PUMA evoPOWER 1 Launch in Barcelona with Balotelli, Fàbregas, Reus and Henry

hi Joseph immunise for web TV we are back on the road and today we are in Barcelona for the launch event of the brand new puma evopower we will get a chance to try the new boots in action hear about the technologies and of course follow the launch event itself with some of the biggest Puma footballer join us welcome units for to our evil power launch event in Barcelona we will launch this fantastic new product with the likes of Cesc fàbregas Marco Royce and of course our latest signing Mario Balotelli the evopower wood has been inspired by barefoot kicking that is something totally new in the industry something totally new in shoemaking and we tried to build a shoe around the natural mechanics when bare foot strikes the ball it goes against anything else that has been done in football power Footwear so far how important is the soleplate when it comes to you know their fruit striking and power the soleplate is actually very important the soleplate actually is very stable in the heel where you need stability and very flexible in the forefoot so the boot is flexing in a natural way like every other boot does but it’s the only boot that is flexing also in this way so we needed to find an upper material that is stretching in the longitudinal direction but it holds its shape in the lateral shape only with this special an uplight material this flex is possible the special thing about the boot is not what we built onto the shoe it’s about how we built the shoe we wanted to build a shoe around the bare foot that is as least restrictive as possible please welcome ladies and gentlemen the legendary tirion ring what’s it like to work with J’s fàbregas and Marco Roy is Sierra unruly it’s exciting you know they’re as excited as we are about our football boots because that’s their their tools to work with if a power boot for me is an amazing wood I’ve been training with them they are making a difference in my game the boots they have to be great and we all saw that the boot is really great the weight of them the boot the design the style of it gives you that that that combination that you can have when you eat the ball or kick the ball with other boots so that’s that’s the best combo for me will definitely change things for us it’s a new chapter in the history of puma football and it’s an exciting start to a new concept which is called evopower so after a long day leave a power launch is now over and we got to try the boots so Balotelli Omri fàbregas and Royce in action and even managed to get a few autographs but what did you guys think about this event well let me know in the comments section below this is all I had for today while we’re back again soon here in unisport webtv


  • Hello

  • Great video!!

  • Awsome video you guys are the best

  • mega seje sko

  • Nice boots

  • Awsome video

    Great video!!

  • Amazing boot amazing event amazing players . But Joltter … we want some new freekicks vid of you pleeaase 

    But please come check our last vid guys

  • giveaway?

  • AWESOME Event !!
    Joltter get the highscore ???

  • Shooting from 11 meter into an open goal and talking about mechanics.Hm?!
    1,19 min is not a football player(hes handball player)..please show only football player or i will unsub.lol
    The power comes from the (mind) body .run up angle-last step-hip -arms-finger -shoulder -head position and much more:)–unisport could organize a shooting/free kick battle with the pros .lets see which boot is the best.
    why i am watching?cause your the best editor and i want to learn.

  • haha konzi!

  • Gutes Video 🙂
    Guckt mal bei uns,wir haben ein neues Video hochgeladen ( neue Version von einem alten Video ),
    Wir hoffen,dass es euch gefällt,
    LG ReftKickerz <3

    Nice Video 🙂
    We have new video too 🙂
    I hope,you like it 🙂
    ReftKickerz <3

  • "they are making a difference in my game" LMAO

  • Wish i was there <3

  • Whats that guy doing at 1:29 with his feet? hahaha 

  • What a video!


  • Would love to be there :(( where was aktually ?
    I want this autographed show :S

  • marco reus is so smooth on the ball

  • So glad to hear Joltters voice joltter<3

  • freekickerz @ 2:09 lol

  • Lol I see Konzi

  • More jolter!

  • Nice video guys in Barcelona! I'm from near there in Catalunya-Spain 😀

  • Cesc Fàbregas is the best <3

  • konzi freekickerz !

  • Awesome video! Whats the song name for the last song (the groovy one) :P?

  • Is the color like a reddish orange or orange?

  • Omg freekicerz!

  • Great Video & Editing!
    Was a funny day with unisport & Joltter 😉

  • Nike be always number one

  • Amazing edit! And great players of course! 😀

  • Great editing, guys! Very professional and entertaining!

  • If Zlatan where there he would brake the machine 

  • check out this link to see balotelli's new vide;

  • 0:42 did he say evil power:D

  • I hope they release a black out color. That would look amazing

  • Unisport and Freekickerz should join together!

  • What is the kit called anyone?

  • Who is the girl in the microphone?

  • Ninni

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