Pizza is Fun, but Slippers are too!

(scenic background) (a pizza box sits) (a water bottle waits then TheReportOfTheWeek enters and throws down his slippers) Well hello ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host the report of the week you know sometimes I try to at least get a broad image of the You know of what I want to do in terms of videos kind of the day or at least the night beforehand like the last video that I did the McDonald’s Pizza one I Was at least planning you know maybe about 24 hours prior Yeah, I want to do way you know like a pizza review. I want to do You know a video of something pizza related And it was about 24 hours ago, maybe not even that far or back. Maybe it was more around 15 hours ago I was sitting there, and I was thinking well. What do I want to? What do I want to do today? Of course there’s a variety of things out there I can review a variety of things I can try out can check out Sonic has some some pretzel twists out Papa John’s has the infamous Double layer pepperoni pizza out that’s not even get started on the heart-shaped pizza from Pizza Hut that they brought back But I thought you know I Kind of want to talk about slippers today There’s these new releases There’s new items out. They’ll be out for a bit and I can review those You know when the time comes when it feels right to do, so But last night, and then when I woke up today that really kind of solidified it I knew that that this is this is gonna happen I wanted to talk about slippers So I have a pair of slippers here, and I also have a pizza now. This pizza is just the standard pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut I will even Show it to you for proof. So you know I’m not lying to you good seats. Just the regular pepperoni pizza I don’t think there’s too much special about it. I got it’s a pan pizza pepperoni a little bit of Hut favorite seasoning on the crust and I got some extra Marinara sauce there, but otherwise you know it’s not a new a new release or anything. It’s just a pizza. Just really my lunch Because I wanted to talk about slippers today You might say well I Understand your passion you know your desire your motivation to talk about slippers, but I Mean if I’m to think about slippers. I might be a little laconic. I might not have a lot to say about slippers You know you Look at these They’re slippers There goes a helicopter maybe that guy in the helicopter is wearing slippers who’s to say You know there goes a helicopter anyway We lay terms of Passover There might be a helicopter full of slickers we just don’t know They’ve got to come from somewhere Where exactly does pizza and slickers come from well We have pizza here Slippers here, so we have pizza and slippers You know Sometimes I look at slippers, and I think about them and a realization will also occur to me Slippers are I think they could be a very multifaceted tool a Lot of people myself included most of the time we just imagine and assume that slippers themselves are to only be worn on the feet and Are only to you know keep your feet warm, and maybe if you’re stepping outside a little bit you could wear them And you know getting easier than putting on shoes, whatever But slippers can be very multifaceted. I mean there’s more to it than meets the eye you really just need to kind of look and Think and maybe even improvise a little bit. I mean for instance let’s look at this right Your feet can slide in so can your hands now you got yourself some hand warmers Don’t have gloves no problem. You’ve got mitts You know Do you see some insect that’s flying around that you don’t? You don’t necessarily want that’s kind of violating your personal space Swat that sucker away I? Mean if you really want to be creative, and you might get a few weird looks for it You know you could kind of use a slipper as a serving dish for little hor d’oeuvres you know for instance I Mean look at this it’s like a little it’s a little cave kind of Couldn’t lay it down as so maybe just fill it with little you know mini hot dogs and You killed two birds with one stone you have a place to store. You know store food and a Little place to kind of have that added decor as well as they say Slippers can be incredible multifaceted tools While admittedly I do hugely just wear them For putting them on my feet and for keeping my feet warm the possibilities are truly endless When it comes down to slippers? endless I Imagine you know I’m looking behind the camera right now There’s a little pool you know you could tie the slippers together and maybe with a little elbow grease you could make a slipper raft as I said the possibilities are endless and we heard that helicopter kind of going Overhead I mean this is mere conjecture, and this is a mere assumption, but at this point in time. I have nothing to really Prove against it. I have no concrete evidence. Otherwise you know that could have been a rare prototype helicopter That was powered by slippers. Maybe they found a way to utilize the slippers and maybe it’s materials or the The strength within the slippers, and they had a slipper powered helicopter, and this was just that’s its Inaugural flight and they were testing an app that could have been an experimental aircraft It probably wasn’t But what do I know? Maybe once I finish this video I could look check the news headlines and there it was The possibilities are truly endless when it comes down the slippers you combine slippers and pizza I guess I get you get this slippers and pizza That’s what’s been on my mind. I just wanted to kind of get down share a few thoughts and talk about slippers and Have some pizza while I’m doing that So thank you all for watching I’m your host the report of the week and coming up after this will probably be a More standard food-related video though who knows as I said, I had originally intended to do a food review But then the thought of slippers has got into my mind And I just couldn’t couldn’t get it out so I wanted to talk about slippers today instead Thank you for watching take care, and I will see you later!

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