Puma evoPOWER Vigor 1 Unboxing

Happy 2017 everybody and welcome back to SoccerProVideo. Under the lights, we’ve got the new Puma evoPOWER
Vigor 1 in green, black and yellow. The all-new Vigor is colored in green gecko
and safety yellow for a striking color that’s meant to turn heads and catch the eyes of
onlooking fans. The beauty isn’t just skin deep with these
cleats, there’s quite a lot of tech underneath that coat of bright paint. These boots are designed for power as is evident
by that large black PWR logo all over the upper and all those other accents that just
give that feel of power. And speaking of such things on that upper,
it is synthetic called adapLITE that we found on previous generations of Puma cleats along
with griptex and accufoam pads for a better grip on the ball and deadly accuracy. With the redesign of this cleat, they’ve ditched
the tongue for a more modern tongueless slipon design and I do have to say, it is incredibly
easy to get on. The pull tabs are large enough to get your
fingers through without them feeling like they’re cutting off your circulation as you
pull them on which is a really nice improvement over some of the other showings we’ve seen
over the past year. Flipping this to the bottom, we find a pebax
outsole that outside of a paintjob is the exact same soleplate we saw on the previous
iteration of this cleat, you still get that gradual stability frame running down the center
of the cleat to give you a nice firm planted feel without being too rigid and stiff and
finally we have a healthy mix of conical and blade style studs to provide that perfect
mix of acceleration and rotational agility. Now, on foot these did feel a little bit small,
there was a noticeable amount of pressure on the outside of the foot as well as a little
discomfort on the heel, the cleats do feel incredibly light and they are an absolute
joy to slip in and out of, in the last six months I have not found a pair of tongueless
cleats this easy to put on, you really got to try these. With SoccerPro’s epic return and exchange
policy, even if you end up getting something that’s a little bit too small for you, we’ve
got you covered. So lets hand it over to you guys, give us
those thoughts on the new Vigor. Have you guys got to try them out yet? let us know in the comments down below, keep
it right here on SoccerProVideo for the latest hotness to keep you warm in these cold winter
months, we’ll see you next time soccer fans.


  • Those new boots look fire 🔥

  • Wouldnt mind a pair of these sent out😉😉

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