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I wonder what my YouTube videos would look like if I was still constrained to six seconds. Past Thomas: Semi-humorous intro! Title sequence! What is up everybody? Uhh…butts! Take it easy guys, gals, and non-binary pals PEACE OUT! Boom! [laughs] Those would be some very confusing YouTube videos. [laughs] (Awesome title sequence with awesome music) What is up everybody?! You have asked for it and here I am yet again. Another video where I am reacting to my old OLD vines that I have completely have forgotten about. [laughs] I’ve done this once before, uh, if you want to check it out you can click the link right here. Boom. Right there. It’s just been a long time since I’ve seen a lot of my older vines But I’m very curious to see them. They all hold a special place in my heart But, you know, I know that when you’re making one every single day They’re going to elicit different reactions. [laughs] But before we get started, I have a little bit of an announcement to make. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, I’m going to be having a merch release event in New York City! It’s going to take place August 19th and 20th. If you wanted to purchase a ticket, you go to The first ticket is a standard meet-and-greet, the second tier ticket is the meet-and-greet plus a tshirt and a chance to be in a video that me and Joan will be working to make over that weekend, and then the third tier is basically all of that, AND you get to have dinner with me and my friends there in New York City. And you have to buy the tickets in advance, we’re not gonna be selling them at the door. But if you’re just interested in stopping by to check out the merchandise, you can just swing in. No purchases necessary, that’s just for if you wanted to participate in any of the ticketed events. And if you’re nowhere near the event and you’re just interested in seeing the merchandise, you can go and check it out and maybe even pre-order it at Alright! Announcement out of the way, let’s move on to the rest of the video. [rock music playing]
Person #1: Parkour! Person #2: Parkour! [music stops] Thomas: Parkour! [Present Thomas cackles] That’s still funny to me! People thought that that was a mistake. I intended to fall I did not intend to fall so easily. [laughs] I think my wrists still hurt from falling back like that. Thomas: I’m so tired. Gabby: Of what? Thomas: Dealing with my fake friends. Gabby: I’m never fake with you! Thomas: I literally made you up for this conversation. Gabby: You right, you right. [Thomas laughs] I only collabed with Gabby a couple times, but she’s so much fun. Past Thomas: Time to use my– Current Thomas: [pauses video] Look at Joan’s long hair! Oh my goodness! Joan had long hair for a long time, and now it’s just, like, the idea of them with long hair is absurd to me. Past Thomas: Time to use my musical skill to woo the ladies~ [piano playing] [various keys are smashed by Thomas’ butt] Thomas: Hi. Teacher: No one’s answering? I guess I’ll have to call on someone. Thomas: GET DOWN!
[inaudible sounds of panic from students] Teacher: You. Gina: 42? Teacher: Wrong! [smack sound effect] Thomas: They got Gina! [Thomas laughs] One of my favorite lines I’ve ever uttered. [laughing] “They got Gina!” Person: Where’s Sarah? Thomas: [menacingly] Sarah’s fine. [Thomas does an Evil Villain Laugh] Thomas: I just thought of something funny. She’s right here! [Current Thomas laughs loudly] Wait, I forgot that was the ending of that one. I have such a corny…ridiculous humor. I’m sorry. I’m blushing ‘cuz, like, I’m so embarrassed at how I find that funny. [breaks into laughter] Leo: Why do you want this job? Thomas: Because…please. Leo: Do you have a resume? Thomas: Sure do. Leo: Any references? Thomas’ Mom: Please! Thomas: Awwww. Something that was very easy to involve my real Mom in. [8-bit Mario theme] Thomas: Extra life!
[1-UP get sound] [music stops] Doctor: Why would you eat a mysterious mushroom? Thomas: I don’t know. [laughs] We went to an actual like, hospital, to get that last shot! I did if for the Vine, man. I did it for the Vine. Prince: There she is! My love, I’ve come for you! Princess: Nah bro, this place has got Wi-Fi. Prince: It’s so fast!
