Reebok Print Smooth Ultk Running Shoe Review – On Feet

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Hi there welcome to today’s video we’re looking at some cool kicks today we’re
looking at the Reebok men’s print smooth run Ultraknit shoe I’ll put a link below
these are 100% synthetic and we’ll get the box open these are blue on
black with white take those right out of the box they really properly so there we
have the Reebok men’s print smooth ultra knit shoe it’s 100% synthetic
upper it has a synthetic soul with independent nodes and 180 degrees CRTtech rubber perimeter outer sole it’s got seamless construction. It’s a
low cut design there’s some padding on the back collar here. It’s got your
tongue basic lace-up configuration it’s a mesh upper so it’ll breathe well and
it’s got the single density 3d foam midsole here and a nice cup for the heel
there with the Reebok emblem there so really like the Reebok emblem on the
tongue. They are kind of a sharp Horizon blue it’s a little bit different than what
you normally it’s some of the darker blues it kind of pops so we’re going to
go ahead and put these on feet and demo them for you So that’s a quick review of the
Reebok men’s print smooth ultk running shoe I’ll put a link below it’s
available in Amazon you can pick your color they come in all kinds of colors
you got black, white, red, blue, but again check them out they’re really really
comfortable super super great sneaker with the memory foam and they feel
awesome. Thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it. Please comment
below! Please like. Please subscribe we’re always doing videos on new sneakers and
casual wear definitely pick yourself up a pair of the Reebok print smooth
running shoe I don’t think you’ll be disappointed pretty cool thank you so
much for watching


  • I like the color. First here

  • What do you think of the Reebok print smooth ultk running sneaker?

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