PUMA Clyde Rubber Toe Leather SKU: 9058895

Hey everyone, I’m Richard from zappos.com and this is the Clyde Rubber Toe Leather, it’s from PUMA These guys have that iconic Puma style with that fantastic leather upper here, really really looks great See, it says Puma right there on the side with that Clyde signature right there, which is pretty cool It’s got a really comfortable textile-lined interior, very smooth breathable All that great stuff with excellent cushioning in that footbed Now another really cool feature is that this midsole and outsole kind of curve up over the front of the toes and back here around the heel for extra durability in the front back It’s incredibly flexible to keep your feet moving with a sturdy rubber outsole on bottom So go ahead and lace up these classics today, they’re from PUMA

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  • Dude ditch the baggy pants not a good aesthetic

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