Puss n Boots | Sound Advice


  • Can I say it please…first….please for once

  • Hilarious. Cat Popper, please marry me?

  • "Why don't you rub your butt on my truck nuts?" needs to be the new Sunday Night Football anthem.¬†

  • Reminds me of between two ferns.

  • Thumbs up for "Miss Slaters" black nylons¬†

  • i must be out of touch with modern music, never heard of these guys, but theyre hot

  • They were cheering for her, not Ryan Adams. ^_^

  • They were cheering for her, not Ryan Adams. ^_^

  • I was expecting to see that cat from Shrek

  • So… I thought I'd see a video of Antonio benderes(?) Talking to three women as puss n boots

  • When Janessa asks Norah Jones, "What was it like having your dad be Indiana Jones?" it's kind of doubly funny because Norah's dad Ravi Shankar was Indian, so I was expecting her to say "Indian" at first before she completed it with ",,,a Jones"
    I'm guessing this was an intentional pun.

  • Vanessa is GOLDEN. So awkward it's almost hard to watch, but so so perfect… Glad Above Average is incorporating SNL, getting a wider audience and more young people into sketch comedy by using the internet¬†

  • I hope she gets to ignore one of her guests at some point. Maybe arrange her makeup or nails or talk on the phone. That would be so funny. LOVE this show

  • Please bring in both 5sos and Halsey (separately)

  • "bartmitzvah"

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