Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

[BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. I saw you. Sweet. What’s up? Gym tonight? [LAUGHTER] No!
No! No! MAN: Welcome to BRO Capital. Uh, yeah, so you’ll be
up on the fourth floor with investments, and, uh– what? The Tigers are up by 20? Yes! Anyway, it’s entry
level, but your resume was by far the strongest. I’m sure you’ll fit right– in. Thanks. I still think it’s unbelievable
that I’m really here. Unbeweavable. [CLEARING THROAT] I–
I mean, unbelievable! [GRUNTING] I’m so excited. I have a really good
feeling about this! [TAPPING] [LAUGHTER] Heh. [PHONES CHIMING] [WHISTLING] [PHONE RINGING] [SIGH] When it’s 9:00, but it
feels like it’s 10:30. Good morning. Hi there. Did you see they
hired a ball of y— oh.”. [SIGH] Morning, gentlemen. MAN: Hey, what’s the difference
between a porcupine and a BMW? With the porcupine, the
pricks are on the outside! [LAUGHTER] PURL: [LAUGHTER] Yeah! [LAUGHTER] Good one. So, why do spiders weave webs? Because they don’t
know how to crochet. [LAUGHTER] Is that, like, a
sport, or something? Like– with the needles, and– you know? [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Aw. MAN: Hey, guys. Staff meeting. As you can see, we’ve got a
big, fat failure on our hands. So, finance wants answers. Ideas? Uh, excuse me. OK. What’s our strategy here? What’s the priority? Why are they even ours? Simple and straightforward. Oh, guys! Let’s bring finance in and
knit our strategies together. What? Naw, you’re being too soft. We gotta be aggressive.
– Yeah! We gotta be aggressive!
– Double down! Aggressive! Who cares about finance? [MEN SHOUTING] All right, all right, OK. Let’s put a pin in it. Who’s down for two for
one wings at Swifty’s? Oh, yeah. Hey, we got everybody? Yeah, that’s everybody. All right. First round’s on Gronkowski. [LAUGHTER] [SIGH] [DING] Of course, now
who knows what– What the– Gronkowski. Purl. [TYPING] Did she always sit there? I don’t even recognize her. So then he says, I know
this suit is expensive, baby. But at my apartment,
it’s 100% off! [LAUGHTER] She tells better
jokes than you do. MAN: Hey, guys? Staff meeting. [LAUGHTER] MAN: Well, these results
speak for themselves. But finance is
still asking for– I say we go for it! And if finance doesn’t like
it, they can kiss our ass! All right! Yeah! All right! [CHEERING] It’s 5:00 somewhere. Let’s go. Happy hour at Swifty’s. Let’s get outta here. Shotgun!
Shotgun! All right. Is that everybody? Hold up. Not everybody. Let’s go. – Shotgun!
– Come on. You’re gonna love
this place, Purl. Purl, you’re going
to eat so many wings. Purl! Purl, you wanna– – Purl, come over here.
– Hey, Purl? Purl? [CHEERING] [VOMITING] [CHEERING] [DING] Oh, thank goodness
you’re still here. I had such a time trying
to find this place. Oh, I missed my stop,
and then I didn’t know what floor we were on. Excuse me, sir. I guess Kyle from
HR went home early, so I went door to
door, up each flight. [SCOFFING] Leave the
knitting at your nana’s house. [LAUGHTER] What I mean to
say is that I can’t wait to be part of the team. Guys? [SIGH] Hey, where are you going? Hi. I’m Purl. I’m Lacy. What are they doing? LACY: It was such a fright. Hey, guys, this is Lacy. Mm– eh. PURL: Welcome to BRO Capital. You’ll be up on the fourth
floor with investments. Thanks. It’s still kind of
unbelievable that I’m here. I would say it’s
“un-be-weave-able.” [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] Wow. I have a really good
feeling about this. Well, come on. Let me show you around. Tell us all about yourself. We do love a good yarn. Hey, Purl, you guys coming
to Schwifty’s tonight? Is a wool sweater scratchy? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]


  • So all males are human and all females are balls of yarn…

    I don't like this universe's implications…

  • 5:07
    Pixar: swears
    Me: Why u say th-

  • Pixar this is a kids channel

  • I’m sorry but it just became cringe half way through

  • So the yarn balls are women?

  • I thought this was a Pixar film

  • Is this supposed to be a metaphor for women in the work place?

  • PIXAR IS STUPID!!!! CURES!!!!!!!

  • so this teaches us about
    Dream about alcohol
    Say curse words
    Tell dirty jokes
    And that’s what you should do at your job =3

  • Hey . Purl is look like me
    We're same . Maybe

  • I think the ball of yarn is meant to represent a female in a Male dominated environment and that women are sometimes disregarded in this environment and to fit in she feels she needs to change and act more "matcho" per say. Then at the end she realises she shouldnt change and just be hereslf and then they are finally both female and male incorporated into the company

  • Guys, dont worry, no kids are watching this.