Princess: RIGHT? [laughs heartily] I forgot how that one ended. That was done at, literally, we found like, an unbuilt house and made a short video there. [Police sirens]
Dad: Oh relax, darling. Daddy’s got this! Officer: Do you know how fast you were– Dad: OOOOOHHHH! You’re in TROUBLLLE! Thomas: Awwww! Fiona was so good! And you know what, that was Fiona’s actual Mom. [laughs] Logic: Today kids, I’m bringing back naptime! Student #1: Don’t we have a lot of work? Logic: No! Naptime! Student #2: But we have a test. Logic: Shh! Naptime! Student #3: But– Logic: NAPTIME! Thomas: Aww, we got Prince, We got Dad and we got Logic. The fact that these kids came together to create — plus the teacher — and they created these Vines with me. Like, that was so cool of them. They were usually drama kids and we worked with the drama teachers. And for them, it was just like, what better way to give them an acting exercise than to give them, like, a six second time limit? And it was such like a nice group experience for everyone involved, including the teacher. Ah, good times, and I hope to continue those, just like, if I’m gonna do them I’m gonna play the teacher. And like, give these little short videos to kids ‘cuz they have so much fun doing this. They’re so sweet. [“All I Do Is Win” by DJ Kaled starts playing] [music stops]
Thomas: I didn’t know anything, I just gave up. See ya! Freakin’ again! Those kids, they were so great! [yardwork noises] Worker: Oh, are you sleeping in here?
[Thomas growling] Worker: Hey, I think he’s sleeping in here! [Thomas growling/screaming]
[Current Thomas laughing] Leo and Thomas: ♫Agony!♫ Current Thomas: “Into the Woods”.
Leo and Thomas: ♫Beyond power of–♫ Horse Owner: There they are! Officer: Two weirdos charged with stealing a horse and singing in public. That was a lot of fun, because we actually got to find somebody who had a horse. It’s harder to direct a horse than you would think. [giggles] Woman: Somebody help! Thomas: We will. [dramatic music playing] Woman: Can you go faster?! Thomas: Nah, it’s more fun this way. OH, my goodness! I forgot about that one! [giggles] Thomas: ♫She turned around and gave that big booty a smack, oh~!♫ That is on the Internet. I can’t– I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. [embarrassed laughter] That was REALLY bad! Thomas: ♫I mean it’s crazy!♫
Brittany: ♫What?♫ Thomas: ♫We finish each others–♫
Brittany: ♫–Sandwiches!♫ Thomas: NO! I love you, but this is MINE. [cackles] Ok, first of all: love Brittany. But, we were doing that in New York and one of the takes we just hear somebody banging on the window right next to us. “SHUT THE HECK–” well, they didn’t say “heck”. We apparently were singing too loud for this particular New Yorker. We were right next to their bedroom, so. [Joe and Thomas arguing over each other]
[doorbell rings] [“Happy Together” by The Turtles starts playing] [giggles] Joe and I go way back. [keeps giggling] We were friends to the end. I mean. They’re still alive. That was misleading. They’re friends to the present. *giggles* [Current Thomas: Oh my goodness!]
Dog: YES! That was funny. Do it again! Thomas: Ok! Give me the toy!
Dog: No! The toy is mine. Throw the toy! Thomas: I need the toy t– Dog: THROW THE TOOOOOY!
Thomas: GIVE ME THE TOOOOOOOY! *Thomas laughs* Thomas: I love the ones with dogs in them! And by the way…REAL hard to get that dog to co-operate though. That’s the one thing. It’s fun to look back on the ones with animals, but you remember the struggle. Darth Vader: I am your father. Thomas: NOOOOOO!! Thomas: I almost beat that level! I’m sorry, what were you saying? We went to a convention, a Star Wars convention, and that was the only person who was wearing like a true Darth Vader costume. And that was a kid. Probably maybe six years old. And so through use of angles. The kid was perfect. [laughs] An amazing actor! It’s just me just beaming about the work that went into them, agh! Thomas: I know I should stop procrastinating and start working, but I’m kinda looking for a sign. Leo: Like this?
Thomas: No, from above. Leo: This?
Thomas: OH, ok!
[Current Thomas laughing] That is one of those instances where you see it in real life, and then you’re just like: “How can I make a skit based around this really weird sign”? Current Thomas: Goodness…
Past Thomas: Stitch says: Ohana means family. Little kid in the distance: STITCH! Aaaaw, she was soo sweet! That was an amazing moment. People still ask for the Stitch voice. [In Stitch’s voice] It’s just that it has a good place in people’s hearts. Thomas: Hey kitty!
Cat Thomas: Hey! Thomas: Good kitty.
Cat: I am good. Thomas: AH! Why? Cat: I suddenly hate you. Thomas: [horrified scream] [hearty laughter] So silly. Thomas: I’ve never been the best at flirting.
