Recess with Liza Koshy and Kevin Hart

Welcome to an all new episode
of “What The Fit.” I, of course,
am your host Kevin Hart. Today, I’m embarking
in the world of recess. That’s why
I’m on a school bus, that’s why I’m with these
amazing kids. – Hey, kids. Say hi, kids.
– All: Hi! Let’s go pick up my friend. Today, I got Liza Koshy. Do you guys know
who Liza Koshy is? All: Yeah! Do you guys like her more
than you like me? All: Yeah! Jesus. Oh, God. ( music playing ) Hi! ( kids scream ) Everybody, that’s Liza. – There’s Liza. Hi!
– How you doing? – How are you?
– I’m good. – Say hi, guys.
– ( kids screaming ) Give me some,
give me some! Hey! Yeah, I feel tall. I’m glad we did this. Whoo! – How we doing? How we doing?
– Get in there, Liza. Kevin:
We are good. You know, on the show,
I love to get friends and I love to put my friends in situations that we would
never find ourselves into. – Yeah.
– And in these situations, I love to involve
physical fitness. I love watching
“What The Fit.” – Thank you.
– I’ll work out – and I’ll watch
“What The Fit.”
– Thank you. I’m glad. Then I’ll stop working out, so
that defeats the whole purpose. But I appreciate
you encouraging me
to keep working out. Well, there you go.
That’s one foot in,
one foot out. – One foot in, one foot out.
– The goal is to keep both
feet in. – That’s our goal. All right?
– I’m excited for today, though. – So, today,
I know you’re probably–
– I’m triggered. you’re thinking to yourself,
“Kevin, why? Why do you have me
on a bus full of kids?” – What’s up?
– What you and I
are going to do… is have recess. – With kids?
– With kids. ( music playing ) ( laughs ) – Okay. All right,
I’m into that.
– Okay? All right,
now you have to embrace it. – There is no halfway.
– Nah, there isn’t. We don’t do things halfway. – It’s all or nothing, okay?
– There is not, Kevin. – All right.
– You said physical
activity, right? – Physical–
– Physical activity. – Okay. All right.
– All right, we’re into it. As you can see,
Liza has a hell of a kick. If my face was there,
I definitely would’ve been
( bleep ) up just now. Uh, the kids
didn’t hear me cuss. – So before you say anything–
– We’re good. I made sure that I threw
my cuss word this way. ( Liza laughs ) Kevin:
It’s recess time! ( bell rings ) ( music playing ) This is the world
of recess. – Okay?
– All righty. Come on, let’s jump rope. – What?
– Let’s do some Double Dutch. Now, Double Dutch
is what I do. So, this is with two ropes
and you have to go like this. I’m from North Philadelphia,
and this is what we did. I’m gonna jump on in. – I’m just gonna do
regular jumps.
– Okay. – Okay.
– Maybe I’m gonna do
a little kick with it. – Whoa!
– I can hold my leg and do it. Okay. Hold on now. And then you can also do
what you did with the rope
where you go like this. – Okay.
– Okay. Wanna try that first? – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, I mean,
that’s simple. – Yeah, you go first.
– Okay. So when this rope–
when her hand goes in the air… – Okay.
– …that’s when you wanna
jump in. – Got it.
– So pretend
there’s only one rope, – so it’s a little easier.
– Got it. – Ready?
– Go. Y’all can turn faster than that,
’cause I jump Double Dutch. – This is how you can tell.
– Ready? He’s gonna get whacked
in the face. I already know. – Come on. Go!
– Go, Kevin. This how the girls
from the hood used to do. – You gotta go in.
– Go. – Go! Go!
– Come on. Stop wiggling your booty.
Jump in the ropes. It’s a lot of pressure
coming from back here. Can I get it together
without the pressure? – ( girls laugh )
– All right, let’s go.
You ready? Here we go. Hurry up! Go, Kevin. Now or never. I’m guessing that’s never. – Girls: Go!
– Go! – Go!
– ( girls laugh ) Here I go, here I go. And I’m in! I’m in! ( girls cheer ) ( grunting ) I’m jumping Double Dutch. I’m jumping Double Dutch. – I’m jumping Double–
– Yeah. – Get your foot.
– Grab it, grab it. I’m trying.
I’m trying. I can’t. – ( laughs )
– Huh? – That was good!
– Y’all should be clapping. – Y’all not supportive.
– Oh, sorry. Yeah, give it up for me. – Forced clapping.
– Girl: Okay, Liza. Liza, you got this. Why am I winded? Goddamn! I do cardio. I’ve never done
Double Dutch before. You gotta attack it, Liza.
Just attack it. – Ready?
– About to get in. – About to get in.
– Set, go! – Kevin: Yeah!
– ( girls cheer ) Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! – Double it. Ready? Set, go.
– I’m in it. ( music playing ) – Kevin: Liza.
– Hey, what’s up?
What’s up, y’all? Liza, stop acting like
somebody’s whooping you. ( girls laugh ) Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey! – ( laughs ) All right.
