Pop-up Dating: Flip-Flop Bro Is Single And Minglin’

Hi, I’m Alana Johnston. I’m 31 and looking for love. Online dating is great, but there’s
no substitute for meeting face to face. Which is why I decided to
combine the two. Welcome to Pop-Up Dating. ♪ [ Music ] ♪ Here’s out it works. I’m going to ask random guys on
the street if they want to go on a date, and if they say, “Yes,”
our Pop-Up Date Dinner Crew is going to set up a romantic
dinner date right here on the street. Excuse me, can I ask you
a couple of questions? Okay, he’s going to be late, probably for a date. Do you have a
minute to chat? Actually I’m pretty busy
too, so that worked out. Are you seeing anyone? Yeah, my boyfriend’s right
there. He’s camera shy. Oh, okay. Um…think It just felt like he was flirting
with me, and he kind of like approached me. Anyone looking for love? Andy, how old are you? I’m 14. Okay. Yikes. (Laughs) I mean, he was cute, but… Are you married? Yeah. Oh. Okay. I am looking for a single dad. It’d be nice to not have to ruin
my own body having a baby, and I do want kids. I just thought there
would be more guys. Can I get your name? Tyler. Tyler, are you currently
dating anybody? I’m currently singling
and mingling. Whoo-wee! Okay. Great. Would you ever consider
going out on a date with me? Why not? Okay. Well, how
about right now? What do you mean? I mean it’ll be set
up in 35 seconds. Tyler: Okay… (Laughs)
Alright. Alana: Okay, great. So come join me on my date. Okay. ♪ ♪ Okay, great. Thank
you so much. – Hi, good afternoon.
– Thank you for coming. Thank you. I’m honored. Thank you for coming– (Laughs) Cheers. Here’s to what we
are, and was we will be. [She gasps] So are you interested
in marriage? Uh, yeah. Absolutely. Okay. And having kids? Absolutely. Okay. How soon?
Maybe 9 months? Um… (laughs)
Yeah. Okay. Thank you so much. Do you have a good relationship
with your parents? Wonderful. Oh. Should we just give them a ring,
and just kind of run this past them? You know, they are actually
abroad right now. So, I think with the time
change it wouldn’t be… How big is your dick? It depends. I’m a grower,
not a shower. Oh. No thanks. I’m allergic. Maybe you would want to
give them to me. Not on a first date. Okay. Is that cool?
Sorry. I just want to thank you so
much for joining me on this date. Thank you. Oh. You’re welcome. I feel
pretty close to love– Okay. –and I’m just wondering if
you feel the same way. Um…you know, I’m
getting there. Okay. He seemed pretty wishy washy just
in regards to telling me that he loves me. Needless to say, it was nice to
chat with somebody, and I did have a bit of a laugh. He’s
probably the funniest guy I’ve ever met. Okay. Off you go. Pleasure. Yeah. It certainly was,
for you. (Giggles) ♪ ♪

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