Real vs fake Adidas sneakers. How to spot fake Adidas.


  • Burn the fake one bro then film it haha

  • For every authenticity suspicion you might have on your clothing products, you can comment here and send me detailed pictures. I will analyze the information from the photos and try to determine whether the product is genuine or fake. If you give me a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE in return, I will be extremely grateful.

  • Genuine adidas is already so cheap, why buy fakes or even bother to make fakes 😂I’d understand if it was a luxury French or Italian designer item but seriously fake adidas shoes 😂 not hating on u or the vid man, just saying this is pretty funny

  • I like the fake ones because kids think that it’s %100 real but it’s not

  • How if the backside of the shoe dont have any logo ? Is it original ? 😂

  • Mine doesn't have adidas carved on the side nor at the bottom of the sneakers but there is a cloud foam word on it. The lower number doesn't match is mine fake?

  • Hey man, so man aunt bougt me a shoe from japan and it saids Made in China but I am so confused if it is real because the thing under the tounge is the real ones but it says made in china. Is all fake shies from china?

    I dont think it has a box but I am nit sure because I was not there when the shoe was in the house

  • check ur gmail now

  • What do you mean by IMO?
    Btw thanks for replying. I subscribed

  • Do you have any idea what model my shoe is?
    I keep searching it but I cannot see it anywhere

  • Hey can i email you on my adidas sm title run basketball shoes

  • Thanks man. Now i know how to make fake shoes look like real shoes.

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  • But bro why there is no symbol of adidas on the original shoes?🤔

  • I have a question. I just bought Adidas altarun CF k and it doesn’t hav Adidas logo at the bottom and doesn’t say Adidas at the back. But it has the original production date. And my shoes says Adidas only at the toungue and at the insole it says Adidas and it says ecoortholite

  • Oh shit I have fake shoes eh screw it
    NVM there real 😂

  • Batch code for the shoe are same? is it fake? i find in other sources it is fake if its the same

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