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hi there and welcome to today’s video today we’re gonna do a quick open boxing
of the Reebok print run 2.0 lightweight running shoe we’ll open up the box there
and these are in black these are really really great running sneakers we just
wanted to quickly open the box you like a nice rubber sole they’re very
sharp looking so the sneakers
these are running shoes they’re pretty light about seven point nine five ounces
they have mesh and synthetic upper they have a waist up closure, they’re a round
toe, you have the padded collar and tongue and there’s a nice fabric lining
on the inside and you have a cushioned footbed and then you’ve got your
synthetic soul and white very very little flex there not as much as some of
the others but very very nice nice heel cup for extra support and it also has
the synthetic I’m sorry the EBA midsole so really really light great great shoe
we’re gonna go ahead and model these for you on the feet there you go you can
tell they look really sharp with the jeans a denim very very nice the white
soles are sharp the black is very very sharp so there you have a quick review
on the Reebok print run 2.0 lightweight running shoe and men’s go out and pick
yourself up a pair thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it


  • Are they breathable? Cuz the south texas heat is horrible so breathable is a must? Have u tested m running?

  • some of these reebok shoes have memory tech insole which is amazing and you never seen that in other shoes but noone actually get the insoles out for review i think they worth it liked your video

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