Puma Explode XT Hybrid 1 – Review Handballschuhe 2019/20

Hello and welcome to a new review on weplayhandball.de! Today with the new stabile top model of Puma – the Explode XT Hybrid 1. What the shoe can do, what it can’t do and what’s new about it, we’ll show you in detail now. Let’s start with the weight of the Explode Hybrid. At the UK 9.5 it weighs just over 400 grams. This is in the normal range for these stabile handball shoes. There it lies approximately in the midfield. Logically it has even more to offer. Here we have an important thing in the upper material. We have a TPU outer skin that covers a breathable and flexible mesh material. On the one hand, this is very comfortable to wear. But it is this large TPU outer skin above that gives us a lot of stability when moving outwards. The whole thing is supported by this cross bracing. Here also such a light X indicated. From ankle to metatarsus and from ankle to heel. This offers additional stability in diagonal movements. It is also very comfortable to wear. The second thing that supports the whole thing is the Booty construction. Very light and very easy to get on, because very flexible. Lies like a sock on your foot. Also very nice in wearing comfort. Especially inside still supported by a few elements which hold your heel there very smoothly in the shoe. All in all a very well made upper material. Now comes the name-giving element. And this is the hybrid cushioning. This combines two techniques made by Puma On the one hand the Ignite foam, which you already know from other models and give a very pleasant cushioning, and then these NRGY beads, which Puma combines in this hybrid cushioning sole. On the one hand very pleasant soft cushioning, especially in the heel heel area. On the other hand, these pearls offer something that you also knew from other brands or other models. A light kickback energy. This means that the energy that you release into the ground is returned to your foot. Especially in explosive forward movements this gives a little extra push. In the sole area you can see the following: A continuous sole, so that the whole foot can touch down here and especially if you are on the move on the forefoot and on the hind foot, this smooth contact surface offers a lot of grip on the ground. I’m a big fan of not splitting this sole, but really offering a continuous sole construction over a hard outer edge over the heel area. Here you can see a large pivot point and 180 degrees around the circle the attached panels also here with such a slight negative pressure. Provides very good grip. In any case one of the better soles even in this price segment. Puma is only since four seasons again active on the indoor shoe market and there especially in handball. And they really learn more from year to year. I wasn’t so convinced about the latest Explode models. Some of them were a bit clumsy and heavy and the manufacturing quality was not quite optimal, but this shoe is in any case a clear step forward. Great upper material with this good mixture of PU and mesh material, the booty construction very comfortable to wear, this cross bracing creates a lot of quality. But the really outstanding thing is the damping quality. So the combination of Ignite cushioning foam and NRGY beads. On the one hand, the damping is very comfortable. On the other hand, it also has a lot of kickback energy when you attack or change direction. I would recommend the shoe for the left backcourt, the right backcourt, maybe also for the centre backcourt. For wing players it might be a bit too heavy and inflexible. It is more a shoe for wide and normally cut feet. Small feet could swim in it a bit. From the length I would stay quite normal with your standard size. The shoe is neither too small nor too big. If you have questions about the Explode Hybrid or if you want to express your opinion, then do it with us on the Facebook page, with Instagram, on our Youtube channel or of course on weplayhandball.de. See you next time.


  • Ist der für einen kreisläufer gut??

  • Can we play at BADMINTON synthetic court

  • Hey hab da mal eine Frage
    Ich spiele Linksaußen und wollte fragen Ober der Schuh besser wäre als der rise xt fuse 1

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