Practical Flip-Flop Tutorial (multivibrator)

Collector goes higher , so more current (not less)


  • I'll be putting up the monostable and astable in abit

  • 5:07 Mistake , meant to say collector goes higher so more current is supplied to the other transistor

  • Cool exactly what i was lookin for.. thanks

  • Great job. This made perfect sense. I like that you actually took the time to describe what's happening at the schematic level.

  • I finally get it now, thanks a ton!

  • Great explaination thanks. I'm a little slow at picking things up but you made it clear enough for even ME to understand

  • What if R1 and R2 are around 1K Ohm and avoid using the additional two transistors? The LEDs will be brighter in that case and there will be no additional transistors.

  • After watching numerous videos and reading many pdfs, now I finally understood how bistable work from your video…thanks..the missing link which u made very clear of collector getting low when it passes current and stopping the other transistor n vice versa..thanks a ton!!!

  • nice explanation

  • Is this explained based on Conventional current rather than Electron current?

  • The best and simplest explanation…thanks alot))

  • Are resistors 3 and 4 33k ohms or can they vary?

  • How do I fix the problem that my LEDs won't turn off completely when I press the set and reset buttons?

  • Thanks I'll try that.

  • This is a perfect tutorial. Explaining every small section.

  • how you define all the resistors of the circuit?

  • Finally someone who can explain it normally so everyone understand it!

  • Fantastic explaination, thank you! Just what I was looking for.

  • Why you chose R5 and R6 3.3K when R4 and R5 are 33K. These are the things that confuse me in electronics, it would make sense to me all four resistors to be the same (either 3.3K or 33K) since they all four provide base current. Still your video is one of the best though.

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