted and very tight, the tool made it very easy.
    Overall about 4 hours work, as I had to also take extra time to clean out the tubes and drum while at it .

  • Don’t attempt this unless you have the clamp tool. Soooo frustrating

  • Let me say this agin. Do not attempt without the proper tool. Unless you are ok with rigging it tie wraps. Order the tool before hand so you aren’t stuck with a useless washer until it comes in.

  • haha, he has a fancy sping tool. Maybe I'll get one of those someday.

  • haaagggggggggggggjh this is tooo much for a house wife!!

  • Thank you!!! Problem solved!!!

  • You do not have to take off front panel to do the job I have done this over a hundred times. This is key to know especially if there is a dryer stacked on top

  • Easy to follow instructions, was able to replace the gasket on my 2009 era LG WM2050CW. I found the special tool to be very helpful and I'm glad I had it. Thanks!

  • Other than dish soap, any suggestions on how to get the boot on??

  • I use a cycle puncture repair outfit to repair mine. My last machine lasted 20 years and had 4 patches on it !!

  • Where to buy new parts?

  • Thank so much. This is a very informative video, thank you for sharing this information.

  • It’s been like 8 years and not only did I have the tool from the last time, but this video as a refresher. To hell with those that say don’t buy the tool… look save yourself and your blood pressure the drama, buy the tool and like I did post a notice through your neighborhood pages to let folks know for as little as $30 I can change their door seals…. BAM….. it paid for its self!
    Thanks again to the maker of the video man you are the best thing since hot wings!

  • Crap video on gasket new insulation need a close up pics or video

  • The drain on the front seal (6 o’clock position forward of the three drain passages) was clogged with a small LEGO piece. The LEGO was not visible without disconnecting the drain tube. Saved me from changing out the seal. Video helped with figuring access to the front drain.

  • The boot clamp is going back on correctly it seems to be a bit bigger and I’m following your steps from the video, not sure what’s going on?

  • Perfect video. I hope to find a video on cleaning between the drum and the basket while I have it apart. I read that many people change this seal because of mold smell (my issue) not due to leaks. I want to get all the smell out, not just some of it. Advise anyone? (I already thought about throwing the washer off a bridge to "deep clean" it. Not feasible.

  • ok…Im just going to go and buy a new machine!! ha ha…

  • Very useful video, wish I'd bought that extensor tool, but still, doable for the average guy who's handy.
    Cuddos guys!!!

  • After watching this I feel invincible and am going to do it myself instead of hearing my husband cuss for an hour. Thanks

  • Wow. This looks like a total pain for something that should be easy. I just wanted to take it out to clean it easier. Nevermind!

  • Very good tutorial.
    Easy to follow and accurate.
    I changed the seal on my washer in 1 hour.

  • Got some hard time to reinstall the spring . Got the special tool, but it didn't help much. The hard one is the inner one. Watched another video and unhooked the spring, and then used the special tool to hood up again. The external spring is an easy one to put back. This the other video I got some ideas ( but still difficult!)

  • This is not easy as its shown here. I just tried to do this. It took a long time and many people to finish task. Its better left to the pro. But anyways, i thought i had it all done but my washing machine wont run now. After turning on power button, i am not able to change any other controls. There's no error code displayed. Anyone run into this issue?

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