PUMA Suede Classic Brogue SKU: 9115836

Hey what’s up everybody! It’s Clayton here at Zappos.com and today we’re checking out the Suede Classic Brogue from Puma This cool low top sneaker features a soft comfy suede upper We’ve got this unique brogue detailing on the edges there for a bit of style got that gum rubber midsole, it’s keeping it flexible and you’ve got that nice texture for a distinct difference and of course the PUMA 360° stitching detail On the inside we’ve got a textile lining and a little bit of leather at the top there to keep it comfy We’ve also got some cushion down in that footbed and a little bit of pop of gold for some fun got the recycled materials in the laces for a pop of shiny difference and on the bottom we’ve got that rubber outsole for a good grip So pick up this dope style today from Puma

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