Primitive Technology: Sandals

Walking bare foot Carrying water for plants Fire wood for kilns Clay for pottery Stone for foundations Grass for thatch Scorpion for dramatic effect Cracking feet Cutting loya cane (hand axe is used instead to avoid damaging the hafted stone hatchet on anvil stone) Spikes These are removed by pulling the leaves back and down. The whole sheath comes off, spikes included More cane Measure out a length 6 times that of the foot Form 2 loops Put between the toes of both feet Weave another length of cane in and out between the loops This is standard weaving (over under) Pull back to tighten weave Add new lengths as the old ones finish Using one toe now to narrow sandal width (sandal is pointing backwards here) Cut excess and weave back into sandal Finished sole Tree with fibrous bark. Fallen branch underneath Break dead branch to strip bark Strip fibrous inner bark from outer bark Twisting cordage Twist 2 strands individually clockwise and together anticlockwise so they hold together Measure about 5 times foot length Thread through sandal with stick (the weave is tight) Now twist the two lengths of cord together Thread cords through back of sandal Making another sandal Finished sandals Put foot in sandal Cross cords behind heel Thread cords back under and then tie over foot Stone and sandal Carrying water Fire wood Stone Clay Grass Scorpion approves Sandals


  • There was a scorpion right below his foot. Them buggers hurt when they sting you. We have them here in Kentucky. Just missed stepping on him. Lol

  • Bò cạp à? Tuổi lolz :))

  • S H O E S

  • Я думаю, информация полезна)

  • Bet these would sell out if they was yeezeys.

  • Those are some strait LIT gucci shoes💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Geta

  • Haha bọ cạp tuổi "Lol" 🦂

  • 0:01

  • 0:00

  • 5:41

  • Bọ cạp tuổi loz =))

  • Ah, yes. Nothing liking creating your own pair of ancient footwear : ).

  • It's not a sandal it's a slipper

  • Damn Dannel! Back at it again with the white Vans!

  • All of this just for sandals?


  • Мне кажется будет натирать между пальцев

  • Now he just needs to make some socks…

  • You are the best primitive technology

  • Шлепанцы

  • Why doesn't he use them all the time?
    I've only noticed him using them in this one video so far.

  • 0:17 what kind of bug is that?

  • Bọ caph tuổi lozl 😂😂 vãi thằng Vietsub 🤣🤣😂😂

  • “Scorpion approves” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Why has nobody on "Naked and Afraid" ever watched this?

  • Makes sandals

    doesnt wear them in any other video

  • Why you didnt use sandals in the latests videos? Greetings from Chile, extraordinary work! Gracias!

  • And then he never wore them again

  • . Sandals basic crafted.
    . Sandals basic equiped.
    . Movement speed +20. Def +1
    . You no longer lose hp while walking on hard terrain.
    . Crafting/ basic skill increases to 33.
    . Leather shoes schematic unlocked.
    . You are now thirsty.
    . You are now hungry.

  • Is it just me or did anyone just look at his feet in the beginning of the video

  • Moron….wondering around the jungle bare footed. You sure do not want to be affected with necrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial attacking disease.

  • tats how Nike started.

  • ну раз скорпион одобряет, то и я лайк поставлю))))

  • Did he at least clean his feet?

  • White guy got skills.

  • Who the hell is this guy I want him to be my teacher these skills by far more valuable than what you learn in school they should teach these skills in school who will need a loan for a house then just go build one your self this guy the best thing I've seen on YouTube to date

  • This guy: My feet hurt
    sees plant literally covered in spikes
    This guy: … I'm gonna make shoes out of that.

  • ok dude , i subscribed , sling bow , addalay. kill something , nothing is like leather on you feet /back etc. nevermind you tube would just take it off. love your stuff though keep em coming .

  • My luck, I would have had ants biting the crap out of me.

  • Imm make a video called
    "Modern technology: How to walk into a Nike store and buy shoes"

  • Far better than Nike or any other stupid brands

  • 沒有自己做褲子!

  • Make pants out of fibers, or gloves!

  • Give it 3 years and he will start a new footwear company

  • I still wear velcro shoes.

  • Where is his suit at to go with his sandals.

  • No ads, no talk, no politicks, no asking for likes or to suscribe, no sponsors, it is just like a Youtuber was made to be. That's the real reason why this channel has primitive in it's name, this channel is from the time where things in Youtube were like this; keep going Primitive Technology; and Always stay primitive the way you do.

  • Primitive fashion trends 50000 BC

  • how crocs started out

  • Next Episode: How to make Jordan 11s

  • damn new kicks dummy fresh

  • He should have made a pair of safety boots.

  • Saldalias adidas kyubo.

  • Scorpion APPROVES!

  • Scorpion for dramatic effect

  • cant wait for a hunting episode

  • I wonder what this guy would do in North America, preferably the northeast. Unfamiliar flora that aren't in australia would likely be a minor setback

  • Scorpion is kawaii desu chan uwu

    Kill me

  • Jordans eat your heart out

  • Alguém da brasil ?

  • さそり

  • Hey, brother, hello, I am from China, I have been watching you on our shackles, I like you for many years, I hope you are getting better and better.

  • why is he not wearing bark fiber woven pants then?

  • When ur broke but you gotta go through a forest

  • 5:40 "Scorpion approves" hehe

  • 最後運んでた草で草履作ったらいいのに…

  • Those cuts in his foot look painful! >.< i wonder why he stopped wearing shoes, though.

  • Then you take some warmed up resins from plants and trees and keep applying it to the bottom until you’ve built up a base then walk through sand.

  • Smithing increased to 100

  • Now this guy make a sandals, just wait several years and he start to make a gun… it's always to be in humanity.

  • Подобную обувь мой дедушка учил меня делать, что бы ходить по болотам ( Север России).
    Similar shoes my grandfather taught me to do, that would walk on swamps (North Russia).

  • you could make a whole shoe out of this, add hides below feet, make other loops with fiber around the foot but make it a little bit spacy, now add more hide inside, you will need a needle and threads to sew the hide to the sandal and make a fur shoe, so please make a video on needles and threads :3

  • I recently bought elastic laces so that I don't have to tie my shoes anymore.

  • This man will never suffer from cancer, diabetes, endocrine disorders,or any other marketable disease which has been made by man's industrious behavior. He probably sleeps with pumas. I feel stupid living my life of uselessness to uphold province. I'll ask him for a dollar but he wiped his with it.

  • I guess the next thing is leather, right?

  • How come you never wear these in other videos?

  • Shoemaker

  • Ah yes, The Scorpion approves, I will make this item now.

  • tebrikler

  • ve

  • And here I thought samurai Jack already made it to the past.

  • Did anyone else have to put their tongue against their teeth and blow air through your teeth, when he peeled his foot apart? …No, just me? Lol

  • Лучше б показал как он еду добывает…

  • What’re THOSE?

  • How can i build a Computer for Editing using wooods and Camera.?

  • Scorpion for dramatic effect! Hahaha

  • Lavdya bina chappal n Kayle janglat gela be

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