Plus Size Fall Lookbook | JCPenney


  • Cute outfits, I need to check out JCP.

  • Ana O’Brien you did a fabulous job here with these beautiful colors.
    The maroon was lovely.
    Shout out to JCPenny for these beautiful items

  • Awesome job!! Beautiful colors! I saw your new commercial the other day !! Awesome.

  • Love it

  • JCPenney is Torrid now?

  • Beautiful!!! The red was stunning!

  • Thank you for this! Keep being the inspiration that you are.

  • Love that blue outfit!!! The red outfit was stunning!

  • The red top is out of stock 😥

  • Loved all the outfits!

  • I loved the first look, the colors were so pretty, and went together well. Take care.

  • Hermosas y con mucha carisma y con gran voluntad. Adelante muy buen trabajo
    Dios las ama el es bueno

  • Loved it all, but especially the maroon layering! JC Penny-smart to sponsor Anna!! Big girls need to know where to find clothes that work for them…

  • AMAIZING Job Anna. The minute I saw the red Top I knew it was going with the Skirt lol lol. I do want the Blue Skirt

  • That last look is great! I love that red top on you!

  • Love all these looks!

  • I like Anna but my god she's terrible at acting lol.

  • Great looks!!

  • Beautiful

  • Wonderful job Anna!

  • That crimson look is fantastic!! I mean, they all looked great, but that last one was WOW.

  • This is not the high quality content I expect from JC Penney. This young lady does not look pulled together at all, especially in the second outfit. I was hoping this would highlight some pieces I'd like for my fall wardrobe; instead I think I will skip JCP altogether.

  • The print scuba pencil skirt is unflattering to her shape and way too small on her.

  • Loved every outfit. Great job on the plus size selection JC Penny.

  • The blue skirt was my favorite.

  • Awesome looks, Anna!

  • Annnnnaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! 💖💖💖

  • Love the lookbook! I wish JCP had their entire size range in stores.

  • Awesome! You look beautiful!!! I want the first outfit. I wouldn't have put it together. Thanks!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful ❤️❤️❣️

  • Where do I get the Jean skirt? I need it

  • Girl needs to hit up a treadmill

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