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Prada Cloudbust Thunder Knit Sneakers Review starts !! Let me show you the box first Same box as original (mirror grade) Blue products and white products I will open the blue product I’m also comparing it to the general class. I’ll bring the regular class in a different color I’ll open it I opened a blue product Prada card. Short bag Pavement map is the same as genuine It consists of Let’s organize Not white Good packaging It’s configured like this I organized it like this I’ll show you the product as a whole blue White and black there’s also totally black product black and blue, black and white, side by side This is general grade I will show you the difference between this one and mirror-grade one But before that, let’s take a close look at mirror-grade first I will show you the black and blue one in detail As you see, the finish line and material feeling is clear and neat Take a look slowly, one by one side Logo in tongue part the other side see? I’ll compare it to the general class. black and white, black and blue ones are mirror-grade All white and all black ones are general grade The first difference is, logo part here mirror grade is made the same as original On general grade one, the width of logo square is longer And material feeling is totally different let’s see, side by side The finish lines inside are different here, tongue part Look at the finish line seam line, general grade mirror grade here The lines and materials are different Can you see the difference? between general and mirror grade mirror grade one And toe part this is women’s size blue one is men’s The size is … This part is too wide but here is line is pretty and well made the same as original but this looks fat Toe lining is important,
can you see the difference? And the material here is different The right one feels tough and rough, bad but this is so soft totally different You can see the clear difference I think it’s enough for this finish line on back part logo and seams general grade here can you see? a little bit … Thickness and line is slightly different but it’s not that big so looks the same Slightly mirror-grade looks good,
soft touch and neat finish The insole of mirror grade is really thick So thick for good cushioning It fits more comfortably than general one upper one is mirror grade Difference is so big in thickness between general and mirror Right side is general,
left side is mirror grade let’s take a look general grade one here
white touch The bottom part of mirror grade is made of cork same as original well finished The end
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