Friend: Try practicing in a mirror. Thomas: How you doin’
Mirror Thomas: I’m not interested. Get out. Thomas: I’m sor–
Mirror Thomas: GET OUT! Ah, that’s one of those vines that I’m like, “Why didn’t I think about before? About like, my own mirror rejecting me?” Even today, I’m like “Oh, I wanna do that again.” But I’ve already done it. And I’m so mad, because I’ve already used that joke! I love that visual humor so much! Girl #1: C’mon! You can do this, go talk to her!
Thomas: Ok! Thomas: Hi!
Girl #2: Hello! Thomas: My friend thinks you’re cute.
[♫That’s what friends are for!♫] Y’know, everything could be a little bit gayer. [laughs] Officer: FREEZE! You’re under arrest for robbery!
Thomas: WAIT, NO! WHAT DID I STEAL?! Officer: My heart. Thomas: And that’s how we met!
[Present Thomas snickers] Brandon Calvillo! I think that was the one and only Vine I ever did with Brandon! And like everything, it had to be a little bit gayer! [giggles] Person: Hey Thomas! Hey, I was just at the store the other day– India was great– [???] I’m just so fed up with– Those would be good, right?
Thomas: Oh yeah. Bye! Some of these are great! Thomas: Here she comes, the Queen! Able to kill men with a single stare. Lady: You better watch out, honey. I liked her. I’m like, laughing at so many of these. I’m sorry. There’s sort of like an embarrassed laugh, then there’s just some that I just genuinely enjoy. Prince: The quest to find my true love… failed! There were lots of girls with this shoe size. Leo: But you know what she looks like, right?
Prince: Oh shoot bro, nah! Thomas: Prince was sassy WAY before YouTube. Teacher: Your son has some behaviour issues. Dad: Oh really? How so? Teacher: As you see here– Dad: AHAHAH! HAH, WE GOT HIM! Let’s go, let’s go! Thomas: And the Dad character was always pretty juvenile, way before [dopey laugh] YouTube! Prince: [narrating] I lost you once, but I will search far and wide. And I will not stop until–
Prince: [speaking] Found it! Why is the remote all the way out here, Becca? Thomas: I don’t know if everybody found that as entertaining as I did, but that was me and Joan! And we were super proud of all the cinematography we did for that one short video, and then we got Christina De Lapuerta to lay down on the forest floor! Thomas: This homework’s impossible! Terrence: I already did it! Thomas + Students: ANSWERS?! Teacher: Boy, you better run.
[Terrence screaming as he exits, pursued by the students] Thomas: Terrence! That was like, one of the first ones TERRENCE was ever a part of! Thomas: Disney pranks…with friends! Thomas: I’m a beautiful butterfly!
Joan: OH! NO! [Thomas laughing in the background]
Joan: Those are fake?! Oh, you son of a bi–! Thomas: That was before Joan’s long hair! Joan had long, SPIKED hair. Was that one of the first ones Joan participated in? Wow, that’s an old one of Joan too! Thomas: ♫YOU GOTTA FIGHT! FOR YOUR RIGHT! TO♫ Thomas + Band Members: TEA PARTY! Kid: Get out!
Thomas: No, it’s our turn! Thomas: Again…[bursts out laughing] Made more sense in my head…[continues laughing] Thomas: Story time! The girl loved smelling her phone. Present Thomas: Awwwwww!
Video Thomas: It filled her with delight! She sniffed once more.
Girl: Stop! Thomas: She was so sweet.
Guy in video: Was it destiny that we met? Guy #2: Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Thomas: DO YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR MOUTH ON MY MOUTH? Darn it. I’m out. Thomas: Did not know that was going to be the birth of a line that many people would utter after that. “Do you wanna put your mouth on my mouth?” [giggles] Dad: Hey son! Does your face hurt? Well, it’s killin’ me! [Screaming at the Epic Roast that Dad just dished out] Thomas: Everyone was so INTO IT! I had so much fun with that one! [alarm beeping] Cathy: ♫Rise and shiiiiiine!♫ Thomas: CATHY! I love that one. She was our Motor Mouth May-Belle when we did Hairspray, and I called her up and I was like: “Do you wanna be in this silly little Vine?” and she showed up, and did that Vine! Oh, I love it. Thomas: Uh-oh! Is that a cockroach?
Thomas’ Mom: OH! JEEZ, don’t do that to me! Thomas: It’s a Mother’s Day flower!