  • I’m a kid and even I know that there were dirty jokes and swear words on a kids channel T-T

  • Man I’m going back to watch incredibles 2 I don’t care if that said curse words because I saw it on PG-13 one time

  • I feel so sad 😞 for her or him

  • No one gonna talk bout that sweet animation AVE PIXAR

  • Wooow👍👍

  • AGH.

  • 5:06

  • jajajajajaja++++rosa

  • But like…..why yarn?

  • i watched this at school and the teacher has too pause at the a word

  • They said bad word

  • 2:01 5:06 5:45
    Jeez. I thought this was pixar.

  • 10/10 short film

  • Pixtar curseword (rest of world *shock noises*)

  • This made my class gasped

  • The moral is never be yourself

  • 7:10 when im forced to socialize with other people because im getting yelled at for being inside for too long but i socialize with other people on the internet

  • Oh Pixar you said a bad word

  • …..poor purl

  • This is not for kids…

  • I wonder if the pink one is a boy cause all the others have eye lashes

  • Ple paixr don,t make bad words or anything because kids are going to see the sewer and bad things

  • Me as a kid watching this : OOOOO YOU SWEAR

  • Not kids appropriate

  • Lesson learned,change your looks and attitude and they’ll like you!

  • plot twist
    Purl threatened to end the BRO company if they don’t include the yellow yarn ball

  • I feel bad of purl T-T

  • 5:08 assssssssssssssssssssxsssssss

  • Does any of you guys realize that purl was on the pie chart twice? 2:50 and 5:00

  • They can kiss our a**

  • Can't believe there are no Karen's or the One Million Moms talking about being against this.

  • Dear Pixar, you are meant to be a Gamilu friendly movie company, why Cus, and have inappropriate references

  • My teacher played this and everyone laughed when it said the a word

  • Nice now do one about men working in childcare and early learning. Oh wait it’s only sexist if a profession is dominated by women I forgot

  • Pixar just giving up on the kid friendly thing

  • Almost everyone is not seeing that this is about women at work

  • I YARN for a life like this.
    I know.

  • A ball of yarn having knitted things all around it is like a human having knitted organs all around them just think about it for a second

  • 5:06

  • Did she said kiss our a**

  • 뜻깊다

  • You could say she was………..the oddBALL!!

  • That wool is so cuteeee 😍

  • Pixar say curse words
    Me: a surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  • Pixar please dieee

  • Watch out for those chillis. They caused the ice melting in the global warming


  • lo pueden pasar a español

  • Pixar: Swears
    The world: Suprised pikachu face

  • This is about sexism?


  • Pixar: *Swears*
    Everyone else: Now that’s an avengers level threat

  • 5:08 I never thought a Pixar short would cuss🤔

  • 5:05

    Pixar how could you. Now I’m going to watch something else but Pixar

  • I immediately understood the meaning behind this…

  • I fell bad for you

  • Purl: curses
    Me: wait- thats illegal

  • I get what the morel is.
    It doesn’t matter what your experience is you’ll still be loved.

  • Please make this a real movie that would be AWSOME

  • Iz a Spark Short. Bit different than standard Pixar fair.

  • Кто от станции 12 или из голубой папки в вк?

  • I havent paid my taxes since.

  • [21,000 men disliked that]

  • I did not even now she’s gonna say the a word

  • Is this pixar?

  • Unbewievable

  • #EqualityCan’tWait

  • This look like Disney to me
    And gta 5

  • 0% good movies
    100% bad saying a bad word and alcohol reference

  • Swearing, in my pixar short? its more likely than you think!

  • I like how they added ONE black man at the end but the were still, all, men

  • I dont know why, but the puppet-like movement weirds me out

  • Me: struggling to animate a simple gust of wind

    Pixar: this

  • Cutest liberal propaganda I've ever seen. Aawwww 😭😭😭😭

  • So women are yarn balls okau

  • ¿Quien le va a hacer caso a una lana de color rosa?

  • hm

  • Pixar u might be popular but ur a kids show and ur making kids watch by being drunk and say swears

  • Are the women in this world represented by yarn balls

  • yea i had to double check if this was made by pixar cuz there was alcohol and swearing also i could not find the moral of the story its definitely not be yourself cuz she is only cool cuz she changed

  • purl:*THEY CAN KISS OUR @$$

  • This is Pixar

  • :v


  • Why is she even there if she isn't hot?!!?

  • Purl is a Female because when she changed herself into a suit they all said 'Her' and 'She' (I think that means Purl is a Trans or tomboy and she doesn't like any makeup)
    So the moral of the story is *NEVER JUDGE ANYBODY*.

  • No don't change who you are to fit in 😣 She learned ☺

  • Btw
    Fun fact:some earn thingy balls are in the bag she has so it means she captured her kind? Plus the stuff she has are all made of that same material she is made of so it means… They modelate their kind to look like normal evryday human stuff??

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