Puma PowerCat 1.12 Review (White Pearl)

Hey, this is Matt from SoccerPro.com just
want to let you guys know we got in the brand new Puma PowerCat 1.12 and
it’s an excellent boot with some sweet new features and sick new technology. But
first off, let’s look at the old Puma PowerCat 1.10 so we can kinda compare and
contrast them. It’s going to be like an elementary class…you’re gonna love it. First up, we’ve got the Puma PowerCat 1.10.
As you can see, it’s got a super supple kangaroo leather upper that gives
good touch on the ball and a pretty large shooting element on the top of the foot. Now, this element is kind of terraced like
a field or something in the Andes it’s got a memory foam backing on it…gives
you good power behind the ball but it’s a little bit bulky, a little bit hard to
fit, and honestly if they weren’t just right for your foot it didn’t feel too good. You
have the same problem with the asymmetrical lacing on the side. Other than that, it’s a great shoe it’s
a little heavy, a little bulky but very stable, very comfortable in the in
sole and that’s gonna be important later. Now, next up we’ve got the main event,
the Puma PowerCat 1.12. As you can see, it’s got that same ultra
soft ultra touch kangaroo leather on the upper and it does still have a shooting
element but it’s much more sleek and much more reduced. As you can see, it’s got four fins on it.
These fins help you get traction on the ball and catch it on your toe…two
impact zones to absorb that same power like the old upper and the smaller area
giving you better direction behind the ball. It’s also got a flat line lacing system, gives
you better contact, and the kangaroo leather goes almost all the way around
except to the very outside so you got no problem with control or touch on the
ball. Just like Cesc Fabregas when you see him sporting these every weekend
for Barcelona. Now, another main event on these shoes…is
the fact they’re 65 grams lighter than the older versions which
means you’re not gonna feel it as much at the end of the game like you do with
the old PowerCat…it’s a lightweight shoe, really gives the adiZero a run for its
money, honestly. Other than that, you got that same super
comfortable insole from the original PowerCat 1.10 and the same cleat
pattern so you got great stability, lightweight, good leather, honestly it’s a
beautiful boot and check them out at SoccerPro.com today.


  • are these as comfortable as the nike ctr360 maestri? thanks

  • As if 65 grams makes a difference. Even 100 grams wouldnt make a difference in all honesty. Dont buy boots based on weight because its such a minimalistic aspect of the boot.

  • Beautiful shirt!

  • The way he says his "s" reminds me of Herbert the Pervert

  • Newcastle 🙂

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