Pink slipper orchid blooms • Greenhouse visit • Wind orchid spike

Hello and welcome to My Green Pets. This is
the image that I was greeted with this morning when I came downstairs. I thought, “Gosh,
isn’t that beautiful, that Calla lily that I cut yesterday from the garden looks wonderful
on the kitchen table silhouetted in front of the window. Today began with a little tour
around the sunroom. There’s still several plants, many of them orchids, that are in
there, and I like to check on them every day. This is a miniature Phalaenopsis that was
purchased on sale for only fifty cents a few year ago and this is the first time it’s bloomed.
I’m really pleased with it, it’s so nice! Just love that little plant. This is also
bromeliad season, this is Aechmea fasciata and it is starting to push up its big pink
bract that will last upwards of five or six months. Looking forward to that. And finally
we’ve got this beautiful little slipper orchid that we’ve been waiting for. It’s called Paphiopedilum
Annabellchen and uh, even though the light’s quite bright here you can see the wonderful
pink color and just a puffy, puffiness to it. It’s quite beautiful. Last week, I did
not produce an episode of this series because I was on a trip; I was traveling. I had the
chance to visit another orchid grower, he had quite an interesting setup here. His greenhouse
was two stories tall, and he had scaffolding he could walk up in the back and he could
have plants at different levels. You can see he’s got lots, and lots of orchids. I went
around and just kind of, we spoke, we talked about some of the different plants that he
had, and of course he showed me the ones that were in bloom and I find myself wondering
if a greenhouse is more trouble than it’s worth, or worth the trouble? I don’t know
but, certainly walking around and seeing all these blooms made me think, “Gosh, it’s certainly
a wonderful thing to have a space where you can grow all your orchids all the time. Back
to My Green Pets, my smaller, much much smaller collection. Many of the plants are outside
in a shade tent so they’re exposed completely to the elements: the rain, the sun, the wind,
and the bugs. We noticed last week that in fact, we have a little mascot here. I’d be
interested, if you have an idea for a name for this little guy, why don’t you write it
down there in the comments? He’s been hanging around there since the beginning of May and
he might be out there in the shade house all summer. Over on the shade table, the slipper
orchids and some of the Phalaenopsis are starting to to really put out growth. They’re really
showing that it’s summer and flowering season is done and it’s time to grow. This is Paphiopedilum
villosum and it is really pretty. It’s a tree-dwelling slipper orchid and it has a new growth there.
This is Michael Koopowitz, you may remember this from last Christmas when it had these
big, beautiful flowers with sixteen-inch petals it’s also out there growing. And then we’ve
got another orchid here, this is a first-bloom seedling, this is Vanda falcata, also used
to be known as the Neofinetia. And it’s got a couple little buds on it. Finally, we’ve
got Maxillariella tenuifolia here. It’s in its third, fourth week of bloom so far. And
when you walk past it you just get this wonderful fragrance of sweet coconut. For the past few
weeks, we’ve been looking at this Bulbophyllum echinolabium trying to decide if these new
green things were growths or spikes, but in fact, they are new growths, no spikes to speak
of. Another Bulbophyllum, Lovely Elizabeth, is showing signs of growth. It just completed
this newest pseudobulb a couple months ago and now it’s putting out another one. Let’s
head over to the Vanda tree where Vanda Pachara Delight has started to put out its spikes
for the summer. If we look closely, we can get a count of how many spikes we’ve got;
we’ve got one here, two, three, four, five—little bitty one coming out there—and six, so we’ve
got six spikes on this Vanda so that’s going to be really quite beautiful in the next couple
months when all those bloom out. I’ve also got a couple more little Vandas in another
part of the tree. Well, that’s all for this week’s update. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll
see you next time right here on My Green Pets.


  • Your friend's greenhouse is wonderful and i think it's a full time job to keep it in order, but worth it at the end. Your orchids are growing fast and hopefully will give us some blooms soon!thanks for sharing.

  • Jolly green frog. I had one last year but he got eaten by a predator.

  • The frog should be named Bud

  • The day I can have your sunroom I will be the happiest person alive. 😊

  • Thanks for the tag-along. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and happy growing.

  • Crikey, I hope not! I think it may have either been a cat or a big bird. I had moved house and it travelled with me in one of my plant pots.

  • The frog should be called bud or spike or… Wolfgang!!

  • What a cute little frog ! Looks like he's smiling to the camera. … A real little star. I hope he'll NEVER get eaten.
    Well, I admire the name you gave to your channel 'My green pets' . This little guy has chosen the right place.
    I'd call him either SMILY or LUCKY. 🐸
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week !

  • How would one water all the orchids in a 2 story greenhouse ? They sure have a lot of plants in there !

  • A super update. How nice to see Michael Koplowitz again and to marvel at the incredible greenhouse that you visited. I think that frog's a Kermit 🙂

  • You could name your little friend Coqui (prounouced Co-kee).  It's the Puerto Rican name for frog.  They are the cutest little things just like your little friend.  Your orchids are beautiful and your growspace is AWESOME!!  I fell in love when I saw your purple vanda in bloom….unfortunately, I'm not convinced I have the light conditions for a vanda.

  • Very nice update as always. This frog is the cutest little creature, thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂 You could call him Herb.

  • Awesome vid as usual 🙂 Love that little green dude! Looks like a 'Kermie' to me 🙂

  • If a traditional greenhouse is too much fuss, have you ever thought of an automated one? I've been contemplating this idea for some time. I'm a semi-hydroponic culture evangelist (lol), and I think it's a technique ripe for automation.

  • Your bargain phal looks like a perfect form IMO. Phal Annabellchen is beautiful also. Have you given your phal a name yet?

  • beautiful orchid

  • Well really a green pet 🙂 The Frogster or Monsieur F

  • For some time now I've been wanting to tell you that your sun room is such a beautiful thing to behold. And of course your orchids and other plants adorn it with such grace. The simplicity of your shade area in the garden is quite a contrast and I also like that. Summing up, I look forward to seeing your videos!

  • I'm a bit late ,but I'd name him Andre'

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