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Hello, I’m Orkun. I’ll tell you about the new and star product
of Quiksilver, Urban leather boots. Urban leather boots. I think it’s a very cool name. The product itself is quite cool aswell. As you can understand from its name,
it’s a boot and it’s leather. We’re talking about a leather boot. It’s made of calf leather. It really is a quality product. You can see like this. Here, there is a long scree
band to protect from impacts… …but since it’s a bit
more city boot, inspired… …from outdoor boots actually
its used as design. There are 1-2 important details
I’ll say about this boot. First we’re talking about 7 colors, each
one is more beautiful from each other. Important technical detail
is 1, our sole is very soft… …especially to be very comfortable
they used a very soft sole. You see here water repellant not
waterproof, water repellant phrase. Water repelling has provided on it. But, there is something I can tell
you which can’t be written on it… …we can’t say this boot
is waterproof because… …to be able to say waterproof
the product should… …be kept in water for a
long period of time and… …it should not even get
a drop of water in it. But since this boot is calf leather,
and it has a water protection… …like this at its lace area actually
it is very resistant to water. So, you can use this boot, in your
daily life, on a rainy day… …but if it’s raining heavily like
an Amazon rains or I don’t know… if you’re on an outdoor
walk and if your feet are… …in water up to your ankle
yes you might leak. But in normal conditions, in your daily
use I don’t think your boots will leak… …even if they do leak it’ll be
only from the seams drop by drop. But the advantage of this is since there
is no waterproof membrane used… …your feet will always
be cooler when you enter… …indoors, when you’re
driving, at the office. Your feet will breathe a lot
more because they’re in leather. They will breathe a lot more
even compared to a gore-tex. So, because of it your feet
will be more comfortable. One of our highly recommended produts. I think it’s one of the
stars of the season. See you in other videos. We’re SPX team. We’re a big family. We offer clothing, equipment and
accessories that will make those who are… …passionately bonded to nature,
harmonious with the 4 seasons of nature.


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