– Whoo! – That’s a workout, y’all.
– Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– No, no, that’s a– – That was impressive.
– That’s extremely tiring. You’re unbelievable.
Okay, let’s go to snack time. – Thanks, man.
– Come on, Liza. ( music playing ) Is Kevin Hart famous? Yeah. Okay, snack time. – ( gasps ) Kevin!
– How dope is this? Hi, Kevin! Are you in “Double Dare”? She looks like the person
from “Double Dare.” – Yes, she is!
– That’s me. What’s up? – Kevin Hart.
– You watch “Double Dare”? – Yeah.
– Excuse me? – Kevin Hart, um…
– Yes. – …are you the guy
in “Fast and Furious”?
– Yes. Yes. I’ve seen “Fast and Furious”
in the morning. You’re talking about Tyrese,
that’s me. Yes. Kevin Hart,
can we eat now? Yes. – Kevin.
– What? You’re so funny in “Jumanji.” That’s right,
I made that movie. “Jumanji” wouldn’t have been
nothing without me. – The Rock sucks.
– I agree. If you hate The Rock,
raise your hand. Right? Boo to The Rock. – Wait, he’s gonna see this.
Never mind.
– What rock? ( laughs ) – I like you more than The Rock.
– Yeah. You’re the best! These kids are great kids. – I’m the best comedian
in the world.
– Amen! I didn’t tell these kids
to say this. I got your money. ( laughs ) If you guys had to guess, how tall do you think I am? – Six feet?
– Six feet.
She’s on to something. – Kevin: Six feet.
– Five feet. – What?
– Correct. Five feet. How you get five feet?
Where you get five feet from? ( giggling ) Why would you say that? Like from what? What are you– Kevin, you’re almost as big
as me. I’m 4’1″. ( laughing ) Y’all are the same height. How tall am I?
How tall am I? – Five feet.
– That’s easy. Five feet? Five foot and three quarters
of an inch. Guess how tall I am. – How tall are you?
– I’m noneya. – Noneya?
– Oh! ( laughing )
Give me some. None of your business. Yeah, man. You did that. Do any of you guys know jokes? I love jokes!
I know one. – Kevin Hart.
– What’s your joke? Um, who, um, was Toretto
in “Fast and Furious?” What’s your deal with this
“Fast and Furious” thing, man? – Huh?
– “Fast and Furious”
is my favorite movie. Well, I’m gonna be honest
with you, I didn’t
like the movie. This kid loves
“The Fast and Furious.” All right, guys,
snack is over. Let’s go
to the next activity. ( music playing ) Do you guys know
how to hula hoop? Do I know how to hula hoop?
I’ll show you. – Yeah, show us.
– I’ll show you I know
exactly how to hula hoop. Look at this one here. – Ain’t nothing to it.
– Get it, little Miss Focus. Ain’t nothing to it.
Look at her. Bap, bap, bap, bap! – Bap, bap, bap, bap.
– Get it! Get it, girl. – Is she even moving?
– Yeah, I’m moving. Look, she’s a professional.
Okay. Liza, grab a hoop. What’s up? What’s up? Whatcha doing, Kevin?
Whatcha doing over there? – Don’t look so scared.
– Just do it! – I’m trying. Can I–
Can I get a second?
– Go! – ( giggles )
– You ain’t got to be all–
all pushy about it. – ( laughs )
– All right, you ready? – Ready.
– Okay, here we go. – One, two–
– Three. – ( laughs )
– No! – Oh!
– What do you mean no? – No!
– You did it wrong! You did it wrong! – That was three seconds.
– Is this hoop regulation? – ( laughs )
– Is mine– Let me see yours.
Let me see yours. No, no, don’t– – She’s a show-off.
She’s a show-off.
– She’s still going. She keeps rubbing it in my face that I don’t know
what I’m doing. ( music playing ) How do you get it to stay up?
Why’s it staying– You need to
move your hips in circles. You just move your hips
in circles while your hula
hoop’s around your waist. Oh! Hit a kid. It’s like this. Okay, well, it’s not like you
had it up there much longer. Kevin:
Okay? Come on. You tell me to move your hips, I think the problem is
I don’t have any. – Yeah, there you go.
What’d you say, Liza?
– I don’t– I don’t have any hips,
so I don’t know what she’s
telling me to move. I’m moving my kneecaps,
Kevin. – It’s not working.
– Okay. Wait, Kevin, I think I got it. It’s just like
a little groove. ( laughs ) ( bell rings ) ( music playing ) Okay, so,
three-legged race. – Our last one of the day.
– Mm-hmm. I think so far
recess has been fun. – Yeah.
– But this is where
it gets real. – That’s right.
You’re coming against this.
– Coming against us. We’re both gonna
beat you. – You’re both gonna beat us?
– Yeah. – We need to win.
– We need to win. ( exhales ) I can run very fast,
so we’ll win. We’re gonna be using these
to tie you guys together, too. – You wanna do it? All right.
– Okay. All right, fine. Bring us together. We’re getting close.
Kevin, we just met today. – We did just meet.
– We did. – Got a lot closer just now.