Thomas’ Mom: Oh, isn’t that nice. Thomas: I’m going to forever regret scaring my Mom like that. Mom, if you’re watching, I’m so sorry for all the times I scared you. It’s just not right. Bad, 2014 Thomas! And 2013 Thomas, and I think maybe 2015 Thomas. Thomas: Hey, sexy thing! See anything you like? Girl: Yes… Thomas: She digs me. Thomas: Isn’t it really funny watching me be straight? The way that I viewed all of these Vines, I was playing a character. And I think a lot of people picked up on that. I mean, obviously it misinterprets a lot for different people. It’s funny watching me now look back on it. Playing straight. Or playing a sexuality that’s attracted to women. That covers the bases right there. Thomas: Disney pranks, with friends! [Video Thomas loudly plays a song from a Disney movie] Guy: For real?! Thomas: He never came over again. Thomas: Dude!
Michael: What? Thomas: Dude!
Michael: What?? Thomas: Mom, Dad– DUDE! Michael: WHAT? Thomas: I’m laughing because this was a video where I made Michael, my friend, get into bed and be read to by my parents! And later he was just like “That was really weird, dude.” I just think back on like, all the things I had to– I made other people do, like made MYSELF do. Guy: I’ve got a problem.
Thomas: Nothing a song won’t fix! ♫Ohhhhhh~♫ Guy: My problem is you singing so much! Thomas: ♫Ohhhhh~♫ I love that one, that’s a classic for me. [rap music] [changes to classical music]
Thomas: Uh-oh! Looks like somebody changed the– Thomas: Dude. That had to have been one of the first ones I did with Leo. And he always was like “It’s so impossible to spin using sneakers on cement.” I still marvel at the fact that he did that. One of the first ones I did with Fiona! Dad: Now honey, you’re getting a little older, you’re gonna have to act a little bit more your age. Boy: The ground is lava!
Thomas: AND Liam! Dad: AH, YOU’RE IN LAVA!
[kids yelling] Thomas: The dad character’s always been one of my favorites. I was doing “the floor is lava” jokes, BEFORE the meme. Thomas: Story time! This was the moment where the lad would propose to the girl. Guy: No. No, no, no. Thomas: Wow, that is an infamous one. Goodness gracious. They were fine after that. It just took a little bit of explanation afterwards and, y’know, they were chill. Thomas: ♫Hey I heard you like the wild ones…Oooooooh~♫ Present Thomas: So much singing. Thomas: ♫Booty, booty, booty, booty, rockin eeeeveryywheeere♫ Butts! Present Thomas: Apparently my sense of humor hasn’t changed very much within the past…four years. Alright, I think that is plenty of reacting for this video. There are so many other ones. To think about the fact that like, from 2013 to 2017, I was trying to make a Vine every single day. It’s just mindblowing, and to think like, all of these, like there are certain days I’d only remember Vines that I made. We all had origin stories, and we all had times where, where people in our lives kinda stepped in to help, and I think that’s important. I think it’s good to look back and see, like, where you started and see like, the progress you’ve made as a creator. It’s wild! And I’m glad that I still react mainly positively to a lot of these short videos. I’m glad to be proud of most of the things I’ve made. I hope you enjoyed this little walk down memory lane with me. Ok! I hope this shot is very similar to the other shot to make it look like I haven’t taken a break between when I reacted to those videos to now. But over the weekend, my channel reached two million subscribers, and I can’t tell you just how overwhelmingly honored and humbling that is. Thank you! Thank you guys so much! To start here, on Vine, in 2013, just making silly videos on my phone. To go from Vines to now, like, opening up about me and myself, my sexuality, and doing more creative things with my friends, working through situation’s I’m going through, writing songs, making skits, talking about important issues. It’s awesome! Reminiscing but also being super hopeful for like, what we get to create in the future, it’s awesome! I’m excited! So thank you all so much. I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for watching. Once again, if you’re interested in meeting me up in New York, the tickets for the event are down there at If you’re interested in my previous videos, click over here, if you’re new to the channel and would like to subscribe, click down here, and if you’re interested in becoming Featured Fander, click down here. That’s it and until next time, take it easy guys, gals, and nonbinary pals. Goodness, I have had lots of taglines, haven’t I? “In a world,” “Story time!” “Fitness 4 You!” “Stewie Griffin says bye!” “Stitch says bye!” “Disney pranks, with friends!” “You sassy lassie!” “Squirtle, go!” And “peace out!”


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