Q&A II – Ich beantworte eure Fragen (I answer your questions)

Hey guys, welcome to my next YouTube video! Today we will do a Q&A, you asked me a lot of questions on Instagram and I will try to answer most of them today. I chose ten questions and I’m going to start right away. Question 1 is an easy one: What are my favorite shoes? Here they are, just simple white Air Force 1. I just recently bought these Air Force 1 from NIKE, called DNA. They are just awesome because they have some beige, grey shades but are still clean. But from these white ones I have 2-3 pairs, sometimes I have different colored soles. In my opinion NIKE is the brand to buy and it’s also much more trendy than Adidas at the moment. You can’t do anything wrong with this shoes, it always looks good and 100€ is also a good price. Question 2: What is the best advice that was ever given to you? I think it is that I am good the way I am. That gave me a lot of calmness, confirmation and strength. And it is just the best advice, that no matter what others say about you or whatever happened you have to be at peace with yourself. I am good the way I am. And of course, you are good, too! Maybe you just don’t know that but you are! Question 3: Are you going to expand with ROOTYKAL and are there going to be more items like shirts and pants? Of course for the next drops I plan pants, socks, beanies, jackets and so on. But it will be one step at a time. I started with shirts and hoodies and I am happy with that at the moment, I need to have patience. Because of all the occurring problems I almost did not have time to do any advertising and I have to do that now. I still have my two other jobs and it will just take its time. It somehow is like a three lane highway and I need to drive a little on every lane, but clearly I focus on ROOTYKAL and the next drop will contain pants. Next question (4): Will there be ROOTYKAL products for men? I also said this before: Never say never, but at the moment it is not planned. The reason is that I can’t identify with the way a man feels in his clothes and also ROOTYKAL is about designing awesome clothes for women so we don’t have to go to the men’s department anymore. Sure, I offer oversized clothes but the difference is that for women it is a more detailed cut and I can’t imagine how a guy feels in these clothes. Maybe someday, but it is not planned at the moment. However, men can of course also buy these clothes. There are already some who did and that is something that makes me extremely happy because I don’t take that for granted. Women wearing men’s clothes has become normal today and it is also easier. But for men it is a higher hurdle, so compliments to all that have done it. It is an oversize cut anyway so no problem, I also received very positive feedback from them. Next question (5): How do you feel since the release of ROOTYKAL? Difficult to say, it’s been an emotional roller coaster. Maybe you heard about the drama with the hoodies which were printed in a super bad quality, that made me feel so bad for a week. There were already some negative things before, but the printing issue was really extreme. This whole thing is completely new for me, I don’t know if I do things the right way until the results show up what of course gives me some highs and lows. However, I am so proud of all that has already happened. If I think back to one year ago, I started planning on doing this and now I can really wear it, that is really great. Starting up my own business and being completely responsible is a big hurdle personally and a big challenge mentally to stay calm and not to go crazy. I am really happy, but this is a big process and I think this is what other self-employed persons have always talked about. You never have off-hours, you go to bed with work and wake up with it. I don’t want to complain because I wanted it like that, but I really didn’t expect it to be this hard. It is a really, really big challenge but I am happy everyday that I can do it and I like doing it. Next question (6): What do you want to accomplish in life and what are your dreams? So, there are some general things I would like to have – I want to have a family with my girlfriend, a house, health and all these things. One of my biggest wishes is that I and the people I love stay healthy and that I can keep doing something everyday that makes me happy. Having a job that makes me happy, that I can help other people. So just being happy, money can’t buy happiness. It’s about loving what you do and help other people. I wish I could do this all my life. Next question (7): Will your girlfriend work at ROOTYKAL in the future? That would be very nice. However, I must admit that she already almost works here, without her all this would never have been possible. She is very patient with me and supports me in every possible way. Of course I wish that someday she can work in the company if she wants to, because I can 100% rely on her and she is a smart girl that is just super important to me. She has been there all the time and also took part in all the business meetings. The cool thing is that she takes a completely different part than me. I do more of the talking, also because I own the company so that comes with it, but she is very good at analyzing in the background and we can talk things through after the meetings on how things were going. Especially because so many negative things have happened, it is so important that I have her and she is there for me. If there will someday be the possibility that we can both live from the company, then I would definitely do that. This question (8) is a cute one: Will it be possible to buy shares of ROOTYKAL? On the one hand, I just started and that is so far in the future, on the other hand the question really honors me. No idea, you can ask me that again in a couple of years, but for the moment it needs to be step by step. Second last question (9): Which country would you really like to visit? Honestly, in the last couple of months I had almost no time to think about holidays or other material things I really have no idea. I don’t have the „one“ country, instead there are several countries I’d like to visit, like Sweden or Canada I like countries that have a lot of nature and maybe even wilderness and I think it would be cool to sit in a hut and watch bears in the middle of nowhere in Canada. But there is not one specific country that I want to travel to. Last question (10): Who supported you the most with ROOTYKAL in addition to your followers? There are three or rather four persons. The first one is definitely my girlfriend. I don’t know if it would have worked without her at all, but it would definitely not have worked out like this. The second person is my sister and her boyfriend who translated my videos the last weeks. They translated everything so that I could reach everyone. The special thing about that is that hey helped me although they have a daughter who is almost one year old. They took turns translating while the other was looking after her or while she was sleeping. Incredible support from both of them. Without them, it would not have been possible. Third person or rather fourth person is my dad. So you see it is a family thing, what I really enjoy because I am not a person who has a super big circle of friends. I am very selective about that, of course there are friends that have always had an open ear, but I kind of secluded myself the last months and I am just starting again to maintain my social contacts. But yeah, the family side was really great. Ok so that’s it, I hope you could get to know me a little bit better, there will be more Q&As in the future. I am also trying to be more active again, so if you have topics that I should speak about or any questions, just send me a message or leave a comment. There are a lot of people that were very hesitant to write me at first, but I don’t bite :-). Thank you very much for watching, see you next time and take care! Bye!


  • Du bist so ein lieber Mensch 🤗 Ich wünsch dir ganz viel Glück und Erfolg …👌

  • Wenn ein Unternehmen mit Herz beginnt, dann kann es nur Erfolg wissen. Ich sage voraus, dass wir in der Lage sein werden, Anteile von Rootykal (und Herrenmützen) zu kaufen; und ich werde ein glücklicher Kunde sein. Bleiben Sie dabei! 🙌🏾💥💯💥🙌🏾

  • Ich glaube ich bin gerade innerlich gestorben als es hieß Nike ist angesagter als Adidas 😂. Adidas hat auf jeden Fall insgesamt geilere Schuhe bessere Fußballschuhe, klamotten….
    Aber Nike ist auch schon ganz gut. Aber Adidas ist einfach heftig 👌😁

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