RedWing8165 Boots Repair Vibram700・レッドウィング8165ソール交換カスタムENGLISH SUB

Hello, this is RADIAN Sugiura Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture shoe repair. redwing8165 plane toe model this I would like to replace the sole. The type of sole to replace is VIBRAM430 It becomes sole custom Then, please look at repairing The repair is complete. Please see the finished shoes in the photo How is it? This time from genuine white crepe sole With this feeling, I customized the sole to the VIBRAM700 sole. At the beginning of the video Vibram430 sole. I introduced it, but when I confirmed the order, Vibram700 was the correct answer. Dangerous and dangerous. It was about to install a sole different from the order. The reason for making mistakes is vibram430 sole and vibram700 sole are red wing work boots etc. It’s a popular Vibram sole, so it’s easy to make a mistake It ’s a good opportunity to make a mistake. What kind of sole is usually work boots such as redwing Is it often used? I often get questions. I would like to introduce it for a moment. First of all, I used this time It is vibram700 sole. It looks like this and I think that the thickness of the sole was 7 mm A flat sole with grip and a midsole When it is thick and attached to the work boots I think it ’s cool, with a moderate rugged feel. The color is black and brown. Do you know anything else like this? With cork Cork sole. There is also a feature of vibram700 Next is the vibram430 sole that I made a mistake this time. It will be something like this. This is also often used for work boots. The thickness of the sole is 6 mm With the vibram700 sole introduced earlier Only 1 mm is different, but this 1 mm looks very thin. Work boots I want to finish it thick. There are quite a few people, but this 1 mm thickness difference. Does it look sharp or rugged? There are quite a difference. But 1mm Isn’t it easy to wear that thin? If you are worried, please look here. In the middle There are protrusions. Just a little bit This is 1mm. When these protrusions are combined, the total is 7 mm. It will be the same thickness as the Vibram700 sole. It’s a nice and childlike sole. later It’s classic but it looks like this Tank sole This is thick. I think it was 11 millimeters. It is vibram100 sole. Used for mountaineering shoes and work boots are of course often used There are two kinds of colors Two types of colors, black and honey. Then, like this Cord sole It looks like the original sole of Red Wing engineer boots. This also has a thickness of 7 mm and 8 mm, so it looks quite rugged Last but not least, the combination of leather sole and tank half sole Such a style that feels like REDWING BECKMAN It ’s like this when you wear a heel. Like this This time redwing Of 8165 I replaced the sole. Last but not least, let me introduce you to the store Our shop is near the station in Toyohashi, Aichi, Japan My name is RADIAN, a shoe repair shop. Repair at store Not only custom remake requests We accept requests for repairs and customs for home delivery, both in Japan and overseas. How much will it be? If you need a prior estimate, call or email If you can contact us using tools like LINE here I will give you an approximate estimate. I’m curious about the amount of money I want to leave it to RADIAN! Those who can say without prior notice You can send shoes directly to our shop. I’ll write your address below If you send them, what kind of repairs / customization will you do as soon as your shoes arrive? Contact the price. (PayPal for overseas customers) We will contact you for delivery In that case, contact information is required. Phone number or email address or SNS (instagram / facebook) Furthermore, if you have a convenient time zone and contact information, it would be helpful if you could put in a memo etc. That ’s how this time It was redsole 8165 sole exchange. See you again! Bye-bye, RADIAN Sugiura


  • いつも拝見させております
    とてもかっこいいです(*´ ∀`)

  • このカスタムはおいくらくらいなんでしょうか?

  • 伸びてきましたねー!

  • cool video may i ask how often to wax boot?

  • めちゃカッコいいです!

  • どうも依頼主です。

  • 杉浦さんの好きな靴??教えてほしいです!好きな靴ベスト5みたいな感じで動画にして貰えると嬉しいです?

  • 見違える程印象変わりますね!カッコいい!ベックマンとアイアンレンジの良いとこ取り的な!

  • 昨日お店に伺ってモックトウとチャッカの2足のベックマンのソール交換をお願いしました。いつも動画で見る店内が実際に見れて楽しかったです。チャッカはコルク入りを選んだので仕上がりが楽しみです。

  • ソール交換悩みます。どのソールにしようか迷ってます。コバのオリジナルの色が好きです。いつもブログと動画見てます。最近動画配信のペースが上がってますね。頑張ってください。

  • Its an art. Curious. What is the piece of metal in the sole for?

  • Awesome work!

  • Классная работа !!! На каблуке , будет удобней !

  • Could you do a video on putting a vibram heavy grip sole like the 100 on a airforce 1.

  • Utter brilliance ??????

  • Apesar de não entender nada do que é dito. Amo seus vídeos e seu trabalho. Como eu queria um calçado desses! 🙂

  • 自分も8165を所有していて、ソールの交換を考えています。この動画の作業でいくらで済みますか?大まかで結構です。同じソールで見積もってください。

  • リペア後のかかと全体がフラットについてなくて、少し浮いてるのが気になります。

  • 途中ソールの下に入れた金属パーツは何でしょうか?

  • 一つ質問させてください。
    実際、Wolverinの1000Mileだと気にならないですがRedwingのIrish Setterだと気になったりするので...

  • Very talented

  • Amazing.

  • スエードブラシ、金ブラシ、紙ヤスリでも回復しなくなった

  • でた!マヨネーズであえたコンビーフ!

  • そんなに いい靴ならば 日本人 全員が持ってるはず?ですけどねぇー自己満足 Shoes かな?持ってるけど 履くのに 紐が、面倒でーす❗️

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