Platform Shoe Fashion Designs : Fashion Designs: Flip-Flop Platform Shoes

Hi, it’s Laurel again talking about shoes.
We’re going over how to do different styles of platforms. These, all these styles that
I’m showing you how to do just came from my head or from stuff that I’ve seen, stuff that
I’ve used for collections. Feel free to you come up with your own. That’s the whole point
of fashion design. I’ll show you how to draw these certain styles that I have listed but
this isn’t the end all be all of platform shoes, of course. You can come up with something
completely different and completely your own but right now I’m going to show you how to
draw a platform flip-flop and I’m going to give you the steps in order to effectively
communicate that you’re going, that your collection has platform flip-flops in it. So here we
go. So we start out with our platform, making it really, really big and then you’ll notice right here I have a
little line drawn. That’s to communicate the fact that it’s a three dimensional drawing.
It’s a 2D drawing of a 3D idea. So you know that there can’t obviously have a sole that
ends right there. There’s got to be something for the foot to rest upon. And so you have
it, you have that there and then you go from, it’s a flip-flop so you have to find your
point between your big toe and your second toe and then draw your flip-flop straps and
think about the actual anatomy of the human foot as you’re doing it and make sure that
your straps are going to end in the right places as far as right behind the ball of
the foot. And then you are good to go and then just revamp it, make it look finished
and complete and you’re set.

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