Product Review: Reebok Work Sublite Athletic

Hey guys Jeff here your Mister Safety Shoes expert on fit and comfort back with another review. This time we’ve got the Reebok Work Sublite athletic. That’s right! Reebok the maker of great running shoes also makes great safety shoes under the name Reebok Work. The Sublite athletic here has many great features, but the biggest one being just how light they are. With industry-leading light protection and at just over one pound they actually feel like the shoes you might well, go running in. The toe protection is composite not metal which helps keep them light and they’re electric shock resistant and they also come in a static dissipative version. The uppers, that’s this part here are mesh and so is the lining so that they breathe. Next inside there’s a MemoryTech massage footbed so you put them on you wear them and the cushioning contours to your feet. They really are your new best friend. Finally there’s the grip, these bad boys have deep flex grooves in the sole which gives excellent grip but they also bend and flex with you as you turn, pivot, stop and start and that’s great support that can really help prevent foot fatigue. Our customers are really liking these and we also carry a number of other great options from the Reebok Work Cushion Work series including The SD and the high-top. You can find the Reebok Work Sublite athletic online at or at one of our retail locations listed on our website Remember fit equals comfort so make sure to get both your feet measured the next time you get a pair of work boots or safety shoes Until next time I’m Jeff your Mister Safety Shoes expert on fit and comfort signing off.


  • Tell me more about the toe, please. What materials are in the alloy?

  • They are not electric shock resistant.

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