Punjabi Heel Pain! – Abid Hussain

Hi today I am here with Ajmal we’re
gonna make a slightly different video because he’s got heel pain and he speaks
Mirpuri so I’m gonna speak Mirpuri and then I’ll put subtitles. Peace be upon you, peace be upon you too, how are you? Im well thank you, where is your pain? The pain is in my right heel How long has it been hurting you? Over a year, a year! yes, what is your job? Butcher what do you call that in your language? Kasai! A butchers job! So you have come to me today, remind me again how long you have been in pain?? Over a year! Why has it taken you so long to come to me!! You should have come earlier! I only just heard about you! Next week is your injection into the heel We are also going to make some special custom orthotics for you and god willing this will alleviate your pain I shall report back you about hes progress! Ajmal say bye! There you go!! 🙂

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