Product Photography Workshop [Football Boot]

We’re going to go into complete darkness now. There you go. Welcome to Karl Taylor Photography show live, live shooting. Today we are going to tackle a football boot. This turns your Softbox into an all round rim light. Let me just show you something else that’s quite cool. I’ll take that question please Emma.Yes, I’ve got a question from Alejandro asking “Where is the focus point?”I’ve got a question here from Eric and he’s asking “Have you ever used a scrim to soften a snoot?”And I’ve got a question from Gary asking “Would it work if you pointed
the second Picolite in an upward direction following the upward line of the boot?”So if he’s live watching now, this is the great about live.
Where do you want the light Gary? OK go for that. That fills in the texture because the light is running down the lines, through the grooves. This is on power 4, and this one? That’s just a big scrappy mess ok? Big scrappy mess is not part of product photography,
it’s certainly not part of advertising photography. Now look how beautiful the sole of our boot looks, it looks amazing. We are going to bring out that Adidas logo and light that up, look at that. We just lit up the Adidas logo. I’ve got another couple of little tips, little tricks for you here. Look how the edge of the circle softens out compared
to the hard circle there, so with the grids in front. Imagine you don’t have this many lights, ok what would you do? Well what we could do…Stephen is asking “Would you not use the blue gel with this light because it looks
as if it was reducing the blue?”Yeah we can do, let’s do it. Off you go, pop. I like that. Who’s suggestion was that?
Stephen. Well done Stephen, good idea. Right, we’re going to finish this off with a very simple technique. So I’m just going to make a mask there. There’s a mask now from the boot. So now I’ve got a perfect cutout for my boot, automatically. So we’ve got pure black background, there we’ve got a
nice boot floating in mid air on complete black. Now if I turn the mask off they can see the difference between the complete black. And we can change the hue, so we can change the hue of color behind that boot. This is Karl Taylor Education. Thanks very much for watching.
We’ll see you next time.


  • Çok güzel olmuş ❤️👍

  • Wow

  • Great promo as always! I've been learning so much from you, looking forward to your next class.

  • Really inspiring, thanks Karl.

  • Ахуенна братан!

  • You are a beast

  • Очень интересно) спасибо

  • So awesome "lightography"! Thanks Karl.

  • Top of his game this lad, superb stuff. You can't learn all this in 5 years, takes a lot longer.

  • I’ve learned more about product lighting just from watching this clip than I have on the rest of YouTube. Just found your channel today and will become a member of the school. 👍

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