– Yeah, we did. – Are you having a good time?
– I’m enjoying myself. – That’s good.
– Were you asking me or him? – Well, you.
– Is that good? – That’s good. That’s good.
– That’s perfect, man. I’m gonna tie
you guys together. You’re still gonna lose. You know you’re very–
You’re very confident. – Liza: You are.
– Kevin: Mm. Very confident. Why we gonna lose? Because you’re slow. – ( gasps )
– That’s little Nick Nolte. That’s what
we’re gonna call him. That’s little Nick Nolte
right there. Mm-hmm. – Who’s Nick Nolte?
– Nick Nolte is a guy that just talk
with a raspy voice. – Like that. Yeah.
– Just talks a lot of smack. Hey, man,
will you hurry it up? Taking all year
with the tie. – I know you trying to stall.
– He just learned
how to tie his shoes. – Give him some–
– Oh, they gonna lose. – No chemistry. Yeah,
look at that, yeah.
– Trip. – I don’t wanna see kids trip…
– I do. …but I kinda want them
to fall down a little bit. – I do.
– I do, too. I do, too. I saw one of your videos. – You did?
– Yeah. She’s trying to be your friend.
Don’t fall for it. – I know, she’s trying–
– Okay. – All right.
– Just like– – Are you counting it off?
– Yeah. – All right, tell us when.
– All right, here we go. Three, two, one, go! – ( music playing )
– Wait. Hey, wait. – What’s up? What’s up? Yeah.
– ( laughs ) – Eat my dust, children!
– ( laughs ) – Get outta here.
– Y’all get back.
Y’all get back. – And I farted. I farted.
– Ew! What? No, no.
No, Liza, I crop-dusted ’em. ( laughs ) Yeah. – What’s up? Hey!
– They walked right into it. Remember that?
Remember that smack earlier? What’s up, man?
Yo, Kevin, hold me back. Hold me back, hold me back. – Come here, kid. Come here.
– Come on. Look at these two left legs. – Y’all can’t even
get it together.
– Come on. Come on. – Yes! Yes!
– Here we go, inside. – Inside legs.
– That’s– no. – Okay, all right.
– She’s trying to crawl. – Here, here.
– Walk together. Teamwork. – Come on, ladies, you got this.
– Teamwork, step
at the same time. – No, no, no.
– She’s trying to run away
from her. You can’t take off and run.
Oh, no. – Not like that.
– Oh, snap. Here we go. – Here we go.
– There you go. There you go. But listen to the sound
of my voice. Inside legs,
move it forward. There we go, take a step.
There we go. – There we go, now step.
There you go.
– Step together. – There you go. There you go.
– There it is. – There you go.
– There it is. Look at that. – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Good job, y’all!
– Yeah! Listen, did you guys
have a good time today? – All: Yeah.
– Tell me why. – Because of you.
– Man, don’t make me cry, man. – Aww! Kevin’s fun, huh?
– Come on, little Nick Nolte.
Don’t do me like that, man. It’s been another amazing
episode of “What The Fit,” guys. And as usual, switching it up,
finding new ways to get fit. And today we did it with kids. – Right, two big kids.
– Liza, did you have
a good time? – I had a great time.
Thank you for having me.
– I’m so glad. – No, thank you for having me.
– Y’all, thank you. You know, you’re making
my YouTube credibility shoot through the roof
right now. What’s up? I’m not–
I’m not tagging you in a video. – What you mean? No, I’m not–
– No, you have to tag me
in a video. – I’m not gonna do that.
– You’re gonna tag me
in a video. – I don’t think so.
That’s not in the contract.
– You’re going to. – All right.
– You’re gonna tag me.
Tag, y’all it! ( all scream ) Come here!
I’m gonna get you.
I’m gonna get you. Kids got too much energy. ( bleep ) I ain’t been able to
cuss all day. ( bleeping ) ( bleep ) Goddamn. Motivation comes
in many forms, people. But right now Kevin Hart’s
gonna give it to you
the best way possible– Live, in action. What I need you to do is click
some more of these videos and get motivated.
Watch “What The Fit.”


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    ᴅᴀʏ 5 – ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴ ᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏsᴛ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʟɪғᴇ ᴡɪʟʟ sᴘᴇɴᴅ ʟᴏᴛs ᴏғ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜ.

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  • I LOVE F&F??

  • “6 feet, she’s on to something” I’m dead??

  • The way kevin said oh God ??? got me dying

  • I literally ADORE these recess vids

  • This isn’t what my recess used to look like wth ?

  • The girl at 8:52 is a whole mood

  • Now u really in a fast and furious movie

  • I know i am watching it late but my b day was 2 days after this video was put on YouTube

  • Wanna know a joke?


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