Product Review: CAT Diagnostic Work Boot

Hey guys Jeff here from Mister Safety Shoes. Here to help you understand what’s what in the work boots and safety shoes you need for your work. Today a quick look at the CAT, that’s CATERPILLAR Diagnostic work boot. The CAT Diagnostic work boot is a hard-working six-inch leather work boot we’ve carried for a while but the really interesting thing about these boots is the design. CAT calls it ergo design and that’s basically a bunch of features built around the idea of enhancing the natural movement of your foot and that means flexibility and comfort and at Mister Safety Shoes we are all about your comfort. Let me break that down for you let’s talk about comfort. Check out the padded tongue and padded collar cushioning that feels great especially when they’re fully laced up, which we recommend by the way. There’s a heel pad built into the insole which you can’t really see but it helps absorb shock from moving, walking, carrying, anything really that puts weight on your body and of course on your feet. Let’s flip it over and take a look at the sole. The sole tread pattern actually mimics the shape of your foot so that you get better grip and better cushioning as you walk. The sole also has these things called flex grooves, so that the boot can better bend and flex with you and flexibility is where it’s at to make sure that you’re supported and that there’s cushioning the sole uses CATs SRX technology to create a slip resistance on slick surfaces. Back to the top for a few words about protection. These boots are made with waterproof leathers and the seams are sealed and because there’s a full gusset that’s waterproof no water can get through the laces. Let me demonstrate just how waterproof they are. See completely dry. You can find the CAT Diagnostic work boot online at or at one of our retail locations listed on the website and remember fit equals comfort so make sure to get both your feet measured the next time you buy work boots or safety shoes. Until next time. I’m Jeff your Mister Safety Shoes expert on fit and comfort signing off.

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