Puma Running Shoes Unboxing and Review

hi guys madhav is here and today I am
gonna show you the unboxing of a puma shoes so here we have the receiving
of shoes we got got delivered yeah flipkart delivered it
I just bought it and here is the receipt I bought it
let’s open it and see what’s inside it oh yeah, something bill like thing
let’s keep it aside so now we’ll be unboxing this shoe and we’ll check it
out that how it will fit I got it on discount you may see that the descriptions
and the kind of shoe it is IDP 2.0 second generation good for running so we are
basically unboxing and we’ll try it NOW it new how far it is good
for the purpose that is.. gyming or running or jogging X etc so the flipkart has done a nice packing though I
have not bought any superb packingg like the Amazon or Myntra does but yeah
let’s see so yeah we got “RED” color box, shoe box here a
lovely shoebox.. I love this now keep it aside Puma Shoe box
here yeah this side we have the size conversion – touch conversion points UK US
India UK adults men’s women’s etc so guys without wasting time we will let’s
see open this and yeah I ordered this lovely shoes yeah these have some
fillings these have some foams I will remove the fillings two fillings
exactly we generally have two fillings
yeah I’ve got two fillings the green bar is here
Puma logo and Silver lining logo Puma version to descendant the upstream yeah
it’s cool and this is the backside flip again the Puma logo this
will also will have fillings maybe two fit in size and so yeah two fillings let’s go to the description of the shoes
we have here PUMA branding this front we are very
good for the massive leap a place for grip and this is material like
like this simple material here so do damn at this Budget here they have very less
filing so having two more branding so I may check it right out hi guys
I’m back and now I am wearing this shoes I have used shoes for the outdoor
activities and these are really great I felt really great so I’m thinking of
making another review on sport shoe again maybe some different brand and yeah I
will be making over a review basically on how to tie laces (this)
beautifully till then you can subscribe I’m a new comer to YT
so stay tuned like share and subscribe thank you thank you very much

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